EYEHAWK007 soars to 7/26/11 Super Tuesday win

Super Tuesday logo.pngWith the 2011 World Series of Poker done for the summer, a larger-than-average group came out for this week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts many of online poker's elite tourney players.

A total of 292 entrants came out, the largest Super Tuesday field since early June. That group together created a total prize pool of $292,000, nearly twice the tourney's $150K guarantee. The top 36 finishers would divide that loot, with $59,714 of it going to the winner.

From 292 to 36

Of those representing Team PokerStars, three Team Pros went out relatively early -- Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth (150th), Matthias "mattidm" de Meulder (143rd), and Angel Guillen (132nd). That left Pat Pezzin of Team Canada and Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas, a Challenger for Team Greece.

Pezzin would last until just past the four-hour mark at which point he shoved his below-average stack all in with K♣Q♦ only to see two others reshove after him -- Ruxandescu with 9♥9♦ and PKaiser with A♥Q♦. PKaiser's aces held, and Pezzin was out in 63rd.

Meanwhile, IDOLLS was in the top ten with just over 60 players left, and was still battling with an average stack an hour later when just 39 players remained. By then Ansgar2000, insanocut, and 26071985 sat atop the counts as the only players to have exceeded the 100,000-chip mark. The money bubble soon burst, with shipopatamus the unfortunate 37th-place finisher.

From 36 to 9

Eliminations came quickly thereafter. jektiss (36th), QcKimo (35th), Flush_Entity (34th), razvan1977 (33rd), PKaiser (32nd), yipsie (31st), TITTIT (30th), nestegg1 (29th), and roo_400 (28th) each earned $2,190. Then claudioney18 (27th), Kovalski1 (26th), ozenc (25th), sebwin (24th), limbolambon (23rd), RenRad 01 (22nd), elchwarrior (21st), BabbieNuk (20th), and IDOLLS (19th) each took $2,482.

In Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas' final hand, he had over 25 big blinds to start, but unfortunately for him ran 8♠8♥ into Ansgar2000's A♣A♠ to go out just shy of the final two tables.


Challenger to Team PokerStars Greece, Stavros "IDOLLS" Kalfas

Just prior to the six-hour break, Calvin32 was eliminated in 18th and djmajnun in 17th, each earning $3,212. At that point Ansgar2000 remained out in front with more than 264,000, followed by zugzwang16 with almost 172,000 and 26071985 with just under 149,000.

It would take another hour for the next seven to fall. First, APD0290 went out in 16th, earning $3,212. The next three -- xx Sanich xx (15th), ManiacAsRock (14th), and davidg133 (13th) took away $3,942. And katariko (12th), Posterboy13 (11th), and insanocut (10th) each scored $4,672.

After seven hours of play, the final table was set.


Seat 1: zugzwang16 -- 55,813
Seat 2: EYEHAWK007 -- 401,745
Seat 3: Ansgar2000 -- 134,282
Seat 4: p0cket00 -- 32,256
Seat 5: wizowizo -- 206,280
Seat 6: MANICBETTOR -- 110,978
Seat 7: KoZsY -- 85,061
Seat 8: 26071985 -- 366,183
Seat 9: Poker Own U -- 67,402

From 9 to 2

A little over 20 minutes into the final table, the blinds were 1,800/3,600 when zugzwang16 opened from early position with a minimum-raise to 7,200. It folded to KoZsY in the small blind who paused a beat, then reraised to 22,222. 26071985 folded the big blind, then zugzwang16 waited about 15 seconds before reraising all in for 105,936. KoZsY called in a flash, showing K♣K♠. zugzwang16, meanwhile, had J♥J♦, and five cards later -- 8♣6♠7♥5♣2♣ -- zugzwang16 was out in ninth.

It would take another 20 minutes for the next elimination to occur. The blinds had moved up to 2,000/4,000 when Ansgar2000 opened for 8,600 from UTG. It folded around to Poker Own U in the small blind who reraised all in for 32,684, EYEHAWK007 folded in the BB, and Ansgar2000 called. Poker Own U showed A♥J♥ and had the edge for the moment over Ansgar2000's K♥Q♦. But the flop came 4♦5♠Q♣, pairing Ansgar2000. The turn was the 9♣ and river the 8♥, and Poker Own U was sent to the rail in eighth.

Soon after MANICBETTOR had become short-stacked and pushed all in from UTG for 24,956, getting two callers in EYEHAWK007 (middle position) and wizowizo (big blind). The two checked both the T♣8♠4♥ flop and 7♣ turn, then when the Q♥ fell wizowizo bet 19,200 into the side pot, and EYEHAWK007 folded. wizowizo showed Q♣8♣ for queens and eights, better than MANICBETTOR's A♣5♥ and thus sending the latter out in seventh.

Soon the eight-hour mark had been reached, at which point EYEHAWK007 still led with 534,081, with wizowizo not too far behind with 446,656 and the other four all below 200,000.

Shortly after they returned from break, the blinds were 2,800/5,600 when 26071985 open-raised all in from under the gun for 63,382. It folded to p0cket00 on the button who reraised for just a little more, forcing out the blinds. 26071985 showed A♥T♦, but had run into p0cket00's A♦A♣. The board came 2♠8♦9♠9♦3♥, and 26071985 had been knocked out in sixth.

Over the next stretch EYEHAWK007 continued to maintain the advantage despite the fact that a couple of the short stacks earned modest double-ups through him. First it was KoZsY doubling with K♣K♠ versus EYEHAWK007's K♦J♠. Then p0cket00 did so (for fewer chips) a few hands later with A♠A♠ against EYEHAWK007's 8♣7♦.

A little later, though, Ansgar2000 also earned a double through EYEHAWK007 in a hand in which all of the chips didn't get in the middle until the river. Take a look:

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EYEHAWK007 still had the lead, but the gap was closing with three of his four contenders now with fighting stacks. Then came a hand between EYEHAWK007 and KoZsY that helped reestablish the chip leader's momentum.

The blinds were 3,600/7,200. EYEHAWK007 was first to act, and raised to 16,200, getting a single caller in KoZsY from the big blind. The flop came K♦2♦8♥. KoZsY led for 49,999, and EYEHAWK007 called. The turn was the 3♥, and this time KoZsY pushed all in with the 142,278 he had left.

EYEHAWK007 pondered for a few seconds, then called, turning over 9♦8♦ for second pair and a flush draw. In fact, EYEHAWK007 was ahead as KoZsY had but A♦J♣. The river was the 6♠, and they were down to four.

EYEHAWK007 would soon be involved in another big hand, this time with wizowizo. The blinds were still 3,600/7,200. It folded around to wizowizo in the small blind who made it 17,928, then EYEHAWK007 reraised to 34,650. wizowizo responded by pushing all in for 249,507 total, and EYEHAWK007 called.

wizowizo showed Q♠J♠ and EYEHAWK007 K♣Q♦. The board came eight-high -- 8♥3♦5♦7♠5♥ -- and wizowizo was out in fourth.

Talk of a deal arose, with EYEHAWK007 -- owner of about 2/3 of the remaining chips with more than 920,000 -- and p0cket00 both agreeing to take a look at the numbers. But Ansgar2000 didn't respond to the suggestion, and play continued.

About a dozen hands later, Ansgar2000 raised to 15,480 from the button and it folded to EYEHAWK007 in the big blind who reraised to 36,450. Ansgar2000 pushed all in for 218,827 total, and EYEHAWK007 called, turning over K♥Q♥ to Ansgar2000's 6♥6♣. The flop came Q♠3♠J♦, pairing EYEHAWK007 and leaving Ansgar2000 searching for one of the two remaining sixes. But the turn was the 2♣ and river the 8♠, and they were down to two.


Heads-up play began with EYEHAWK007 enjoying a commanding lead, his stack of 1,221,160 chips a little over five times p0cket00's 238,310.

On just the fifth hand of heads-up, the blinds were 4,000/8,000 when p0cket00 raised to 16,000 from the small blind/button and EYEHAWK007 called. The flop came 8♣Q♦6♦. EYEHAWK007 checked, p0cket00 bet 15,660, EYEHAWK007 raised to 34,560, p0cket00 reraised all in for 193,810, and EYEHAWK007 called.

p0cket00: J♣J♦

A tough spot for p0cket00, and two cards later -- 7♦5♠ -- it was all over.

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Congratulations to EYEHAWK007, chip leader at the start of the final table, and chip leader at the end as well!

Super Tuesday results for 7/26/11:

1st: EYEHAWK007 ($59,714)
2nd: p0cket00 ($43,800)
3rd: Ansgar2000 ($32,996)
4th: wizowizo ($24,820)
5th: KoZsY ($16,936)
6th: 26071985 ($13,140)
7th: MANICBETTOR ($10,220)
8th: Poker Own U ($7,300)
9th: zugzwang16 ($5,548)

Have you heard? The 2011 World Championship of Online Poker schedule was just announced today. Click here for details regarding online poker's biggest annual series which will take place September 4-25.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday