Super Tuesday 10/19/10 - Shhh00kem silences final table

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The $300,000 Guaranteed Super Tuesday commenced with 375 players, with the last 45 players standing taking down a portion of the $375,000 prize pool. An extended period of hand-for-hand play left asz23 in the position as the 46th place finisher. The lone member of Team PokerStars Pro to make the money in this week's edition of the Super Tuesday was Team Argentina Pro'sVeronica "princesa" Dabul, finishing in 31st place for $2,437.50.


The final table would be set when JBT449 would be eliminated in 10th place. The blinds were at 1,800/3,600 with an ante of 450 when hoodini10 min-raised to 7,200 from UTG with A♣J♠. Action then folded to JBT449 who shoved from the big blind for 59,442 total holding K♠J♦. Hoodini10 made the call, and their decision was rewarded when the flop came down A♥ 9♠ 7♣. The 8♦ on the turn gave the possibility of a chopped pot with any ten, but the 6♠ on the river meant a payday of $5,625.00 for JBT449 with the remaining players moving on to the final table. Here's how the players were seated when action resumed:

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Seat 1: UhhMee (240,548 in chips)
Seat 2: James "" Mackey (74,096 in chips)
Seat 3: rh300487 (248,742 in chips)
Seat 4: hymo1234 (334,188 in chips)
Seat 5: papamat25 (214,567 in chips)
Seat 6: Shhh00kem (365,428 in chips)
Seat 7: The Prescott (103,650 in chips)
Seat 8: REDDYBABY902 (100,925 in chips)
Seat 9: hoodini10 (192,856 in chips)

The ninth place finisher was REDDYBABY902, collecting $6,562.50 for a brief stay at the final table. The blinds were now at 2,000/4,000 with an ante of 500 as REDDYBABY902 opened for 9,000 with UhhMee making the call from the button. However, rh300487 from the big blind decided to re-raise to 37,549. REDDYBABY902 then moved in for 104,225 total, while UhhMee let their hand go and rh300487 making the call. When the cards were revealed, rh300487 had the dominating hand A♦K♦ against REDDYBABY902's A♣Q♦. The flop came down 9♦ 8♠ 6♦ leaving REDDYBABY902 drawing to just three outs. However, the 3♦ on the turn gave rh300487 the nuts, as the Q♥ on the river came too late to change matters.

Two hands later, papamat25 would take eighth place money, good for $9,000.00. The hand started with UhhMee making a min-raise to 8,000 with hymo1234 and papamat25 calling from the small and big blind respectively. The flop was 9♣ T♠ 7♠, with hymo1234 betting 32,000 as only papamat25 called. The turn was the K♥ brought another round of betting, this time hymo1234 led out for 72,000 with papamat25 calling. The river was the T♦, and this time hymo1234 moved all-in for 181,238 in chips, having papamat25 well covered. Papamat25 made the call, but wasn't happy about it after the cards were shown. Hymo1234 had flopped a set with 9♠9♥, while papamat25 had only a pair and a busted flush draw K♠2♠, pondering what they could have done to improve on their position while hymo1234 took over the chip lead.

Seventh place would go to established online and live player James "" Mackey, picking up the first five-figure score of the final table, earning $12,750.00. The blinds were at 2,400/4,800 with an ante of 600 when open-shoved from the button with A♥7♠ for 86,646 with hymo1234 calling from the big blind with K♣Q♥. Hymo1234 took the lead in the hand when the flop was shown to be 5♦ 2♥ Q♠. The 6♣ turn and 5♠ river didn't change the results, leaving Mackey to add another result to his lengthy tournament resume.

The Prescott wound up in sixth place, earning $16,500. The blinds were now at 3,200/6,400 with an ante of 800 as The Prescott shoved from the small blind for 67,050 with J♠3♣. Hoodini10 was more than happy to call from the big blind, turning over Q♥Q♠. The board ran out J♥ 8♥ 7♠ 6♥ Q♣ sending The Prescott to the rail.

The blinds had gone up again to 3,600/7,200 with an ante of 900 when rh300487 was knocked out in fifth place for $21,375.00. Shhh00kem min-raised from UTG to 14,400 with 9♥9♣, action folded around to rh300487 in the big blind, moving all-in for 164,614 with A♠8♥. The flop was 6♦ 7♣ 5♠, giving rh300487 an overcard and an open-ended straight draw (but the two nines would chop the pot). The Q♠ turn and 2♣ river were of no use to rh300487, sent away from the table without any chips.

The biggest pot of the final table to this point would swing the balance of power from hymo1234, the chip leader to houdini10 in a hand where both players flopped a huge hand.

With the blinds now at 4,000/8,000 with an ante of 1,000, Hymo1234 was unable to recover, finishing in fourth place for $30,937.50 after losing a blind v blind confrontation. Hymo1234's A♠T♥ could not out-flip shhh00kem's 5♠5♣ as the board ran out Q♥ 8♦ 7♦ 3♠ K♠.

The third place finisher was UhhMee, adding $41,250 to the bankroll. Hoodini10 limped from the small blind, while UhhMee min-raised to 16,000 as hoodini10 made the call. On a flop of A♦ 8♦ K♣, hoodini10 check-called UhhMee's bet of 20,115. On the 6♠ turn, hoodini10 check-called UhhMee's bet of 42,600. On the 2♣ river, hoodini check-called for a third time, this time UhhMee had moved in for 126,638 in chips. When the cards were turned over, hoodini10 showed A♣6♥ for a turned two pair, while UhhMee revealed A♠9♣ for top pair with a better kicker, until that fateful turn card appeared on the screen.

Now down to heads-up, the conclusion of the tournament was just a few hands away. Shhh00kem held a slight chip lead when play began, but there was no mention of a deal by either player. Hoodini10 held the chip lead for one hand during heads-up play, but shhh00kem would regain the lead and not give it up again. The final hand was an exciting one, as the blinds were now at 4,500/9,000 with an ante of 1,125. Hoodini10 min-raised from the small blind to 18,000, then shhh00kem re-raised to 54,000. Hoodini10 then made the bet 146,000, shhh00kem made the five-bet to 405,000. Hoodini10 decided to make the sixth bet a shove, moving in for a total of 857,643 as shhh00kem made the call, for most of their chips. Not surprisingly, it would be a coinflip: hoodini10 held T♥T♠ while shhh00kem turned over A♦Q♠. The flop was safe for hoodini10: K♠ 7♣ 6♣ and the 4♥ turn meant there were just six cards in the deck that could end the tournament. Like the Barry Greenstein book, it was the ace on the river, the A♣ to be exact that gave shhh00kem the checkmark, making hoodini10 disappear from the table with second place money, $54,375.00. Meanwhile, shhh00kem earns the lion's share of the prize pool with the victory, earning $72,562.50.

There's plenty of tournament action live and online in the coming weeks, starting with EPT Vienna on October 26. Check out for further details and check out the PokerStars blog for updates and news from tournaments on and off the virtual felt.

Super Tuesday Results - 10/19/10:

1st: shh00kem - $72,562.50
2nd: hoodini10 - $54,375.00
3rd: UhhMee - $41,250.00
4th: hymo1234 - $30,937.50
5th: rh300487 - $21,375.00
6th: The Prescott - $16,500.00
7th: James "" Mackey - $12,750.00
8th: papamat25 - $9,000.00
9th: REDDYBABY902 - $6,562.50