Melikman masters 5/18/10 Super Tuesday for $64K reward

Super Tuesday logo.pngLess than 24 hours prior to the start of tonight's Super Tuesday, SCOOP Main Event tournaments were still running. After a somewhat crazy few weeks and 114 events involved in the annual series, one might think that players would be taking a break, relaxing their computers and bankrolls for a few days. One might think that a tournament overload might cause them to want to call some family members or friends, run some errands, or find out what's going on in the world.

Those assumptions, however, mean you don't know high stakes poker players very well.

After the Super Tuesday took a several-week hiatus to make way for SCOOP, its return was met with a solid group of players anxious to get back to their regular weekly action. $1,050 buy-in? Not a problem. $300K guarantee? Solid. And we had a serious tournament on our hands.

There were 313 players in this week's Super Tuesday, which pushed the prize pool up to $313,000 for the top 36 players and reserved more than $64,000 for the ultimate winner.

Action quickly took players into the money and toward the final table, as hand-for-hand play launched at just under the seven-hour mark. Tbt4653 had been whittled down to a low chip stack after melikman doubled through, and tbt4653 moved all-in preflop with only 7,908 chips left. Glenmorangie and mmoossmmooss went along for the ride, checking down the 9♦5♣T♣K♣8♠ board. Melikman showed J♣8♦ for the pair of eights, and both other players mucked, leaving tbt4653 out in tenth place with $5,008.00.

Melikman manages chip lead at final table time

Still before the tournament clock hit seven hours, the last nine players were seated at one table. It was toward the end of Level 25, with blinds at 1,400/2,800 and a 350-chip ante that they began the action with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: TrufflePasta (136,747 in chips)
Seat 2: andredos (249,677 in chips)
Seat 3: 19FMS86 (94,131 in chips)
Seat 4: MILANTTII (130,310 in chips)
Seat 5: melikman (507,343 in chips)
Seat 6: Glenmorangie (174,114 in chips)
Seat 7: mmoossmmooss (109,851 in chips)
Seat 8: a$$ou (89,101 in chips)
Seat 9: wsopdude26 (73,726 in chips)

Super Tuesday 05.18.10.JPG

Play slowed down a bit as players got comfortable at their new table, but a raise from a$$ou prompted wsopdude26 to move all-in for 115,164 chips. melikman reraised, which prompted a$$ou to fold. Melikman showed pocket kings to the pocket nines of wsopdude26, and the board came Q♠3♦4♦Q♣5♣, after which a$$ou claimed to have folded pocket nines. Either way, wsopdude26 was gone in ninth place with $5,947.00.

Glenmorangie began taking down some significant pots to climb into second place on the leaderboard, and when MILANTTII decided to move his 69,160 all-in, Glenmorangie was ready to make the call holding K♠K♥. MILANTTII showed A♠Q♥, but no help came on the 5♣8♣3♦7♣5♠ board. The pot was pushed to Glenmorangie, and MILANTTII was pushed out of the tournament in eighth place with $7,825.00.

Meanwhile, 19FMS86 was doubling up through andredos and mmoossmmooss was more than tripling his mini-stack. The short stacks were not leaving easily.

But a battle of the blinds found one more casualty at the table. TrufflePasta raised from the small blind and andredos called from the big blind. After the K♣J♣3♥ flop, a bet and call took them to the 7♥ on the turn. TrufflePasta bet, but andredos raised all-in. TrufflePasta called for his last 67,582 chips with K♠Q♦ for two pair, and andredos showed A♣6♣ for the flush draw. And it hit when the Q♣ came on the river. TrufflePasta exited in seventh place with $10,955.00.

It was a$$ou on the very short stack, and the move was finally made with K♥Q♠. 19FMS86 raised in the hopes of isolating, which worked, and 19FMS86 showed A♦K♠. The board consisted of cards that helped no one when it came 2♣3♠3♣9♦8♦, and that eliminated a$$ou in sixth place with $14,085.00.

The perfectly timed efforts of mmoossmmooss and melikman

As mentioned, mmoossmmooss found himself chipped won to less than 2K at one point, but he quadrupled up to stay alive and just kept doubling.

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Back up over 50,000, a double through Glenmorangie and one through melikman on the very next hand took him to 231,760 chips. Though still in last place, the well-timed moves of the short stack were notable.

Five-handed action lasted more than an hour, as chips changed hands when melikman doubled through 19FMS86, who doubled through Glenmorangie, who doubled through andredos, who doubled through 19FMS86. Though some players were clearly interested in discussing a possible financial deal, others were not, and play continued.

But a few hands after the nine-hour break, a big hand developed when short-stacked 19FMS86 moved all-in preflop for 163,025. Melikman reraised all-in to 360,906, and andredos called both players. Their hands were displayed:

19FMS86: A♦J♠
melikman: A♣K♣
andredos: Q♣Q♥

The board produced 4♥9♠K♠5♦J♥, and the pair of kings won the entire pot for melikman, crippling andredos and leaving 19FMS86 out in fifth place with $18,154.00.

Melikman was solidly in first place on the leaderboard but didn't stop there. When andredos pushed his last 71,188 chips all-in, melikman called with K♦T♦, which was then in a race with the pocket eights of andredos. The board came 6♥9♥T♠J♥Q♠ to give both players a straight, but the king-high straight belonged to melikman, as did the chips. Andredos exited in fourth place with $26,605.00.

Though melikman took some hits when mmoossmmooss doubled through and Glenmorangie got aggressive on a few pots, melikman came back with a vengeance. Climbing over the 1 million mark, the other two players were left to battle back from under the 300K level.

Surprisingly, it was the two shorter stacks who tangled before one of them left the game. Glenmorangie pushed all-in with J♦9♦, and mmoossmmooss called with 5♦5♥. The deal came A♣K♥8♣8♥3♠, and none of those cards helped Glenmorangie, who left the tournament in third place with $35,369.00.

Heads-up begins after 2.5 hours

Seat 5: melikman (1,174,904 in chips)
Seat 7: mmoossmmooss (390,096 in chips)

The battle between the last two players standing went on for more than 15 minutes, as mmoossmmooss fought the toughest of fights. The short stack took enough pots to continue to stay alive, ultimately waiting for a hand that would allow a double-up and a better chance of moving up.

Finally, mmoossmmooss pushed with K♠T♥, and melikman called with Q♣T♦, but the suckout occurred on the 6♦6♣4♥Q♥9♠ board. Mmoossmmooss was forced to accept second place in the tournament, for which he was awarded $46,950.00.

As melikman stood solo in the winner's circle with $64,008.50, he took the time to type a message to his heads-up opponent:

"gg dude, sickest comeback I've ever seen online"

Tough to argue with that.

Super Tuesday Results for 05/18/10:

1st place: melikman ($64,008.50)
2nd place: mmoossmmooss ($46,950.00)
3rd place: Glenmorangie ($35,369.00)
4th place: andredos ($26,605.00)
5th place: 19FMS86 ($18,154.00)
6th place: a$$ou ($14,085.00)
7th place: TrufflePasta ($10,955.00)
8th place: MILANTTII ($7,825.00)
9th place: wsopdude26 ($5,947.00)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday