Persistence Paid Off for RandALLin with July 20 Super Tuesday Victory

Super Tuesday logo.pngAs of the wee hours of the morning on Sunday, July 18, the World Series of Poker was a wrap. The November Nine group was in place, and the WSOP was officially on hold until November. And the rest of the poker world moved on, as evidenced by a rise in registration numbers in the Sunday tournaments and an increase in the number of entrants for Super Tuesday.

There were 384 competitors who stepped up to the high stakes $1,000 + $30 buy-in tables on Tuesday, July 20, for a crack at the $300K guarantee. But registration actually pushed the Super Tuesday prize pool to $384,000, which was enough to pay the top 45 finishers.

Departing the tables just before the money this week was Team PokerStars Pro Jose "Nacho" Barbero, who left in 51st place. But in the money were two team pros - Tae Joon Noh, who was eliminated in 30th place, and Pat Pezzin, who hung in there until two tables remained but finally exited in 16th place as the last Team PokerStars Pro standing.

Pat Pezzin.jpg

The final table approached in solid time despite the larger-than-usual starting field, and it was about 20 minutes in to the seventh hour that the tables were consolidated into one. The hand started with bigpimpin777 making a raise and Nicole_Katz calling from the small blind to see a flop of A♦5♠3♦. More chips went in the pot to see the 4♥ on the turn, and Nicole_Katz was all-in with 2♣2♦ for the straight. Bigpimpin777 called with A♠5♣ for the two pair, but it became a full house when the 5♥ appeared on the river. Nicole_Katz was gone in tenth place with $5,760.00.

Bigpimpin777 in big lead at final table

And just like that, the final table was set. It was in Level 27, with blinds at 1,800/3,600 and a 450-chip ante that the players got underway with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: badbeatman06 (178,496 in chips)
Seat 2: e1mdopp (193,711 in chips)
Seat 3: guinor (241,469 in chips)
Seat 4: mahoney3 (290,462 in chips)
Seat 5: MrCash2006 (80,125 in chips)
Seat 6: bigpimpin777 (446,259 in chips)
Seat 7: Eat_U_Up_ha (189,989 in chips)
Seat 8: RandALLin (111,011 in chips)
Seat 9: tysonduke23 (188,478 in chips)

Super Tuesday 07.20.10.JPG

Play got underway with a great deal of caution, as the difference between the $74,304 first place prize and $6,720 ninth place prize was, indeed, significant. But eventually, there was an all-in and call that found RandALLin doubling through badbeatman06. Soon after, MrCash2006 did the same, and that hand left badbeatman06 with less than 8K in chips. He was able to achieve a near-triple-up to stay alive.

But the next hand found badbeatman06 all-in again for 22,084 chips with K♠9♦. Guinor made the call with A♣8♠ and saw an amazing Q♥8♣8♥ flop for trip eights. The 7♣ on the turn and T♥ on the river ended the misery for badbeatman06, who accepted $6,720.00 for the ninth place finish.

It took more than a half hour for more all-in action, but it was eventually e1mdopp who pushed all-in from the small blind. Original raiser RandALLin made the call with 9♥9♦, which dominated the 7♦7♠ of e1mdopp. The board was an uneventful 3♦J♠T♥A♦Q♦, and the nines held up to eliminate e1mdopp in eighth place with $9,216.00.

From that point, it was nearly an hour before another big move, and it started when MrCash2006 doubled through Eat_U_Up_ha, leaving the latter with less than 52K in chips. Those went all-in on the next hand, as Eat_U_Up_ha moved with A♠2♥, but guinor and bigpimpin777 both called. After the 2♦3♠5♦, a bet from guinor prompted a fold from bigpimpin777, at which point guinor showed A♦4♣ for the flopped straight. The 6♣ on the turn only made a better straight, and the 5♣ on the river ended the hand...and the tournament for Ear_U_Up_ha, who took home $13,056.00 for the seventh place finish.

Suddenly, players sped up the action. The shortest stack at the table, tysonduke23, pushed all-in with A♠4♦, and guinor reraised to isolate, which worked. Guinor showed A♦K♣ and inched even further ahead on the Q♦3♦K♠ flop. The 9♠ on the turn and 2♠ on the river allowed those kings to hold up, and tysonduke23 was ousted in sixth place with $16,896.00.

Minutes later, it was mahoney3 who got into a preflop raising war with guinor, and mahoney3 committed all of his chips with A♠T♠. Guinor was there with K♥J♥, which was the worst hand of the two until the 5♣7♦K♠ gave him a pair of kings. The 6♣ on the turn and 6♦ on the river gave guinor two pair and the pot, while mahoney3 departed in fifth place with $21,888.00.

Then the biggest hand of the tournament went down when MrCash2006 moved all-in with 256,689 chips preflop. Original raiser bigpimpin777 made the call with 7♠7♥, and MrCash2006 showed A♦9♦. The race was on, and the board produced 4♣8♥8♠K♠5♠ to end it, allowing the pocket pair to stand. MrCash2006 exited in fourth place with $31,680.00.

Three-handed play saw RandALLin making some big moves, and his biggest came with the following hand:

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Bigpimpin777 was left with little more than 65K in chips, all of which went in on the next hand. Both opponents called, though, and checked through the 5♥6♦Q♠ flop and the 8♣ turn. The 5♣ on the river prompted a bet from guinor and fold from RandALLin, which was when guinor showed J♠5♦ for the trip fives. Bigpimpin777 had only T♥9♦, and he received $42,240.00 for the third place finish.

Big stacks battle heads-up

Seat 3: guinor (1077781 in chips)
Seat 8: RandALLin (842219 in chips)

The two could have drawn out their match for quite some time, but only a few minutes in, RandALLin doubled up with a turned flush versus guinor's turned straight. The pot was worth 1.8 million chips and left guinor on a very short stack. Four hands later, guinor doubled up when Q-6 bested A-K, but that only garnered guinor a 172K pot.

Shortly thereafter, the tournament ended. Guinor pushed all-in again, this time with K♦T♦, and RandALLin called with A♣T♣. The board came 6♥J♥3♥J♦8♦, and the ace kicker played, leaving guinor out in second place with $55,680.00.

Randall "RandALLin" Flowers won the Super Tuesday and walked away with $74,304.00 for the accomplishment.

Super Tuesday Results for 07/20/10:

1st place: RandALLin ($74,304.00)
2nd place: guinor ($55,680.00)
3rd place: bigpimpin777 ($42,240.00)
4th place: MrCash2006 ($31,680.00)
5th place: mahoney3 ($21,888.00)
6th place: tysonduke23 ($16,896.00)
7th place: Eat_U_Up_ha ($13,056.00)
8th place: e1mdopp ($9,216.00)
9th place: badbeatman06 ($6,720.00)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday