Huge field no problem for WithEez1, winner of 1/18/11 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThis week's Super Tuesday drew a whopping 484 entrants, the most for the $1,000+$50 event since February 17, 2010 when 487 played. That added up to a gaudy $484,000 prize pool, well exceeding the tourney's $300K guarantee. The top 54 finishers would be dividing up that booty, with $92,879.60 due the winner (barring any final table deals).

A half-dozen Team PokerStars Pros participated in this one, four of whom were eliminated relatively early: Alexandre "Allingomes" Gomes (426th), Chad "ChadBrownPRO" Brown (380th), Andre "aakkari" Akkari (356th), and Team Online member Grayson "spacegravy" Physioc (341st).

After a little more than three hours of play 200 remained, with lcallany on top followed by FatsoFat6969, rat sauce 89, 19FMS86, and Dana Gordon. At that point the two remaining Team PokerStars Pros among them -- Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero and Pat Pezzin -- were both short-stacked and before long both were eliminated, Barbero in 123rd and Pezzin in 121st.

After five hours they were down to 57 players, just three spots shy of the cash. The bubble proved tough to pop, however, as more than half an hour passed before ely_cash41 was eliminated in 55th. At that point, diicman was out in front, with WithEez1, James "" Mackey, Calvin "cal42688" Anderson, and Puropoker123 rounding out the top five.

As they approached the seven-hour mark, just 18 were left. WithEez1 held the chip lead with more than 373,000, followed by Pwnasaurus in second with just over 241,000 and diicman in third with a little less than 215,000. A little over a half-hour later, diicman had retaken the lead when Scarypooper5 was eliminated in 10th place. The final table was set:


Seat 1: cool0813 -- 312,109
Seat 2: WithEez1 -- 562,487
Seat 3: diicman -- 686,279
Seat 4: gernas10 -- 259,527
Seat 5: Tarjei82 -- 145,776
Seat 6: fold_em_sho7 -- 204,324
Seat 7: Pwnasaurus -- 78,922
Seat 8: MAHAWKMAN -- 84,880
Seat 9: DisplcdDiver -- 85,696

On just the second hand of the final table with the blinds 2,000/4,000, fold_em_sho7 opened with a raise to 8,800 from middle position, then a short-stacked Pwnasaurus reraised behind him all in for 77,922 total. All folded back to fold_em_sho7 who called. Pwnasaurus had K♥T♥, but was in dire straits versus fold_em_sho7's A♦A♠. The board came 2♠J♦T♦6♠5♦, and Pwnasaurus was swiftly ousted in ninth place.

A couple of orbits later the blinds were up to 2,400/4,800 when cool0813 opened with a raise to 10,550 from early position. WithEez1, sitting to cool0813's left, reraised to 26,250, forcing folds all around. cool0813 made the call and the pair saw the flop come 4♠K♦J♣. Both checked. The turn was the 3♦. This time cool0813 bet 24,017, and WithEez1 called.

The river brought the T♦, putting a third diamond on the board. This time cool0813 bet 56,060, and WithEez1 promptly pushed all in. cool0813 went into the tank for some time before finally emerging to call with his last 198,092. cool0813 showed T♠T♣ for a rivered set of tens, but WithEez1 had A♣Q♠, that ten on fifth street having made him Broadway. Take a look:

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"what a river 4 u," said diicman, his chip lead having been taken away on that hand by WithEez1. The eight-hour break came soon afterwards, at which point WithEez1 had edged over the 1 million-chip mark, with diicman his closest foe with a little more than 725,000.

Soon after the break, DisplcdDiver open-shoved his small stack of 30,016 from middle position and got a caller in diicman from the big blind. DisplcdDiver showed K♥2♥ while diicman had K♣Q♣. The board came 4♦A♥9♠5♥5♣, and DisplcdDiver was out in seventh.

Just four hands later, diicman was back in action, opening for 11,100 from the hijack seat. Tarjei82 reraised all in from the button for 104,400, the blinds folded, and diicman called. Both players had pocket pairs, but diicman's 7♠7♥ were better than Tarjei82's 6♣6♦. The five community cards came 2♦Q♠J♥9♣9♠, and Tarjei82 was out in sixth.

It wasn't long before the next elimination. With the blinds 2,800/5,600, fold_em_sho7 raised to 12,500 from UTG and the table folded to gernas10 who reraised to 67,200 from the big blind, leaving just 89,594 behind. fold_em_sho7 reshoved all in, and gernas10 called, turning over A♥Q♦ to fold_em_sho7's 7♦7♠. As it happened, a queen would arrive for gernas10, but unfortunately it was the fourth spade as the board came T♠8♠4♥4♠Q♠. fold_em_sho7's flush was best, and gernas10 was out in fifth.

With four left fold_em_sho7 had pushed into the chip lead, hovering just under 1 million while WithEez1 and diicman battled for second, both in the 650,000-700,000 range. Meanwhile MAHAWKMAN had become the short stack with less than 100,000.

MAHAWKMAN folded a couple of rounds' worth, then finally shoved his last 45,976 from the button with 6♥6♣ and got called by diicman in the BB with K♠5♥. The flop came Q♠T♥K♥, giving diicman the lead. The turn was the A♥, which gave MAHAWKMAN additional hope for a possible winning flush. But the river was the 2♦ and MAHAWKMAN was gone in fourth.

Three-handed, WithEez1 made a minimum-raise from the button to 12,800 and only diicman called from the small blind. The flop came 7♥5♣3♥. diicman checked, and WithEez1 bet 16,500. diicman paused a beat, then check-raised to 33,000. WithEez1 then made it 64,000 to go, and diicman responded by shoving all in for 378,629 total. WithEez1 called quickly, tabling 6♦4♦ for a flopped straight. diicman was drawing thin with J♥J♦. The turn was the 3♠, pairing the board and giving diicman a chance, but the river was the T♣ and diicman hit the rail in third.

When heads-up play began, WithEez1 enjoyed almost exactly a 2-to-1 advantage with 1,615,026 to fold_em_sho7's 804,974. After a couple of hands, WithEez1 asked fold_em_sho7 "would u like to talk chop?" "ill look at some figs," said fold_em_sho7, and a few hands later the tourney was paused.

WithEez1 still had roughly the same 2-to-1 advantage when the "chip chop" numbers were proposed. Both tentatively agreed to the proposed "figs," but the pair additionally negotiated a bit further, tweaking those totals a bit while also deciding to set aside $6,000 for the eventual winner.

Play resumed and WithEez1 immediately started to whittle further at fold_em_sho7's stack, eventually building up to 2,007,416 to fold_em_sho7's 412,584 when the final hand took place.

With the blinds at 3,600/7,200, fold_em_sho7 opened from the small blind/button for 15,550, then WithEez1 reraised to 50,400 and fold_em_sho7 called.

The flop came J♦6♦Q♠. WithEez1 led for 50,400, and fold_em_sho7 raised to 148,800. WithEez1 quickly pushed all in and fold_em_sho7 called. WithEez1 had A♠Q♦ for top pair-top kicker, while fold_em_sho7 had a flush draw with A♦2♦. The turn was the T♣ and the river the 6♥, and WithEez1's hand had held.

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Congratulations to WithEez1, winner of this week's Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday Results for 1/18/11 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: WithEez1 ($86,849.60)*
2nd: fold_em_sho7 ($75,000)*
3rd: diicman ($50,820)
4th: MAHAWKMAN ($38,720)
5th: gernas10 ($27,104)
6th: Tarjei82 ($20,570)
7th: DisplcdDiver ($15,730)
8th: cool0813 ($10,890)
9th: Pwnasaurus ($8,034.40)

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday