Caloggero23 collects chips, captures 5/24/11 Super Tuesday title

Super Tuesday logo.pngWhile the Sunday tourneys went on hiatus over the last two weeks during the Spring Championship of Online Poker, the Super Tuesday charged right through, comfortably beating its $150K guarantee each of the last two Tuesdays. And now that SCOOP is done, expect the fields to grow once more as players return again to the weekly $1,050 buy-in tournament that routinely attracts the toughest online MTTers around.

On this day after the conclusion of SCOOP, a total of 183 players lined up for Tuesday's tourney, creating a prize pool of $183,000 (again besting the $150K guarantee). The top 27 finishers would divide those riches, with $39,345 due the winner.

Just three Team PokerStars Pros joined the fray tonight. Pat Pezzin (Canada) went out relatively early in 141st, followed soon thereafter by Jose "Nacho" Barbero (Argentina) in 114th. That left just J.P. Kelly (United Kingdom), who after two-and-a-half hours of play was sitting on a short stack of less than 4,000, not even half the average.

At that point 100 players remained, with moyerboide out in front with a little over 30,000, followed by fkasbergen, muttern3k, machelas, and caipsa. A few minutes later Kelly would hit the rail, out in 94th.

After three hours and 45 minutes of play, they were down to 50, with fkasbergen having surged out to a big lead with over 75,000, about 35,000 ahead of nearest foe Zypherin. Meanwhile, Binkelpoot, moyerboide, and Caloggero23 were the only other players with more than 30,000.

About an hour later they were down to 28 and playing hand-for-hand. By then Zypherin had slid back to short-stacked status, then found himself all in after a 9♥A♥7♥ flop versus a$$ou. Zypherin had 9♦6♦ for nines, ahead of a$$ou's Q♥T♣. But the 2♥ fell on the turn, making the river inconsequential and sending Zypherin out just shy of the money.

At that point with 27 left, fkasbergen still enjoyed the chip lead with more than 120,000, well ahead of second-place ze_caiçara hovering around the 75,000-chip mark. PhilRoyal888, joaoMathias, and paddies all had more than 60,000 as well.

Over the next 30 minutes nine more players fell, each earning $1,830: muttern3k (27th), G's zee (26th), Veronica "Princesa" Dabul (25th), acescraps (24th), jacarema (23rd), PKaiser (22nd), DJSETY (21st), SCOOP #23-High winner alexandrapau (20th), and machelas (19th). With 18 left, fkasbergen still was well ahead with more than 150,000, with PhilRoyal888 second with about 103,000 and no other player with more than 65,000.

By the time they crossed the six-hour mark, eight more players had hit the rail: SCOOP #20-Low winner dejwiz (18th), huge.fishh (17th), and Flush_Entity (16th) each earned $2,287.50; maximilian74 (15th), mace_piri (14th), and visjeatwater (13th) took away $2,745; and a$$ou (12th) and Morten "pdrsn8" Pedersen (11th) both claimed $3,202.50.

They were playing hand-for-hand when Binkelpoot made a minimum-raise from middle position to 4,000. It folded around to harbour in the big blind who reraised to 12,000, and Binkelpoot called.

The flop came T♣3♦4♠. harbour checked, and Binkelpoot bet 26,250 -- more than half his remaining chips. harbour, who had Binkelpoot covered, check-raised all in, and Binkelpoot called. Binkelpoot had A♥A♦, but harbour had flopped a set with 3♠3♠. The turn and river blanked for Binkelpoot, who went out in 10th ($3,202.50).

Just nine remained.


Seat 1: ze_caiçara -- 43,029
Seat 2: fkasbergen -- 222,176
Seat 3: Caloggero23 -- 68,267
Seat 4: joaoMathias -- 51,516
Seat 5: Balog23 -- 55,080
Seat 6: PhilRoyal888 -- 147,516
Seat 7: harbour -- 125,966
Seat 8: moyerboide -- 66,433
Seat 9: padjes -- 135,017

Long-time leader fkasbergen was still in front as the final table began, although PhilRoyal888, padjes, and harbour were all well within shouting distance. And with the blinds 1,000/2,000, there was still plenty of room for play.

On the very first hand of the final table, PhilRoyal888 took a large, 125,000-plus chip pot off of fkasbergen, suddenly seizing the lead the latter had held for hours.

A couple of orbits later, the blinds were 1,200/2,400 when padjes opened for 5,625 from middle position, then joaoMathias reraised all in to 47,266 from the button. The blinds folded, and padjes called, turning over J♣J♥. joaoMathias showed A♣K♦, but his hopes faded fast after the flop came 6♦J♠4♠, giving padjes a set of jacks. The Q♠ on the turn meant the K♣ on the river didn't matter, and joaoMathias was out in ninth.

Just a couple of hands after that, ze_caiçara open-raised all in for 35,429 from under the gun, then fkasbergen, sitting to ze_caiçara's left, reraised all in over the top. Everyone else got out, and ze_caiçara showed A♠Q♥ to fkasbergen's A♣K♦. The board came 3♥2♣A♥2♥K♠, and ze_caiçara was out in ninth.

Following those two knockouts, PhilRoyal888, padjes, and fkasbergen were all close to even, each with between 190,000 and 200,000 chips, while the remaining four all sat well behind.

Not longer afterwards padjes opened for 5,623 from UTG, and fkasbergen called from UTG+1. It folded to harbour in the small blind who made it 14,400 to go, forcing out moyerboide in the BB. padjes also folded, but fkasbergen made the call.

The flop came 6♠9♠T♣. harbour bet 21,600, and fkasbergen made the call. The turn then brought the 9♣, pairing the board. This time harbour checked, and fkasbergen bet 19,800. harbour then check-raised all in for 75,811, and fkasbergen quickly called.

harbour had J♣J♦ for an overpair, but fkasbergen had 9♥9♦ for quads! harbour was drawing dead, out in seventh.

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They reached the seven-hour break, with fkasbergen back up close to 290,000, PhilRoyal888 with a little over 256,000, Caloggero23 with almost 160,000, and padjes, Balog23, and moyerboide all below 100,000.

About 15 minutes later the blinds were 1,800/3,600 when PhilRoyal888 opened with a UTG raise to 7,500, moyerboide pushed all in from the next seat over for 46,165, the others folded, and PhilRoyal888 called. moyerboide had 8♦8♥, but PhilRoyal888 had him in trouble with 9♥9♣. The five community cards came Q♠4♣7♥Q♣Q♥, giving both full houses, but PhilRoyal888's was best and moyerboide was out in sixth.

The last five pushed chips back and forth over the next 45 minutes, reaching the eight-hour break. By then PhilRoyal888 had the big lead with 391,816, followed by Caloggero23 (218,155), padjes (124,090), Balog23 (114,592), and fkasbergen (66,347).

On the second hand after the break, fkasbergen was able to double through Balog23 after taking A♥9♣ up against Balog23's Q♠Q♥. An ace flopped, and fkasbergen's hand held, pushing him up over 140,000 and sending Balog23 down below 60,000. Then fkasbergen doubled up again, this time through PhilRoyal888, using A♠K♣ to beat PhilRoyal888's A♣Q♦.

That hand gave fkasbergen the chip lead momentarily, although he'd soon give a few back to Balog23 when the latter doubled through fkasbergen. "revenge balrog," quipped fkasbergen good-naturedly in chat.

Then, with the blinds at 2,800/5,600, padjes open-raised all in for 112,990 from the button and Caloggero23 called from the big blind.

Caloggero23 A♥7♣
padjes K♥Q♣

The flop came 3♦Q♠K♦, giving padjes two pair and a commanding lead in the hand. But the turn and river brought running sevens, giving Caloggero23 trips and sending padjes out in fifth.

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Eight hands later, Balog23 pushed all in for 90,890 from UTG with Q♦J♦ and got called by Caloggero23 in the big blind with 9♠9♦. The board came 5♥7♥T♣2♥6♣, and Caloggero23 had won the battle of the 23's, sending Balog23 out in fourth.

As three-handed play began, Caloggero23 had the lead with more than 448,000, PhilRoyal888 was next with about 266,000, and fkasbergen was just a touch over 200,000.

Some time later the stacks hadn't changed too much from that when the trio agreed to have the tournament paused so they could discuss a possible deal. They finally came to terms with Caloggero23 being guaranteed $35,000, PhilRoyal888 $28,000, and fkasbergen $25,000, leaving $1,212.50 on the table for which to play.

It would all end very quickly shortly thereafter. First, with the blinds 3,600/7,200, Caloggero23 limped in from the small blind and PhilRoyal888 checked from the big blind. The flop came J♠3♣3♠. Caloggero23 bet 7,200, PhilRoyal888 min-raised to 14,400, and Caloggero23 called. The turn brought the 4♣. Caloggero23 checked this time, and when PhilRoyal888 bet 18,400, Caloggero23 check-raised to 50,400. PhilRoyal888 made the call.

The river was the A♣. Caloggero23 bet 338,4000, and PhilRoyal888 called with the 175,418 chips he had left. PhilRoyal888 showed 3♦2♦ for trip treys, but Caloggero23 turned over K♦3♥ for the same trips with a better kicker. PhilRoyal888 was out in third.

Heads-up play began with Caloggero23 way out in front with 779,823 to fkasbergen's 135,177. And just four hands later -- all won by Caloggero23 -- the tourney would be over.

In the final hand, fkasbergen open-pushed for 113,577 from the button with A♦5♠ and Caloggero23 quickly called with T♣T♥. The flop came 3♦4♥7♣, giving fkasbergen a gutshot to a wheel. But the turn was the 4♦ and river the 3♥, and Caloggero23's tens had held.

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Congrats to Caloggero23, winner of this week's Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday results for 5/24/11 (*reflects three-way deal):

1st: Caloggero23 ($36,212.50)*
2nd: fkasbergen ($25,000)*
3rd: PhilRoyal888 ($28,000)*
4th: Balog23 ($16,012.50)
5th: padjes ($10,980)
6th: moyerboide ($9,150)
7th: harbour ($7,320)
8th: ze_caiçara ($5,490)
9th: joaoMathias ($3,660)

With SCOOP completed, the big Sunday tourneys return this weekend. See the tournaments page for information on all the different tournaments ongoing at PokerStars.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday