Clear win for sketchy1 in June 1 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThe poker on most players' minds these days is being played in Las Vegas at the 2010 World Series of Poker. That is a fact, as players from all over the world have descended upon the gambling center to be a part of poker history. But the rest of the poker world continues to thrive, as players are currently converging on Lima, Peru for the Latin American Poker Tour stop there.

Oh, and players are still logging on to PokerStars to play the biggest online poker tournaments of the week, of course! The Super Tuesday attracted a crowd of 305 competitors to the tables on June 1, all of them buying in (or using their satellite tickets) for $1,000 + $50 to take their shots at the $300K guarantee. When the math was done and registration stopped, the prize pool sat at $305,000, which would allow the top 36 finishers to be paid for their efforts tonight.

The last Team PokerStars Pro standing was Chris "Money800" Moneymaker, who soared during the first few levels of the tournament and maintained a spot in the top ten for a good portion of that time. He ultimately fell out of that spot, though, and finished in 83rd place outside the money.

After the money bubble finally burst, play continued with the final table in sight at the seven-hour mark of the tournament. After xthesteinx exited in 11th place, hand-for-hand play commenced. Finally, after some very cautious play, it was harbour who moved all-in for his last 23,336 chips preflop from the small blind. CariocaAllin and THUGer both called. The two checked the 3♦K♦J♦ flop and the Q♣ turn, but when the 4♠ hit on the river, a bet from THUGer prompted a fold from CariocaAllin. THUGer showed pocket fours for the rivered set, and harbour's A♠J♣ got him eliminated in tenth place with $4,880.00.

Awww, schnookems...

It was just toward the end of Level 26 that the final table was set, and with blinds of 1,600/3,200 and a 400-chip ante, players took their virtual seats as follows:

Seat 1: Believer82 (176,426 in chips)
Seat 2: CariocaAllin (121,607 in chips)
Seat 3: schnookems (274,220 in chips)
Seat 4: CHI01 (170,914 in chips)
Seat 5: sketchy1 (193,590 in chips)
Seat 6: PQuest99 (115,296 in chips)
Seat 7: THUGer (153,142 in chips)
Seat 8: BruceWizayne (154,511 in chips)
Seat 9: germain133 (165,294 in chips)

Super Tuesday 06.01.10.JPG

On the third hand of the final table, CariocaAllin doubled through CHI01 to climb into the chip lead. CHI01 doubled through schnookems soon after to stay alive.

PQuest99 doubled through Believer82, which left the latter with less than 15K in chips. Two hands later, Believer82 pushed all-in from the small blind with T♠7♠ and received calls from CariocaAllin and schnookems. The two players checked the A♠7♦5♠ flop, the J♣ turn, and the 6♥ river, at which point schnookems showed K♠J♠ for the pair of jacks, which won the main pot and side pot. Believer82 was ousted in ninth place with $5,795.00.

Suddenly, play sped up a bit, as CHI01 decided to move all-in preflop with pocket tens from the big blind. Original raiser sketchy1 reraised all-in to isolate, which worked, and the pocket kings were shown. The board came Q♣5♣A♣9♠9♦, and the best two pair gave the chips to sketchy1, leaving CHI01 out of the tournament in eighth place with $7,625.00.

Then it was time for schnookems to get involved in a serious pot. The hand started with a limp from schnookems but a raise from PQuest99 and a reraise from BruceWizayne. Schnookems came in with a surprise all-in reraise for 214,616 chips. PQuest99 reraised all-in, and BruceWizayne got out of the way. Schnookems looked good with pocket queens, but only until PQuest99 revealed the pocket aces. The board blanked with 5♠9♠3♦6♠4♦, and schnookems exited the field in seventh place with $10,675.00.

Quest for the title thrwarted by the sketchy1

Germain133 had fallen below the 100K chip mark and been unable to gain any momentum at the table. When the opportunity arose with pocket fours, the all-in move was made from the big blind. Original raiser CariocaAllin called with pocket tens, and the two watched the dealer give them a 3♥A♣K♣J♦3♣ board. That left germain133 out in sixth place with $13,725.00.

THUGer managed to double through BruceWizayne, and that left the latter with little more than 50K in chips. Those all went into the pot preflop a few hands later with J♣9♣, but PQuest99 called from the big blind with pocket sixes. The flop of 6♦3♥7♣ gave PQuest99 the set, and the 7♦ on the turn made it a full house. The 8♠ ended the misery for BruceWizayne, who took home $17,690.00 for the fifth place finish.

PQuest99 had taken over a serious chip lead, with nearly 200K more than the nearest competitor on the leaderboard.

Coming off the eighth-hour break and into Level 29, players seemed to settle in for the long haul. Several levels passed without much action, though CariocaAllin took a significant pot worth 293K from THUGer. PQuest99 lost the chip lead but climbed back into a solid second by taking a 309K-chip pot from CariocaAllin.

Ultimately, someone had to do it. The all-in move came from sketchy1 during a preflop raising war with THUGer, and the latter called all-in for 235,820 chips with A♦J♦. Sketchy1 showed pocket sevens, and the race was on. The flop of Q♥7♠A♠ gave sketchy1 the set, but the T♣ on the turn gave THUGer straight outs. But the 3♥ put a stop to that hope, leaving THUGer out in fourth place with $25,925.00.

From there on out, sketchy1 dominated three-handed play. Wielding the big stack against the two shorter ones, it was tough for the others to find a spot at which to challenge sketchy1.

Finally, all three players went to see a cheap flop of 9♣8♣6♥. PQuest99 bet, CariocaAllin folded, and sketchy1 raised all-in. PQuest called 193,660 chips all-in with 7♥5♥ for the flopped straight, but sketchy1 showed 6♣3♣ for the flush draw and bottom pair. The K♣ hit on the turn to give sketchy1 that straight, and the T♠ on the river simply ended the hand. PQuest99 ended the run in third place with $34,465.00.

A fight to the finish

The heads-up battle - and it was to be a battle - started with the following chip counts:

Seat 2: CariocaAllin (120,901 in chips)
Seat 5: sketchy1 (1,404,099 in chips)

CariocaAllin had an uphill battle. But two hands in, it was time to push it. The result was as follows:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Two hands later, another double-up for CariocaAllin helped, too. Sketchy1 was aggressive, but CariocaAllin was picking spots well.

Soon, it was time to try again. CariocaAllin pushed preflop with A♦K♣, and sketchy1 was able to call with T♣T♠. The race was on, but the 6♣4♠6♠5♥4♦ board brought no help and sent CariocaAllin out in second place with $45,750.00.

Sketchy1 claimed the Super Tuesday victory and walked away with $62,372.50 for the accomplishment.

Super Tuesday Results for 06/01/10:

1st place: Sketchy1 ($62,372.50)
2nd place: CariocaAllin ($45,750.00)
3rd place: PQuest99 ($34,465.00)
4th place: THUGer ($25,925.00)
5th place: BruceWizayne ($17,690.00)
6th place: germain133 ($13,725.00)
7th place: schnookems ($10,675.00)
8th place: CHI01 ($7,625.00)
9th place: Believer82 ($5,795.00)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday