After marathon heads-up duel, GAKingChaser chases down Super Tuesday title

Super Tuesday logo.png Another Tuesday, another high stakes online showdown that beat the guarantee, as 348 runners ponied up the hefty $1,050 entry fee to nearly add another $50,000 to the Super Tuesday prize pool. Among the players fighting it out on the virtual felt this Tuesday were some of PokerStars' most popular pros, among them Team USA pro Dennis Phillips and Canadian PokerStars player Pat Pezzin. Unfortunately, only Tae Joon Noh of PokerStars Team Asia managed to maneuver his stack into the final 45 and the money. Noh, however, refused to let his team go quietly into the night and carried the PokerStars flag all the way to...

Bubble Trouble with Noh

Noh, as the last PokerStars Pro, played tough throughout the tournament and was even a top ten stack just after the money bubble broke at 45. However, Noh ran into some trouble once we got down three tables and, after briefly recovering, was unable to improve Pat Pezzin's 16th place finish two weeks ago--no Team pro cashed last week in the Super Tuesday.

Tae Joon Noh.jpg
Close Again, but No Cigar for Team PokerStars

A few rounds later zwiesieben, who had made a tremendous comeback from his under 8k stack on the money bubble, got his last few chips in with 5♣ 5♠ and was unable to out draw A♠ 2♠, which, after picking up a flush draw on the flop, nailed the A♦ on the turn to send zwiesieben home in tenth ($5,220) and setting our final table.

As players resettled at table 23 to begin final nine play hiththehole was the leader with 443k, having more than a 100k advantage over second chips. Likewise, dankness3, who had been on bubble watch since the tournament had played down from 13, was on the obvious short stack with 57k. The blinds were 1.8k/3.6k with a 450 ante.

Seat 1: fred_volpe (318894 in chips)
Seat 2: grrrrrrr333 (116145 in chips)
Seat 3: balyconeely (94585 in chips)
Seat 4: dankness3 (57600 in chips)
Seat 5: anybodybut17 (94648 in chips)
Seat 6: insanocut (123599 in chips)
Seat 7: GAKingChaser (225314 in chips)
Seat 8: hitthehole (443358 in chips)
Seat 9: Tonimonntana (265857 in chips)

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Wait, Wait, Not so Fast!

In spite of good chips to start out, over 73 big blinds, Tonimonntana found himself ousted in ninth ($6,090) and was quickly followed by the extremely short stacked dankness3 in eighth ($8,352).

This all occurred during an unfortunate two minute internet failure for yours truly--sorry guys, getting use to the new apartment's internet. Nevertheless, when the dust settled and the blinking light on the modem finally turned back to green fred_vlope was the massive leader, wielding a huge 182 big blind stack of well over 650k. hitthehole had dropped down a bit to 353k and anybodybut17 was now on the short stack at just under 80k.

Hit the Trail

After taking the lead just two hands before off fred_volpe, hitthehole ran into some trouble early in the 2k/4k blind level. fred_volpe raised to 14k under the gun and action was folded to hitthehole in the big blind who re-popped it to 45,500. fred_volpe answered by moving all-in for nearly 486k and was instantly called by hitthehole, leaving him just 46.8k behind. It was a classic race, Q♠ Q♦ for hitthehole and A♥ K♦ for fred_volpe. Leading slightly pre-flop, hitthehole's hopes of a big elimination were crushed after a 7♣ A♦ 8♥ flop paired up fred_volpe's ace. No miracle on the turn, 3♣, or the river, 5♦, and the 977k pot was shipped to fred_volpe. Just one hand later hitthehole found himself all-in against GAKingChaser pre-flop. Again hitthehole was ahead with A♣ Q♦ versus GAKingChaser's A♦ 7♥, but an unkind 7♦ on the river spelled the end for hitthehole, who went home with a couple bad beat stories and $11,832 in cash.

It has been written before that tournament poker is a game of picking the right spots...and also picking the wrong ones. Just two hands after hitthehole's exit in seventh, action is folded around to a severely short stacked balyconeely in the small blind. Holding a 13 big blind stack, balyconeely decides to put anybodybut17 to the test in the big blind by open shoving all-in for a little under 53k. Also sort, anybodybut17 takes little time to make the call and flips over A♦ K♣. balyconeely turns over a lowly 5♠ 4♣, which, ugly although it may look, was not in desperate shape against anybodybut17's big slick. That is, 5♠ 4♣ wasn't too far behind until a flop of J♠ [10h] K♠ crushed balyconeely's chance of a double up. Another king on the turn sealed an anybodybut17 victory and balyconeely's sixth place elimination, with the A♥ on the river just adding insult to injury. balyconeely takes home $15,312 for his efforts and the table is now down to five.

Back to the Asylum

It would take another 51 hands before the table would see another elimination, and in those half hundred hands not much but the blinds changed. A few big hands had shifted some of fred_volpe's Bastille of chips away, but for the most part the stack positions had remained the same. Blinds at 2.8k/5.6k with a 700 ante, action folded to fred_volpe in the cutoff, who limps in. grrrrrrr333 also limps in on the button, pushing the pot to just over 23k. anybodybut17 gets out of the way in the small blind and insanocut decides to make a stand in the big, shoving his last 107k into the pot. insanocut gets one caller in fred_volpe, who reveals the bad news, A♥ A♦ versus insanocut's 7♥ 7♠. All drama seemed to be ended on the flop after a A♠ 9♥ [10h] fell giving fred_volpe top set, but the 6♣ on the turn gave insanocut four outs, needing an eight to complete the six to ten straight. Alas for insanocut the J♠ came on the river, eliminating him in fifth place ($19,836).

Million Dollar Fred

With insanocut's elimination, fred_volpe was once again knocking on the million chip door, holding a very impressive 955,215. On the opposite side of things was anybodybut17, who had been fighting on the short stack since the start of the final table and now had to play with a mere 84k in chips.

With only four left and the blinds at 2.8k/5.6k with a 700 ante here are how things looked:

Seat 1: fred_volpe (955215 in chips)
Seat 2: grrrrrrr333 (203088 in chips)
Seat 5: anybodybut17 (84267 in chips)
Seat 7: GAKingChaser (497430 in chips)

Two Weeks, Two Final Table, Just Too Short

anybodybut17 was making his second appearance in as many weeks at the elite Super Tuesday final table. Last week, in an eerily similar storyline, anybodybut17 played the short stack well as he tried to capture the top spot. anybodybut17 was unsuccessful, managing a seventh place finish, good for about $13.6k.

Already having improved on his strong performance last week, anybodybut17 was looking to move up just a little before he met his fateful hand. With just under 50k, anybodybut17 moves all-in on the button and is called by fred_volpe in the big blind. anybodybut17 is behind, although not by much, his A♥ 5♠ being a slight dog to fred_volpe's 2♠ 2♣. It's a race, albeit an unusual one, for anybodybut17's tournament life. The flop comes down 6♥ Q♣ 4♣, no help to anybodybut17. The turn is also dry, [10d], and anybodybut17 is down to needing a five or ace to stay alive. Nope, the [10h] dashes anybodybut17's hopes of a title, sending him home in fourth with $28,710 after another deep run.

Third Place, GRRRRR!

28 hands after anyonebut17's elimination in fourth, we get down to the final two. A short stacked grrrrrrr333 makes it 19.2k to go on the button only to be raised by GAKingChaser to 48,225 in the small blind. fred_volpe makes the call in the big and so does grrrrrrr333. The flop comes down J♥ A♥ 7♣ and GAKingChaser leads out with a 72,125 bet. fred_volpe folds and grrrrrrr333 decides to move in his last bit of chips for 159,588 total. GAKingChaser makes the call and shows A♦ K♣ for top pair, top kicker. grrrrrrr333 is on the draw with K♥ 9♥, needing a heart to make the nut flush. A blank on the turn, J♣, and the river, 3♦, eliminates grrrrrrr333 in third place, good for $38,280.

Let the Marathon Begin

GAKingChaser's elimination of grrrrrrr333 in third evened the stacks up a bit as play moved into the heads-up stage. fred_volpe, as he had been throughout the final table, was the chip leader with 1,032,757 in chips. GAKingChaser was more than 300k behind with 707,243 chips, but with over 110 big blinds was still very comfortable. Blinds were 3.2k/6.4k with a 800 ante as heads-up play began.

And a marathon it became. With nearly 272 big blinds split between them when heads-up play started, action was slow going at first. A few big pots eventually shifted the chip lead over to GAKingChaser, setting up for the final confrontation an amazing 74 hands into heads-up play.

With just over 300k and the blinds at 3.6k/7.2k, fred_volpe raises to 21,600 on the button. GAKingChaser, holding a comfortable 1.4 million chip stack, reraises to 55,650. fred_volpe moves all-in and GAKingChaser makes the call. fred_volpe's hand is pretty, A♠ 8♠, but is way behind GAKingChaser's dominating J♦ J♣. The flop runs dry for fred_volpe, falling 3♥ 6♠ 5♥, but the turn, the 2♣, gives the former chip leader four more outs to a split. However the [10c] comes on the river, giving the title and the $67,338 first place prize to GAKingChaser. fred_volpe comes up just short, but still earns $50,460 for his efforts.

Super Tuesday Results for 08/03/10:

1st place: GAKingChaser (Watkinsville) - $67,338.00
2nd place: fred_volpe (Sao Paulo) - $50,460.00
3rd place: grrrrrrr333 (Ada) - 38,280.00
4th place: anybodybut17 (Charlotte) - $28,710.00
5th place: insanocut (Miramichi) - $19,836.00
6th place: balyconeely (Belgium) - $15,312.00
7th place: hitthehole (Silsden) - $11,832.00
8th place: dankness3 (Bridgehampton) - $8,352.00
9th place: Tonimonntana (Bergenz) - $6,090.00