Pass_72 lets no-one past him as he grabs Super Tuesday victory

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The Super Tuesday will take a two week leave of absence now as Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) takes over with scheduled events to take it's place. The $1,000 buy-in event offered a guaranteed prize pool of $300,000 prize pool so it was the perfect opportunity for those players looking for a boost to their bankroll before the two week extravaganza begins.

For those playing in Eastern Time it would be another late night as the tournament ended just shy of 5am. But for those playing in Central European Time stamina would've really been tested as play didn't end until nearly 11am. The EPT Grand Final is into the money so those not still in will have to wait until season 7 for another chance at a Main Event cash.The Super Tuesday offered a great chance for those eliminated to put it behind them. The internet connection at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort would've been tested as high-rollers fired up the PokerStars client to have a crack at this prestigious tournament along with all the other great tournaments offered on a Tuesday.

The final table lasted about two hours and it was a fine performance from Pass_72 who outlasted 358 in total to take the title and $69,456. He beat tonyton55 heads-up when his T♥T♠ stayed ahead of tonyton55's A♣9♣ after a pre-flop all-in showdown. It continues a great run of form for the Canadian who has taken down The Nightly Hundred Grand, the $215 Weekly 6-Max NLHE [$40K Guaranteed] and the $109 NL Hold'em [$80,000 guaranteed] for a total of $49,783 in recent months.

This week 359 registered meaning the guarantee was broken yet again. $359,000 was collected, paying down to 45th place. Team Pokerstars Online Alvaro "VARICO" Ballesteros signed up but fell short of the money in 131st place. Fairing no better than him was Team PokerStars Pro Victor Ramdin who went out it 216th place. Elmastermind from Seattle was the unfortunate bubble and once that was burst it was a rush for the final table places. It took nearly seven hours of play before we were hand-for-hand at ten handed play. The final table was set when kikolacasa was eliminated in 10th place taking away $5,385 for seven hours of work.

eBashKak91 leading as players enter the final stretch

eBashKak91 headed the final nine. There were four minutes left of level 25 with the blinds at 1.4k/2.8k and 350 chip ante. There starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: Pass_72 (268,696 in chips)
Seat 2: peko (11,273 in chips)
Seat 3: freeman (81,242 in chips)
Seat 4: JOEYL_123 (32,748 in chips)
Seat 5: squee451 (270,656 in chips)
Seat 6: eBashKak91 (363,873 in chips)
Seat 7: PSCPRODIGY (239,303 in chips)
Seat 8: tonyton55 (229,170 in chips)
Seat 9: scarface2911 (191,039 in chips)


Peko time
The honour of first fallen went to PSCPRODIGY and it took a cooler to get rid of him. Peko raised and was flat called before PSCPRODIGY re-raised from the big blind. Peko set him in. Call. Peko opened A♠A♦ to PSCPRODIGY's K♣K♥ and the board ran T♦J♣8♠A♥7♦. PSCPRODIGY won $6,282.50 and peko took over the chip lead.

Two hands later peko was at it again. He raised from the hijack and then called the all-in push from short stack JOEYL_123. This time was he marginally ahead with 5♠5♣ to peko's Q♦T♥ but a T♠ fell on the flop to end it for the player from Woodstock. 8th place netted him $8,616.

Boom before bust
Soon we were down to six players. freeman exited in 7th place after pushing with J♣J♠ from the button but was unlucky to run into eBashKak91's K♣K♥ in the big blind. The board ran eight-high and freeman left with $12,206 for his efforts.

peko was definitely the most active player at the table and involved in almost every pot. This wasn't working out too well for him anymore though and he bled chips around he table and went from clear chip leader with over 600,000 chips to third after losing 50% of his stack.

squee451 came into consideration after doubling up with pocket queens versus the pocket nines of eBashKak91 and then taking healthy pots off chip leader scareface2911 and peko to climb to second position at the next break.

The player to fall in 6th place was the very active peko. He and Pass_72 both flopped top pair with their ace holding but Pass_72 hit a back-door flush and had an easy call when peko moved all-in on the river. This propelled Pass_72 into the lead with 624,073 chips. peko was either going to win this at a canter or bust out. The latter came true and $15,796 was the prize for an entertaining show.

Five-handed to heads-up in a flash
Just two hands later eBashKak91's tournament was over too. He moved all-in with pocket sevens but ran into scareface2911's pocket kings. Neither player improved on the board and only four players remained.

tonyton55 took over the lead four-handed after doubling-up through scarface2911. They both saw a low flop and scarface2911 made a move with jack-high but ran into tonyton55's pocket tens and he called all-in to double to over 700,000. Soon he was past the 800,000 mark, double his nearest rival, after forcing Pass_72 off a hand.

The players were soon three-handed after scarface2911 took care of the dangerous squee451. All the chips went in on the T♥T♠4♠ flop with scarface2911 holding 6♦6♠ to squee451's flush draw with K♠Q♠. The sweat didn't last long for scarface2911 as he turned a boat when it came 6♥. squee451 had been on a phenomenal run of form of late. The $29,617.50 he takes home here follows $89,493.10 he got for winning the $530 Sunday 500 [$500K Guaranteed], the $41,145.30 for winning the $109+R NL Hold'em [$150,000 guaranteed] and the $58,158 for winning the Wednesday Quarter Million on PokerStars. And all this in 2010!

Three-handed play was over in a just as quick when scarface2911 made a move against
Pass_72 on the turn of a 9♦4♥7♠6♥ board with A♦T♣. Pass_72 called all-in with A♣9♣ for top pair. The river came 7♥ to double Pass_72 up to 805,746.

The very next hand scarface2911 moved his last 168,000 in with A♥2♥ and was called by Pass_72 with T♣T♠. The flop offered hope for scarface2911 by coming 7♦4♥8♥ but the flush or ace failed to come on the 9♦ turn and 5♣ river, therefore scarface2911 was eliminated in 3rd place for 39,490.


At the start of heads-up play Pass_72 had a 975,192 to 819,808 chip advantage. As the stack sizes were fairly similar there was talk of a deal but neither player was happy with the terms being offered by the other so play continued as normal.

Pass_72 took the early control of heads-up play and quickly moved into a two-to-one chip advantage without having to showdown a hand. After this pots went back and forth with only one hand making it to showdown. Pass_72 took down a 100,000 pot when his K♥7♥ was good on a K♣4♦4♣T♥A♠ board.

On to hand 22 of heads-up play - the decisive hand, tonyton55 raised from the button and then moved all-in when Pass_72 three-bet from the big blind. Pass_72 called in a instant with T♥T♠ and was in good shape against tonyton55's A♣9♣. The board came 8♦4♣3♠3♣4♠. The turn offered extra outs for tonyton55 but they failed to come and 2nd place for $52,055 would have to suffice for is 2nd place finish.

After a fine and steady performance on the final table Pass_72 took down the
Super Tuesday title and a cool $69,466.50.

Super Tuesday final results:

Pass_72: $69,466.50
tonyton55: $52,055
scarface2911: $39,490
squee451 :$29,617.50
eBashKak91: $20,463
peko: $15,796
freeman: $12,206
JOEYL_123: $8,616
PSCPRODIGY: $6,282.50

Marc Convey
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday