Dan "Lenny" Heimiller denies DuckU back-to-back, wins 11/9/10 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThis week's $1,050 buy-in Super Tuesday tourney attracted a field of 349, making for a total prize pool of $349,000, which meant the event's $300K guarantee had been met once again. The top 45 finishers would get a share of that prize pool, with the first-place finisher set to receive $67,531.50.

Tracking Team PokerStars

Just five members of Team PokerStars could be found among this week's starting field. Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes (Brazil) and Veronica "Princesa" Dabul (Argentina) were among the early eliminations, going out in 263rd and 208th respectively. Their teammate Juan Maceiras (Spain) lasted a little longer, but by the end of the third hour of play found himself near the bottom of the counts with 150 players left.

Finally down to just 1,103 -- less than four big blinds -- Maceiras open-pushed all in from under the gun with and watched as arsenal46 reraised behind. It folded to gabe2323 who four-bet all in, and arsenal46 called. Maceiras had Q♥6♥ and was in sad shape versus gabe2323's pocket kings and arsenal46's A♠J♠. arsenal46 ended up scoring a double knock-out when the community cards brought a jack and two aces, sending gabe2323 out in 137th and Maceiras was out in 138th.

That left just Pat Pezzin (Canada) and Joe Cada (U.S.) to represent Team PokerStars.
By the time the tourney pushed past the four-hour mark, Pezzin had been hanging on for a while with a below-average stack. Then a hand arose in which Bravicueta opened with a slight-more-than 3x raise to 1,600 from early position. Pezzin reraised all in for his last 16,010, and it folded back to Bravicueta who called. Pezzin showed A♦K♦ and was racing with Bravicueta's 8♦8♠. But the board brought no help to Pezzin, coming 3♥5♥3♦Q♥2♣ and knocking out the Canadian shy of the money in 62nd place.

Meanwhile Cada, who just a night ago was at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino to present the gold bracelet to the newest WSOP ME champ, PokerStars' own Jonathan Duhamel (read more here), remained in the middle of the pack sporting an average stack. It was around that time that a huge confrontation developed between Cada and Greenstone25. All in before the flop with K♠K♦, Cada was in rough shape against Greenstone25's A♠A♦. However, a king binked on the river, and Cada had not only survived but found himself suddenly sitting with a top five stack.


2009 WSOP Main Event Champion Joe Cada with the 2010 Champion, Jonathan Duhamel

Play continued past the five-hour mark, at which point Cr4zy_Serb went out as the unfortunate bubble boy in 46th place. By then Cada had slipped back a bit, and finally Chris "Moorman1" Moorman finished off the champ in 30th place in a three-way hand in which Cada got his stack in with A♦K♣, Tobias "PokerNoob999" Reinkemeier had shoved as well with T♦T♠, and Moorman was all in, too, with K♠K♥. The board came 3♣7♠6♥6♠J♦, giving Moorman the pot, taking a chunk out of Reinkemeier's stack, and sending Cada to the rail.

Run better, please, DuckU

"PokerNoob999" Reinkemeier would eventually be eliminated in 23rd place, with Moorman following soon thereafter in 22nd, both earning $2,617.50 for their efforts. Among the others knocked out shy of the final table were a few more familiar names, including Benny "toweliestar" Spindler (19th, $2,617.50), Nick "gbmantis" Niergarth (17th, $3,490), and JasonGray (14th, $4,362.50).

As the final table neared, it was hard not to notice one other familiar name, that of Greg "DuckU" Hobson. Not only is DuckU well known for his many successes in WCOOPs, SCOOPs, and Sunday Millions, but he came to this week's Super Tuesday as the tournament's defending champion, having survived a hard-fought and lengthy final table last week to take it down. (Read about his win here.)

Could DuckU make it two in a row? Well, with 20 left that prospect appeared quite dim, as DuckU sat in dead last in the chip counts. He continued to nurse his short stack, however, and was still there with 12 players remaining when he pushed all in with A♠5♣ and was up against SmokMyBandit's A♥[10h]. Fortunately for Hobson a five flopped, and his hand held.

DuckU was still short, however, and with the blinds at 1,400/2,800 was open-shoving once more for his last 31,248. This time Hobson had K♥K♦, but was called by mviper256 who held A♦A♣. DuckU's good fortune continued, however, as a king flopped and once more he survived.

"Run better, please," said mviper256, who himself ran good not too long ago when he won 2010 WCOOP Event 44. "Yeah, I should have folded pre," cracked Hobson in response. The two continued to banter amiably, with mviper256 telling DuckU "you owe me a drink."

A railbird then chimed in with a "gogogogogog Greg !!!!" and mviper256 had a ready response, again tinged with good-natured sarcasm. "Yes, I agree," typed mviper256. "gogogogogog Greg...cement your legend further and b2b the Super Tuesday."

Soon jandrin2 fell in 12th and 92cata in 11th, both earning $5,235, then DuckU eliminated rdcrsn in 10th (also good for $5,235) and the final table was set:


Seat 1: DuckU -- 179,029
Seat 2: dankness3 -- 130,410
Seat 3: Lenny -- 96,023
Seat 4: Ericb09 -- 218,672
Seat 5: danylaroo2 -- 290,709
Seat 6: psuNYY51 -- 144,241
Seat 7: nelsonal -- 139,066
Seat 8: modogrinder -- 211,025
Seat 9: mviper256 -- 335,825

The final table began halfway through Level 28, with the blinds 2,000/4,000 and the average chip stack at nearly 194,000. Despite getting his aces cracked earlier by DuckU, mviper256 held the chip lead as the final table began, although he'd quickly suffer a couple of setbacks to slip back down toward the bottom of the counts.

From 9 to 2

It would take about 45 minutes for the first elimination of the final table to occur. With blinds up to 2,800/5,600 (Level 30), chip leader danylaroo2 opened for 12,200 from middle position. psuNYY51, next to act, then reraised all in for 147,341 total. The rest of the table skedaddled, and danylaroo2 made the call, showing A♦K♦. psyNYY51 showed K♠Q♣, and after the five community cards came 4♦T♣K♥5♠T♥, psuNYY51 was out in ninth.

On the very next hand, Ericb09 raised to 12,500 from middle position, and it folded back around to DuckU who reraised to 32,222 from the big blind. Ericb09 then shoved all in for 186,472 total, and DuckU called, leaving himself less than 30,000 behind. Ericb09 showed J♦J♦, while DuckU had K♠K♦. The board ran out 2♠A♦2♣2♥7♥, and Ericb09 was out in eighth. With that big pot, DuckU now sat in second place with seven left, not too far behind danylaroo2.

A short while later, modogrinder would lose most of his stack to mviper256 in a blind-vs.-blind hand in which modogrinder open-shoved from the SB with T♥7♦, a short-stacked mviper256 called from the BB with Q♣4♥, and the latter's hand proved best. Soon modogrinder would be all in for his last 24,333 with 9♠7♠ and hoping to catch in order to beat danylaroo2's K♥4♦. The board came 2♦A♣A♦8♠5♣, however, and modogrinder was out in seventh.

They'd moved to Level 32 (blinds 3,600/7,200), where mviper256 saw fit to open-shove all in from UTG+1 for his last 127,778 with A♦6♦ and got one caller in nelsonal who woke up with Q♣Q♠ in the big blind. The board came J♠K♠3♣8♦6♠, and mviper256 hit the rail in sixth.

Just one hand later, dankness3 opened with a raise from under the gun to 15,320. Dan "Lenny" Heimiller, sitting to dankness3's left, reraised to 36,000. nelsonal then cold-called the three-bet from the small blind, and DuckU folded from the big blind.

That prompted dankness3 to shove all in for 186,037 total, and Lenny reraised all in himself behind him for 348,470, at which point nelsonal decided to step aside. Both players held monsters, Lenny showing Q♣Q♦ and dankness3 A♣A♦. The 7♦6♦6♠ flop changed nothing, but the Q♠ on the turn dramatically gave the lead to Lenny. The river was the 8♣, and dankness3 was out in fifth.

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Down to four-handed, "DuckU" Hobson won a significant hand against danylaroo2 when his A♠Q♥ outraced the latter's J♦J♣, momentarily propelling Hobson into the chip lead. "Lenny" Heimiller would soon overtake him, however, moving up into the 800,000-chip range while DuckU remained at 500,000. Both danylaroo2 and nelsonal meanwhile sat just under the 200,000 mark.

The tourney moved past the nine-hour mark and into Level 33 (blinds 4,000/8,000). Lenny opened with a big raise to 32,000 from UTG, then nelsonal reraised all in from the small blind to 147,040 total. DuckU folded the BB, and Lenny called with 9♥9♣. nelsonal held K♣5♣, a hand which the five community cards -- 3♦Q♥3♥2♦3♠ -- did not help. Lenny increased his chip lead as nelsonal was eliminated in fourth.

Play continued, with "Lenny" Heimiller claiming a significant number of chips from "DuckU" Hobson in a hand in which Lenny's pocket aces still proved best after the community cards brought two pair and a possible flush. That hand moved Lenny up close to 1.3 million while pushing DuckU down to just over 200,000. danylaroo2 remained just over 255,000.

Lenny continued to pressure the other two, chipping up to 1.4 million while they saw their stacks dip below 200,000. Lenny began raising all in every hand, forcing folds from both of his opponents. Lenny was caught once when danylaroo2 called his all-in shove with pocket aces to double through the leader. Then DuckU scored a fortunate double-up as well when he open-raised all in with A♣K♠, got called by Lenny who held Q♠Q♥, and a couple of aces appeared among the community cards.

DuckU chipped up further, and danylaroo2 fell back. Then danylaroo2 doubled through DuckU when his pocket tens survived versus Hobson's A♦Q♠. Soon after that, with the blinds 6,000/12,000, danylaroo2 open-raised all in from the small blind with A♠J♣ and DuckU called with the 98,844 he had left with A♣2♦. The cards came 9♠4♣8♣6♥6♦, and Greg "DuckU" Hobson's attempt at a second straight Super Tuesday victory fell short as he was ousted in third.

Heads-Up Play

Dan "Lenny" Heimiller had the big advantage to start heads-up play, with 1,376,898 to danylaroo2's 368,102. The pair would play just five more hands, with Lenny taking all five.

On the final one, danylaroo2 opened with a minimum-raise to 24,000 from the small blind/button, and Lenny called. The flop came 2♦T♣T♦. Lenny checked, and danylaroo2 bet the minimum of 24,000. Lenny check-raised to 60,000, then danylaroo2 made it 240,000 to go, leaving himself just 18,602 behind. Lenny tanked a bit, then finally reraised to put danylaroo2 all in and danylaroo2 called.

Lenny had hit the flop with Q♣2♠, while danylaroo2 needed help with his A♠J♦. The turn brought the 7♥ and the river the 9♥, and after nine hours and 45 minutes a winner had been determined.

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Congratulations to Dan "Lenny" Heimiller -- WSOP bracelet holder, WCOOP event winner, and a Super Tuesday champion, too!

Super Tuesday Results for 11/9/10:
1st: Dan "Lenny" Heimiller ($67,531.50)
2nd: danylaroo2 ($50,605)
3rd: Greg "DuckU" Hobson ($38,390)
4th: nelsonal ($28,792)
5th: dankness3 ($19,893)
6th: mviper256 ($15,356)
7th: modogrinder ($11,866)
8th: Ericb09 ($8,376)
9th: psuNYY51 ($6,107.50)

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday