Randomcrayon avoids the brainwash and wins nearly $45K in Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThe middle of April brings a reasonable amount of excitement to the poker world. The live poker circuit offers players such events as the European Poker Tour San Remo stop, which just set a record with 1,240 players in its field and plays out its final table in just a few hours, and the EPT Monte Carlo, the season-ending finale set for next week in one of the most luxurious places in the entire world. And with the 2010 World Series of Poker a little over a month away, poker players are preparing for the epitome of the poker year. The online poker biz is abuzz as well, with the Spring Championship of Online Poker (SCOOP) just around the corner with a start date of May 2.

So much to do, so little time.

But as players prepare for those live and online events, many of them belly up to the online tables on Tuesday nights for one of the best poker events of the week. Just as Sundays are must-play days, Tuesdays are gaining popularity as well, simply because of the Super Tuesday. The $1,000 + $50 buy-in event offers a solid $300,000 guarantee, and everyone looks forward to it, from high stakes players to those who satellite in with the hopes of grabbing bankroll-changing money. Even the railbirds enjoy the action and don't hesitate to express their feelings in the chat box.

This week, the registration number showed 380 players in the field, which pushed the prize pool well past the guarantee to where it landed at $380,000. Once the action brought the tournament into the money so that last 45 players could be paid, it was on toward the final table. On the way, members of Team PokerStars exited in quick order as the last two standing left in 40th place (Thierry "BOKPOWER" van den Berg) and 39th place (Veronica "Princesa" Dabul). And finally, well over seven and a half hours into the evening, with ten players left and hand-for-hand action in play, it was Abbaddabba who got involved with randomcrayon preflop, and the former called all-in easily with pocket aces. Randomcrayon had his opponent covered in chips but the A♦Q♠ hand was dominated. That was...until the flop came Q♣Q♥K♣ to give randomcrayon trip queens. The 5♠ on the turn and 8♠ on the river crushed the aces and left Abbaddabba with $5,700 for the tenth place finish.

Gustavctba going for the gusto

The nine players were seated at the final table toward the end of Level 28, with blinds at 2,000/4,000 and a 500-chip ante. Their starting chip counts were as follows:

Seat 1: randomcrayon (196,835 in chips)
Seat 2: Bill Ivey (116,500 in chips)
Seat 3: icallseat3 (180,145 in chips)
Seat 4: gustavctba (397,169 in chips)
Seat 5: Ben86 (232,380 in chips)
Seat 6: FatsoFat6969 (219,616 in chips)
Seat 7: ullih (64,196 in chips)
Seat 8: makavelyces (305,500 in chips)
Seat 9: brainwash (187,659 in chips)

Super Tuesday 04.20.10.JPG

With a grasp on first place, gustavctba sat atop the leaderboard, but makavelyces crept up in just the first few hands of play. Most certainly, no one had a victory locked down.

Bill Ivey was the second shortest stack at the table and decided to move rather quickly. When brainwash raised preflop, Bill Ivey moved all-in for 106,900 chips with his pair of sixes, but brainwash snap-called with pocket aces. The board utterly blanked when it came 3♠4♣9♥2♠Q♥, and Bill Ivey was the first to leave the table, taking with him $6,650.00 for the ninth place finish.

The art of persuasion

Brainwash climbed into a solid third place with the elimination of Bill Ivey, but things were about to heat up even quicker.

A monster pot brewed preflop. It started with an initial raise from Ben86, reraise from FatsoFat6969, and another raise from brainwash on the button. Ben86 quickly got out of the way, at which point FatsoFat6969 contemplated his move, which ended up being all-in for 195,817 chips. Brainwash went into the time bank to think about it and finally called with Q♣Q♠. FatsoFat6969 turned over A♦Q♥. And none other than a queen hit the flop when it came Q♦8♥7♥. The last two cards came 3♠ and 9♥ to ship the 414,834-chip pot to brainwash and eliminate FatsoFat6969 in eighth place, for which he was awarded $9,120.00.

The players went on their first break of the final table and returned to another big pot. For a tournament with deep stacks that usually takes quite a while to play out, action was in high gear all of a sudden.

The hand started with a raise from new chip leader brainwash, but Ben86 reraised from the big blind. Brainwash pushed it up again, and Ben86 called all-in for his tournament life holding A♥Q♥. Brainwash showed pocket jacks, but the race took a turn when the flop came A♦8♦6♣. Ben86 took the lead with the pair of aces, but that excitement was short-lived when the dealer produced a J♣ on the turn to give brainwash the set. The 2♦ on the river finished it off, and brainwash took down another solid pot, this time worth nearly 400K chips. Meanwhile, Ben86 was out of the tournament in seventh place with $12,920.00.

Though brainwash held on to a solid first place on the leaderboard, makavelyces was in hot pursuit, taking down several pots in a row. Even so, the difference between first and second was more than 300,000 chips, and it was growing with brainwash's solid aggression and use of the big stack.

And before anyone knew what happened, it happened again.

After a raise from makavelyces and reraise from brainwash, icallseat3 decided to push all-in for 155,220 chips. Makavelyces ducked out of the way, and brainwash called with A♥Q♦ to launch into a race with icallseat3's J♥J♣. The flop came Q♥8♦2♣ to give brainwash the advantage, and though the T♣ on the turn gave icallseat3 additional outs, the A♠ on the river gave brainwash the two pair. That left icallseat3 out in sixth place with $16,720.00.

A little while later, with brainwash well over the one million mark, the power was in his hands again. The initial short stack at the table, ullih, had sustained for a long time at the final table but finally faced a big reraise from brainwash and called all-in with A♥T♣. Brainwash called with 7♦7♣. The flop of 6♣5♦T♥ hit ullih for the pair of tens, and the Q♥ on the turn allowed that to stand. But, not so surprising was the 7♥ on the river to give brainwash the set. the fifth place prize of $21,660.00 went to ullih.

Fighting back

The other players at the table were at a severe chip disadvantage, but they were not giving up and letting brainwash walk away with the title. Gustavctba was able to double through brainwash to stay alive, and makavelyces took a 176K-pot from the leader.

And it was this move by gustavctba that finally knocked brainwash out of first place:

RSS readers click through to see replay

But from there, it seemed to be anyone's game. Four-handed play went on for 40 minutes before the players finally decided to sit out, pause the game, and take a look at some chip-chop numbers. With brainwash in top position, followed by makavelyces and gustavctba, and randomcrayon bringing up the short stack despite having doubled up twice, the players looked at several sets of numbers before finally coming to an agreement. After 25 minutes of discussions, the following approximate payouts came to be:

Seat 1: randomcrayon (333,689 in chips) = $44,989.96
Seat 4: gustavctba (408,577 in chips) = $48,000.46
Seat 8: makavelyces (453,074 in chips) = $49,789.24
Seat 9: brainwash (704,660 in chips) = $59,000.00

Play continued, and it became clear that the players were exhausted as the ten-hour mark approached. Some chatter ensued about moving all-in blind, but with tournament leaderboard points at stake, all were not on board with the plan.

Moving on, it was makavelyces who had become the short stack at the table and decided to push all-in for the last of his 136,250 chips with K♣J♣. The caller was gustavctba holding A♦9♠, and the two watched the board come 5♦5♣T♦Q♥Q♣. The two pair on the board with the ace kicker from gustavctba shipped the pot that way, while makavelyces exited in fourth place with about $49,789.24.

Moments later, gustavctba and brainwash got into a preflop raising war that ended with gustavctba all-in holding Q♦Q♥ and brainwash calling with A♥K♠. The board produced 8♥4♥J♠4♠A♦ to river the two best for brainwash. Gustavctba was gone in third place with $48,000.46.

Brazen brainwash the one to beat

Heads-up action began with the following chip counts:

Seat 1: randomcrayon (450,504 in chips)
Seat 9: brainwash (1,449,496 in chips)

Though it looked as if brainwash could run away with the title, randomcrayon had other plans. Play went back and forth until the following hand changed everything:

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Eight hands later, the two tangled in what would be the final hand of the tournament. After a raise from brainwash, reraise from randomcrayon, and call from brainwash, the two went to see a flop of 4♠7♦3♦. Randomcrayon bet, brainwash raised, and randomcrayon came over the top all-in with 8♥8♠. Brainwash called for his tournament life with 7♠5♣, but the pair of sevens were not good enough. The turn brought the J♣ and the river the T♣, and the eights held up to eliminate brainwash in second place with $59,000.00.

Randomcrayon won the Super Tuesday tournament and took home $44,989.96 for the accomplishment.

Super Tuesday Results for 04/20/10:

1st place: randomcrayon ($44,989.96)
2nd place: brainwash ($59,000.00)
3rd place: gustavctba ($48,000.46)
4th place: makavelyces($49,789.24)
5th place: ullih ($21,660.00)
6th place: icallseat3 ($16,720.00)
7th place: Ben86 ($12,920.00)
8th place: FatsoFat6969 ($9,120.00)
9th place: Bill Ivey ($6,650.00)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday