Super Tuesday 8/24/10 - Roberts34 wins after 3-way deal

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This week's $1,050 Super Tuesday tournament attracted 430 players, creating a prize pool of $430,000, with 54 players finishing in the money. Unfortunately for followers of Team PokerStars PRO, only one member made the money, as Chad Brown finished in 41st place, earning $2.365.00.

JBlaze20 extinguishes LFMagic on bubble

The final hand at the final table bubble saw LFMagic, down to just 28,047 chips after their AK was no good against paulgees81's QQ. LFMagic was in the big blind with Q♣6♠ as JBlaze20 min-raised with K♠4♠. LFMagic got the rest of their chips in pre-flop hoping to outflop JBlaze20. The A♣7♦5♥ helped neither player, but when the K♦ hit the turn, LFMagic was drawing dead as the 9♣ appeared on the river. LFMagic earned $5,590 for the 10th place finish as the final table was set. Here's how they were seated at table 16 with blinds at 1,800/3,600 and a 400 chip ante:

super tuesday 8242010.jpg

Seat 1: arbianight (323,585 in chips)
Seat 2: 99NvrLosez (125,213 in chips)
Seat 3: JBlaze20 (160,107 in chips)
Seat 4: aprilsfool (138,200 in chips)
Seat 5: highlite11 (87,244 in chips)
Seat 6: paulgees81 (334,320 in chips)
Seat 7: Roberts34 (180,424 in chips)
Seat 8: intervntion (348,914 in chips)
Seat 9: purestrogen (451,993 in chips)

A short stay for arbianight

The final table's first elimination happened after over 35 hands of play. The blinds were now 2,000/4,000 with an ante of 500 when intervntion min-raised from the button to 8,000. This was followed by a re-raise by purestrogen from the small blind to 32,000, then a shove from the big blind by arbianight for 120,980. After intervntion folded, purestrogen called with A♦K♦, dominating arbianight's A♠Q♣. The board would run out 8♦ 5♠ 6♠ 8♣ 7♣, for a 9th place finish for arbianight, good for $7,138.

aprilsfool deals a loss to 99NvrLosez

The second elimination at the final table took place over 30 hands later, with blinds now at 2,400/4,800 with a 600 ante. Action folded around to 99NvrLosez on the button, who raised to 9,800. After a fold by JBlaze20, aprilsfool re-raised to 28,776 from the big blind. 99NvrLosez then 4-bet to a total of 79,000. That was followed by a 5-bet shove by aprilsfool to 221,340, with 99NfrLosez called for their remaining 130,217 in chips. When the cards were revealed, aprilfools' A♥K♣ dominated 99NvrLosez' A♦J♣. The flop came down 5♠T♦K♦, The T♠ turn and 5♣ river were no good for 99NvrLosez, finishing in 8th place for $9,675.

intervntion puts out JBlaze20's fire

Final table action continued for over 40 hands before the next player hit the virtual rail. With blinds now up to 3,200/6,400 with an ante of 800, JBlaze20 was now the short stack with just 97,644 in chips while in the big blind. From the button, intervntion made it 13,000 and JBlaze20 put the rest of their chips in with A♦4♥. Meanwhile, intervntion instantly called, holding K♠K♣. The 3♣ J♦ Q♥ flop gave JBlaze20 little hope, while the K♥ on the turn improved the situation slightly. However, the gutshot would not materialize as the 5♠ appeared on the river. JBlaze20 would have to settle for 7th place winnings of $13,975.

Highlite11 turned off by Paulgees81

The deep-stacked play continued with another long stretch of hands before another player made their exit. The blinds were now at 3,600/7,200 with the ante at 900 when highlite11 open shoved for their last 88,443 with A♠6♠. Next to act, paulgees81 re-raised all-in as the remaining players folded, holding 9♥9♣. The 2♦ 4♥ J♦ flop, followed by the 9♦ turn had highlite11 drawing dead. The A♦ on the river was too late to save highlite11, sent to the rail in 6th place for $18,275.

Aces no good for purestrogen, sent away in 5th

With play five-handed, purestrogen had taken a slight chip lead, but a few hands after doubling up short-stacked Roberts34, purestrogen was the next to run out of chips. Blinds were now at 4,000/8,000 with the ante at 1,000 when purestrogen raised to A♣A♦ under the gun, purestrogen raised to 24,000. From the small blind, Roberts34 raised to 72,222 with 9♠9♥ and purestrogen made the call. When the flop was 3♥ 6♣ 9♣ as Roberts34 check-called a bet of 80,000. Roberts34 was more than willing to call purestrogen's shove for their remaining 173,656 chips when the J♠, came on the turn, leaving purestrogen drawing to the two remaining aces. The 8♠ on the river was no good, as purestrogen departed from the table with 5th place winnings of $24,080.

Paulgees81 makes a fool of aprilsfool
The next player to see their hopes of winning the Super Tuesday dashed took place as aprilsfool and paulgees81, the two short stacks, were tangled in a blind v blind battle. From the small blind, aprilsfool raised to 19,991 followed by a raise from paulgees81 from the big blind to 42,888. Aprilsfool then went all in for 318,114 total as paulgees81 snapcalled with K♥K♣, while aprilsfool revealed K♦J♠. The board ran out low cards: 3♠8♣9♥9♣8♦, sending aprilsfool to virtually collect $34,400 for 4th place.

Let's chop it up
With play three-handed, the chip stacks of the remaining players were nearly equal:

roberts34 728,379
intervntion 716,810
paulgees81 704,811

The three quickly decided to chop up the remaining prize money, each receiving $61,980.67 with the winner pocketing an additional $3,000.

Roberts34 outlasts his rivals
After the deal was agreed, and with play lasting over nine hours, one figured that the tournament would end in a few hands of all-in action. Each player would hold the chip lead three handed, as paulgees81 moved over the 1,000,000 chip barrier. That wouldn't last long after Roberts34 doubled through with QQ v AQ in an over 1,400,000 chip pot.

A few hands later, the rest of paulgees81's chips went in with K♦8♦ against intervntion's J♣5♥, only for the flop to come 9♦3♠J♥. The turn and river didn't change the winner of the hand, coming down 6♥3♦, as paulgees81 collected the $61,980.67 from the earlier deal. After a few hands of heads-up play with the stacks within 1,000 chips of each other, intervntion and Roberts34 decided to move in blind. Roberts34 held 9♥2♥ while intervntion held 8♠8♣, As the five cards were dealt, Roberts34 moved into the lead on the 9♠3♣7♠ flop. The 9♣ turn and J♥ river left intervntion with just 1,000 chips, less than an ante. After winning the next hand, the chips were in again with Roberts34 holding 5♦2♣ against intervntion's 8♣4♦. The flop was kind to Roberts34: 2♠9♠2♥ and when the T♦ came on the turn, the tournament was over. The river was an irrelevant 7♣, with intervntion seeing $61,980.67 more appear in the PokerStars cashier window, while Roberts34 earned $64,980.67 for winning this week's Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday Results for August 24, 2010
*1st: Roberts34 (St. Louis) - $64,980.67
*2nd: intervntion (Kolkatta) - $61,980.67
*3rd: paulgees81 (turnersville) - $61,980.67
4th: aprilsfool (Southlake) - $34,400.00
5th: purestrogen (williamsburg) - $24,080.00
6th: highlite11 (Warsaw) - $18,275.00
7th: JBlaze20 (New York) - $13,975.00
8th: 99NvrLosez (Maywood) - $9,675.00
9th: arbianight (Laguna Hills) - $7,138.00

* Reflects a three-way deal as they chopped the remaining prize money with $3,000 going to winner.