APD0290 rides rush to Super Tuesday win (10/25/11)

Super Tuesday logo.pngA total of 346 came out for this week's Super Tuesday, the $1,050 weekly buy-in no-limit hold'em tourney that routinely attracts many of online poker's top players. That made for a prize pool of $346,000, with the top 45 finishers dividing up that loot. And whoever ended the night with all the chips stood to earn a handsome $66,951 barring any final-table deals.

After about three-and-a-half hours of play the field had been trimmed to 100, at which point leopeluca led the way followed by Speedpokah, Skilled G, and Fabrizio "SixthSenSe19" Gonzalez.

It would take a little over an hour for that group to be halved down to just 50. By then bar-bar9999 had risen to the top of the counts with more than 136,000 chips, with ThijsRemie his closest challenger with just over 100k. Meanwhile, Shane "shaniac" Schleger of Team Online was the lone representative of the PokerStars team remaining, sitting right in the middle of the pack in 25th with a below average stack.

It wouldn't be much longer before Schelger would watch the cash bubble be burst right at his table in somewhat dramatic fashion. In that hand, Mr Machine66 had committed a short stack before the flop with A♦A♠ and was up against head07's 2♦2♣. A deuce flopped, Mr Machine66 couldn't catch up, and they were in the money. As it happened, "shaniac" would go out shortly thereafter in 45th, the first player to cash.

Among those who like Schleger would earn $2,076 for their efforts were Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen (40th) and JIZOINT (38th). A little later Ansgar2000 would go out in 26th, followed not long after by Andrew "RunThisTable" Lichtenberger in 23rd, both of whom had $2,595 deposited in their accounts upon their bustouts.

The remaining players pushed past the six-hour mark, by which time just 20 of them were left. bar-bar9999 was still leading with more than 169,000, but it was starting to get crowded at the top with all in 2526, Skilled G, and KinderOvo76 all within 10,000 of the leader.

Players continued to fall over the next hour, among them RacePokerUK in 16th ($3,460). Eventually, after they had passed seven hours of play, there were just 10 left. APD1290 had pushed well out in front with more than 474,000, with anti-durrr closest with just over 300,000 and Skilled G with just a hair under 200,000.

The final 10 battled for a while, then Veronica "Princesa" Dabul got entangled in a hand versus the chip leader. After calling APD1290's UTG raise from the button, Dabul would end up getting all of her stack in following a T♥J♥K♣ flop holding A♥5♥ versus APD1290's K♠T♦. A heart would fall on the river to give Dabul her flush, but it was the K♥, meaning APD1290's full house was best and she was out in 10th ($5,190).

Just nine remained.


Seat 1: risk2Dupside -- 115,232
Seat 2: bar-bar9999 -- 89,269
Seat 3: ThijsRemie -- 62,164
Seat 4: anti-durrr -- 286,482
Seat 5: patasss - 56,252
Seat 6: capoch -- 100,672
Seat 7: APD0290 -- 690,631
Seat 8: Skilled G -- 219,465
Seat 9: KinderOvo76 -- 109,833

That hand with Dabul pushed APD0290 even further out in front, and it wouldn't take long before he'd be adding to his stack still more.

With the blinds 2,000/4,000, APD0290 opened with a raise to 8,800 from under the gun. It folded to bar-bar9999 in late position who three-bet to 18,988, then when it folded back to APD0290 he responded with an all-in shove. bar-bar9999 called, showing J♠J♣, while APD0290 had A♥K♠.

The flop came K♦3♥9♦, pairing APD0290's king, and after the 5♥ turn and 7♥ river, bar-bar9999 was out in ninth.

Not long after it APD0290 was taking care of the table's other short stack in ThijsRemie. After again open-raising to 8,800 from early position, APD0290 saw ThijsRemie reraise all in for 51,464 from the button. The blinds folded, and APD0290 called, turning over Q♠9♠ to ThijsRemie's A♦T♥. The flop came Q♥8♥A♥, pairing both players. The turn then brought the T♣, giving ThijsRemie a second pair. But the river was the J♣, giving APD0290 a straight to the queen and sending ThijsRemie railward in eighth.

One orbit later it folded around to anti-durrr in the small blind who open-shoved, and patasss called from the big blind with the 32,101 -- just over eight BBs -- he had left. anti-durr showed Q♥T♦ and patasss A♠5♥. The flop came T♥2♦9♦, putting anti-durr in front, and after the K♠ turn and 4♠ river, patasss was gone in seventh.

Some talk of deal-making followed, all acknowledging the huge lead of APD0290 who by then had crossed the one-million chip mark, but play continued without negotiations getting past the initial chatting stage. Before long came another preflop all-in confrontation, this time between risk2Dupside and capoch.

With the blinds at 2,400/4,800, risk2Dupside open-pushed from the cutoff for 84,532. anti-durrr folded the button, then capoch reraised all in for just about 5k less. APD0290 stepped aside, and capoch showed A♣J♦ versus risk2Dupside's K♠Q♦. Both players would pair the 2♦K♣4♠J♥3♠ board, but risk2Dupside's pair was the better of the two, eliminating capoch in sixth.

The last five players made it to the eight-hour break, during which talk of a possible deal arose once more. "We are 5 good players," opined leader APD0290, adding "lot of $ on the line." At that point APD0290 had 991,543 chips, way ahead of second-place anti-durr with 368,794. Meanwhile, risk2Dupside was third with 157,064, Skilled G fourth with 117,507, and KinderOvo76 last with 95,092.

They played a couple of hands, during which the stacks were only minimally changed, then had the tourney paused to talk. When the "chip chop" numbers were produced, APD0290's lead was so great that he stood to earn a whopping $78k-plus -- nearly $12,000 more than first-place prize money!

"AGREE," he typed quickly, and there was some "lol"-ing in response. APD0290 did show a willingness to take less, but the group couldn't come to terms and play resumed.

About 10 minutes later the blinds were 2,800/5,600 when Skilled G opened for 12,599 from under the gun. It folded around to APD0290 in the big blind who shoved his big stack all in, and Skilled G called with the 98,230 he had left.

APD0290: K♦Q♦
Skilled G: A♥K♣

It looked like a decent spot for a double-up for Skilled G, but then the flop came 5♦Q♠5♠. The turn was the 5♣, making a full house for APD0290, and the 9♣ ended Skilled G's night in fifth.

The remaining four then agreed to talk terms again. APD0290 was still well out in front with nearly 940,000, KinderOvo76 was next with just over 382,000, anti-durrr third with about 240,000, and risk2Dupside fourth with almost 168,000. But again neither the "chip chop" numbers nor the compromises being offered by APD0290 were to the non-leaders' liking, and so play continued.

Soon after they resumed, the blinds were at 3,200/6,400 when APD0290 raised to 13,440 from the button, then risk2Dupside pushed all in from the big blind for 162,182. APD0290 called, showing A♠K♠ against risk2Dupside's A♦7♠.

"gg" typed risk2Dupside even before the community cards were delivered. They came 2♦2♣4♠T♥9♦, and they were down to three.

The final trio battled right up until the nine-hour break, the last hand before which saw one of the combatants finally fall.

After a fold by KinderOvo76 on the button, anti-durrr min-raised to 12,800 from the SB, then APD0290 made it 29,800 from the BB. anti-durrr came back with a reraise to 73,525, APD0290 pushed all in, and anti-durrr called with the 197,029 he had left behind.

anti-durrr showed K♠Q♥ and was hoping to hold against APD0290's J♠8♦. And hold anti-durrr did through the turn as the cards came 9♣6♥3♣9♠. But the river binked the J♦ for APD0290, knocking anti-durrr out in third.

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During the break KinderOvo76 and APD0290 chatted about possibly dealing once more. APD0290 had 1,424,352 and KinderOvo76 just 305,648, so they knew that "chip chop" numbers would again skew heavily in APD0290's direction. But they decided to take a look anyway and perhaps negotiate a bit.

As they talked, KinderOvo76 was able to whittle away some at APD0290's scheduled share of the loot, with the latter finally agreeing as long as KinderOvo76 agreed to one stipulation. APD0290 was amenable, he said, "if you promise to buy an extra box of girl scout cookies i agree... with the extra $$ i give u."

The final terms were $61,621 for APD0290, $52,500 for KinderOvo76, and $3,000 left on the table for which to play.

A dozen hands transpired between the two without much in the way of chip movement. Then KinderOvo76 scored a double-up after getting all his chips in with a big draw on the flop, then hitting and holding. Take a look:

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Twenty hands later the stacks were essentially the same, with APD0290 at 1,142,870 and KinderOvo76 587,130. That's when the final hand -- coming about nine hours and 20 minutes after the tourney had begun -- was at last dealt.

The blinds were 3,600/7,200. APD0290 opened with a raise to 15,840 from the small blind/button, KinderOvo76 made it 24,460 to go from the big blind, and APD0290 called.

The flop came all small cards -- 6♥7♦3♣. KinderOvo76 led for 26,902, then APD0290 raised to 69,300. KinderOvo76 reraised all in, and APD0290 hesitated just a beat before calling. KinderOvo76 had A♦Q♣ and needed help against APD0290's T♦7♥. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 3♦, and APD0290's two pair had earned him the win.

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Congratulations to APD0290, this week's Super Tuesday champion!

Super Tuesday results for 10/25/11 (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: APD0290 ($64,621)*
2nd: KinderOvo76 ($52,500)*
3rd: anti-durrr ($38,060)
4th: risk2Dupside ($28,545)
5th: Skilled G ($19,722)
6th: capoch ($15,224)
7th: patasss ($11,764)
8th: ThijsRemie ($8,304)
9th: bar-bar9999 ($6,055)

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday