11/30 Super Tuesday: David "dhilton12" Hilton deals himself a winner

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The final Super Tuesday in November drew a field of 422 players, smashing yet again the $300,000 guaranteed prize pool. The $422,000 prize pool would be shared amongst the final 54 players, with the winner expected to pick up over $80,000. Just a few members of Team PokerStars took part in tonight's tournament. Victor Ramdin earns the distinction of last Team PokerStars pro standing, finishing far from the money in 189th place.

The final table bubble burst in fine fashion on level 27, blinds of 1,800/3,600 with an ante of 450. From UTG, dhilton12 min-raised to 7,200 and psuNYY51 re-raised to 19,000 total as dhildton12 made the call. On a flop of K♥ 5♦ 3♥, dhilton12 checked, psuNYY51 bet 18,000, then dhilton12 re-raised to 60,480. This was followed by a 4-bet all-in for 146,428 total by psuNYY51, with dhilton12 making the call. When the cards were revealed, dhilton12 held 5♥5♣ for a flopped set of fives. PsuNYY911 revealed K♦9♦ for top pair, drawing to running diamonds to stay alive. The turn card settled matters when the T♣ appeared, as psuNYY51 was drawing dead. To add insult to injury, the K♠ came on the river to improve dhilton12 to a full house, while psuNYY51's 10th place finish mean a payday of $5,486.00 as we now had our final table.

Here's how that final table lineup looked when play resumed on table 8:

11-30-10 Super Tuesday Final Table.JPG

Seat 1: Mike "CHI01" Chiappetta (139,559 in chips)
Seat 2: Gordon "holla@yoboy" Vayo (196,931 in chips)
Seat 3: Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis (266,413 in chips)
Seat 4: nenita02 (345,693 in chips)
Seat 5: Tim "Tmay420" West (203,534 in chips)
Seat 6: hceb (197,562 in chips)
Seat 7: Timizzle (97,231 in chips)
Seat 8: David "dhilton12" Hilton (459,946 in chips)
Seat 9: DHUSTLER15 (203,131 in chips)

The final table of Super Tuesday tournaments usually take a while to complete as the structure allows for plenty of play to take place. The final table for tonight's event was no different as the first elimination took place after over an hour of action. The blinds were at 3,200/6,400 with an ante of 800 when action was folded around to CHI01 in the small blind raised to 16,000 with A♦Q♣. That was followed by a shove for 140,775 total from holla@yoboy with A♠T♠, as CHI01 made the call. The flop came down 3♠ 5♠ 5♦ giving holla@yoboy a flush draw. The turn and river weren't the right color however: 9♦6♥ and holla@yoboy was the first to be dispatched from the final table, earning $7,005.20 for finishing in 9th place.

With eight players remaining, nenita02 seemed poised to be the next player eliminated, but in back-to-back hands moved into second in chips. After first doubling through dhilton12 with [7][7] against [a][k], nenita02 would cut off Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis' tournament life in 8th place, cashing in for $9,495.00. The blinds were now at 3,600/7,200 with an ante of 900 when MONSTER_DONG raised from the small blind to 21,111 with 8♦8♥. nenita02 re-raised all-in for 265,594 holding A♣K♥ as MONSTER_DONG called for their remaining 216,983 chips. It didn't appear to matter which side of the coin nenita had, it was coming up the right way for him as the flop was Q♠ J♣ A♥. The 4♦ turn and 7♥ river were no good for Karamalikis, sent away from the table without any chips.

The action started to pick up again after play paused for the :55 tournament break. DHUSTLER15 was now the short stack at the table, and after a min-raise from dhilton12 on the button to 14,400, DHUSTLER15 moved in from the small blind for 96,005 total as dhilton12 made the call. When the cards were revealed, DHUSTLER15's A♦K♦ had dhilton12's A♥Q♠ dominated. However, the fortunes changed quickly as the flop came down 2♥ Q♦ 7♣. DHUSTLER15 desired a king, but the turn and river brought running sevens, 7♥7♠ to be exact leaving DHUSTLER15 to receive notice they earned $13,715.00 for their seventh place finish.

A few hands later nenita02 got back into the action, as a fortunate river card meant Mike "CHI01" Chiappetta was the sixth place finisher, good for $17,935.00. Here's how the hand played out:

Nenita02 would again find the right card on the river to eliminate Timizzle in 5th place, to have $23,632.00 noted in the appropriate online tournament databases. Timizzle had just 78,014 in chips with the blinds at 4,500/9,000 with an ante of 1,125 when he saw A♦A♠ UTG and immediately shoved. Action folded around to nenita02, calling from the button with A♥8♥ as the blinds got out of the way. The flop was 6♥ 6♠ 9♥, giving nenita02 a flush draw. The 7♠ added an open-ended straight draw as Timizzle had to fade 14 outs on the river. Unfortunately, one of those outs was the 5♣ as nenita02 moved into the chip lead.

The 4th place finisher was Tim "Tmay420" West, seeing an additional $33,760.00 appear on the cashier page at PokerStars. The blinds were now at 5,000/10,000 with an ante of 1,125 when nenita02 got into the action again, raising from the button to 20,000 with K♦K♥. Tmay420 shoved from the small blind for 175,595 total with 6♠6♥ as nenita02 quickly called. This time, the hand was over on the flop, which was Q♠ K♣ Q♦, leaving West to hope for running sixes. That wasn't going to happen this hand, instead the 2♣ turn and 9♠ river meant an earlier than hoped for exit from the table.

A few hands later, the chip stacks were as follows:

nenita02 - 779,000
hceb - 785,980
dhilton12 - 544,120

A deal was made amongst the players to each earn $55,000 with the remaining $20,426.80 going to the winner. It would be a good deal for nenita02, as the good fortune he had getting into the chip lead had gone away rapidly. Right after losing an over 600,000 chip pot to hceb, nenita02 was down to just 236,900 in chips with the blinds now at 6,000/12,000 with an ante of 1,500. After a raise by dhilton12 from the small blind to 30,000, nenita02 shoved from the big blind with T♣5♦ as dhilton12 called with A♥3♣. The board ran out 7♥ 3♦ 9♠ 6♠ 2♥ as dhilton12's pair of threes was much the best, as nenita02 would settle for 3rd place and $55,000.00.

Heads-up play started with hceb holding the lead by a slight margin. However, David "dhilton12" Hilton's results allowed him to get a pretty good deal three-handed while third in chips, and would give him the upper hand in heads-up play. This hand would give him a nearly 3-1 chip lead:

Just three hands later, Hilton would have the rest of the chips. The blinds were at 7,000/14,000 with an ante of 1,750 when dhilton12 min-raised from the small blind to 28,000 with K♣K♥. Holding A♥4♠, hceb re-raised to 70,000, while dhilton12 4-bet to 182,000. Hceb then followed with a 5-bet shove for 592,030 total as dhilton12 made the call. The board ran clean for Hilton: T♣ 3♦ 8♦ T♠ 2♥, giving him the victory along with $75,426.80. Hceb settled for 2nd place, cashing in for $55,000.

Now that the calendar is officially in December, that means the PCA is just around the corner. Hundreds of players have already qualified, and there's still plenty of time to win a package for yourself, check out the PCA website for more details.

11/30/10 Super Tuesday Results*:

(*Reflecting a deal made three-handed)

1st: David "dhilton12" Hilton - $75,426.80
2nd: hceb - $55,000.00
3rd: nenita02 - $55,000.00
4th: Tim "Tmay420" West - $33,760.00
5th: Timizzle - $23,362.00
6th: Mike "CHI01" Chiappetta - $17,935.00
7th: DHUSTLER15 - $13,715.00
8th: Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis - $9,495.00
9th: Gordon "holla@yoboy" Vayo - $7,005.20