AJSuited16, cambyman80, Arnie_D eclipse field to chop 12/21/10 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThis week's Super Tuesday comes not long after a remarkable occurrence played out against the evening sky -- a night which saw the winter solstice, a full moon, and a lunar eclipse! Was the early 17th century when such a cosmic confluence happened last, and it won't happen again until 2094. Some timing, that!

The $1,050 buy-in tournament attracted a total of 378 players this time around, each with hopes of enjoying some similarly fortuitous timing. Indeed, even for the most skilled players, a lot has to come together, so to speak, in order to survive orbit after orbit and successfully eclipse the entire field.

Together that group created a $378,000 prize pool, thus exceeding the event's $300K guarantee. That bounty would be divided among the top 45 finishers, with the winner scheduled to earn $73,143 -- the sort of money that could certainly brighten up even the darkest night.

From 378 to 45

Just over two hours into the tourney, Chris "Money800" Moneymaker was the first Team PokerStars Pro to run out of chips. The 2003 World Series of Poker Main Event champ had begun late, and soon found himself shoving his short stack with J♥T♦ only to run into jobrien2's pocket rockets. Five cards later and Moneymaker was out in 287th place.

Soon after, Veroncia "Princesa" Dabul of Team PokerStars Argentina had also gotten low on chips when she pushed all in with pocket eights and was up against ShankingYou's Q♦Q♠. Dabul failed to improve, and she was out in 209th.

About an hour later there were 135 players left, and after winning a big hand in which he'd flopped a set of tens to knock out varymetalos2, Pat Pezzin of Team PokerStars Canada moved into the chip lead with more than 52,000. Close behind Pezzin at the time were Cre8ive, Peetoon, Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli, and Matt "schnizeltoe" Keikoan.

Victor Ramdin would be the next member of Team PokerStars to go. Following an opening raise by pc1967, Ramdin pushed his last 6,540 with A♠Q♠ and pc1967 called with pocket tens which held up, knocking Ramdin out in 99th.

Not long after that, Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc of Team PokerStars Online committed the last of his chips with A♥Q♦ and needed help versus the A♦K♠ of mikuasz. A queen did arrive on the river, but only after a ten and jack had flopped, thus giving mikuasz a straight and eliminating Physioc in 87th.

After four hours of play, just 80 players remained, with cambyman80, mikuasz, and Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen leading the way. Meanwhile, Pezzin had seen his stack slide to below-average range. Then came a hand in which he and Turko_man made it to the turn with the board showing 3♥5♣2♠2♣ and 3,640 in the middle. Pezzin bet 2,184, and Turko_man raised to 15,000. Pezzin thought several seconds, then called with his remaining 10,545 with 7♦7♣. He'd guessed right, as Turko_man showed A♥Q♥, but a queen on the river sent Pezzin out in 71st place.

Juan Maceiras went out soon thereafter, the last of his short stack claimed by Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger, sending the Team PokerStars Spain Pro out in 64th. J.P. Kelly then went out in 55th after his A♠T♦ failed to catch up to theczar19's A♦J♦.

From 45 to 9

That meant Johnny Lodden was the sole remaining member of Team PokerStars with chips when the money bubble burst after a little over five hours of play.


Team PokerStars Pro Johnny Lodden

At that point, Tom "hitthehole" Middleton had pushed way out in front with more than 225,000, followed by cambyman80 with nearly 133,000 and wsopdude26 with just over 90,000.

Play continued and over the next 90 minutes nearly half the remaining 45 had hit the rail, among them Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez (41st, $2,268), Paul "paulgees81" Volpe (33rd, $2,457), and Stuart "thedonator" Paterson (24th, $2,835).

By then Lodden had become one of the shorter stacks when he saw AJSuited16 at his table opening with a minimum raise to 4,000 from under the gun. Lodden, down to just under 18 big blinds, shoved his stack in from middle position. It folded back to AJSuited16 who quickly called. Lodden had chosen A♣4♣ as the hand with which he'd go to battle, but unfortunately for him AJSuited16 had a pair of aces. Lodden picked up both a flush draw and a gutshot to a wheel by the turn, but didn't hit any of his outs and was eliminated in 23rd place, earning $2,835 for doing so.

With 18 players left, hitthehole was still out in front with 263,551, followed by AJSuited16 and theczar19. More knockouts followed, including Aaron "JeanGrae" McCready in 12th ($5,670). Just past the seven-hour mark they were down to 10, with those same three battling at the top of the counts. Soon theczar19 eliminated gregior in 10th, and they were down to the final nine.


Seat 1: THAY3R -- 192,435
Seat 2: Arnie_D -- 71,166
Seat 3: wsopdude26 -- 138,097
Seat 4: AJSuited16 -- 311,047
Seat 5: cambyman80 -- 180,288
Seat 6: schnizeltoe -- 80,412
Seat 7: theczar19 -- 477,312
Seat 8: trontrontron -- 82,979
Seat 9: hitthehole -- 356,264

Soon the final table's chip leader, Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli, was opening with a minimum-raise to 7,200 from early position. trontrontron quickly reraised all in for 49,479, and it folded back to Piccioli who called. trontrontron showed K♥K♦ and theczar19 A♠Q♥. The flop came A♣J♥T♥, putting theczar19 in front, and after the 5♦ turn and 6♥ river, trontrontron was typing "gg gl all," having been ousted in ninth.

A while later the blinds had moved to 2,000/4,000 when hitthehole opened for 10,000 from UTG. The table folded to wsopdude26 who reraised all in from middle position to 56,982, and only hitthehole called, turning over A♣J♣ to wsopdude26's K♦J♠. The board came 8♥2♦8♣8♦Q♦, and wsopdude26 was out in eighth.

They were approaching the eight-hour mark when the next elimination took place. Tom "hitthehole" Middleton had again opened with a raise from UTG, then Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen reraised all in for 81,616. It folded to cambyman80 who reshoved over the top from the button for 118,638, pushing out the blinds as well as Middleton. Rasmussen had J♠J♥, well ahead of cambyman80's T♥T♠. And he remained ahead until the river when a ten binked, sending Rasmussen out in seventh. Take a look:

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They moved to Level 30 (blinds 2,800/5,600), where Arnie_D managed a nice double-up with pocket deuces versus theczar19's A♠T♣. On the very next hand, Matt "schnizeltoe" Keikoan shoved all in for 67,872 from under the gun and Arnie_D was his only caller. Keikoan had 8♦6♦, dominated by Arnie_D's 8♠8♣. The community cards came 7♥K♣A♥3♦K♠, and they were down to five.

The battle continued for another half-hour, during which time hitthehole pushed way out in front with more than 750,000, while Bryan "theczar19" Piccioli lost a sequence of hands that took him down below 100,000 and to the back of the pack.

Then, with the blinds up to 3,600/7,200 (Level 32), cambyman80 opened for 17,400 from the cutoff. Piccioli reraised all in for his last 45,004 from the button, the blinds got out, and cambyman80 called. theczar19 had A♦9♥ while cambyman80 had 5♦5♣. Piccioli had to be pleased by the K♦A♥A♠ flop, giving him trips. But the turn brought the 5♠, abruptly throwing the lead back to cambyman80. The Q♣ sealed it, and theczar19 became the fifth-place finisher.

The remaining four fought for nearly another half-hour, with cambyman80 moving out in front with more than 770,000, Arnie_D next with just under 550,000, AJSuited16 in third with a shade over 378,000, and Tom "hitthehole" Middleton having fallen to fourth with a little more than 194,000.

Then came a hand in which AJSuited16 opened with a 2x to 16,000 from the button, then hitthehole jammed all in from the big blind. AJSuited16 called, showing A♠Q♣, while hitthehole tabled A♣4♣. The flop was good to Middleton, coming 7♠T♣4♠ to pair up his kicker. The turn was safe, too, coming K♥. But the Q♥ fell on the end, knocking hitthehole out in fourth.

The final three then played 30 hands before asking that the tournament be paused to consider a possible deal. Here is what the stacks looked like at that point:

1. cambyman80 -- 764,538
2. Arnie_D -- 547,104
3. AJSuited16 -- 578,358

The numbers were presented and both cambyman80 and Arnie_D immediately agreed. AJSuited16 then said he wanted approximately $1,200 more than he had been offered or he would not consent to the deal. cambyman80 said he was "too tired to argue," and he and Arnie_D agreed to split the difference to accommodate AJSuited16's request.

The tourney host then invited the players to play on "for points and glory," although after more than nine hours of poker, the three players didn't seem too interested in that. "fck it lets just go all in" said AJSuited16, and the group did just that on the first hand back.

Turned out, though, that AJSuited16 had a decent hand -- T♠T♣ -- with which to flip. cambyman80 had 9♥8♥ and Arnie_D Q♠9♣. The board came 5♠6♠J♥6♦K♦, and Arnie_D was out in third while AJSuited16 assumed a commanding lead.

cambyman80 won the next flip with his short stack, then AJSuited16 interestingly decided to fold a few hands before committing once more with A♠3♦. Turned out cambyman80 had A♦Q♦ on that one, but AJSuited16 spiked a trey on the flop, and his hand held, giving him all of the chips.

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Congratulations to AJSuited16, cambyman80, and Arnie_D for managing to eclipse the field and chop this first Super Tuesday of the winter!

Super Tuesday Results for 12/21/10 (*reflects three-way deal):

1st: AJSuited16 ($56,511)*
2nd: cambyman80 ($59,087.59)*
3rd: Arnie_D ($53,934.41)*
4th: hitthehole ($31,185)
5th: theczar19 ($21,546)
6th: schnizeltoe ($16,632)
7th: THAY3R ($12,852)
8th: wsopdude26 ($9,072)
9th: trontrontron ($6,615)

Happy holidays, everyone! And remember, all the Sunday tourneys -- including the new Sunday Kickoff -- will be happening this week as usual.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday