jonwayne69 rustles up 2nd Super Tuesday win in 2 mos., chops with eisenhower1 (9/27/11)

Super Tuesday logo.pngOne might think that with the World Championship of Online Poker having concluded the day before, this week's PokerStars Super Tuesday might see a few folks take a day off. Would be perfectly reasonable, what with 62 events, 119,832 buy-ins, and $47,120,800 worth of prize money up for grabs over the last three weeks to see a bit of a drop-off when it came to the resumption of PokerStars' weekly $1,050 buy-in, no-limit hold'em tourney.

Okay, there was a drop-off. Five whole players.

It's been four weeks since the last Super Tuesday, when 333 entered, thereby continuing a string of $300K-plus prize pools for the weekly event. Tonight saw 328 taking part, thus building a $328,000 prize pool -- again, more than double the event's $150K guarantee! The top 45 finishers would be dividing up that money, with $63,468 due the winner.

Just a couple of Team PokerStars Pros in this one, both of whom lost their stacks shy of the cash, with Jose "Nacho" Barbero of Team PokerStars Argentina finishing 135th and Randy "nanonoko" Lew of Team Online going out in 80th.

It would take just over four-and-a-half hours for the cash bubble to burst, at which point sebwin had pushed out to a decent-sized lead with more than 130,000. eisenhower1 was next in line with just under 100,000, with insanocut third with a little more than 71,000.

A little under two hours later there were 18 left assembled around the final two tables. sebwin was still well out in front with a little over 204,000, followed by xxCelticFCxx with about 167,000 and Rick "ThEcLaiMEer" Trigg with a bit more than 140,000. Others with at least 100,000 at that point included FMLtilliWin, Flush_Entity, Kornekovic, and Jamie "TheCronic420" Rosen.

It would about another hour for the field to be chopped to 10 players, during which time sebwin found himself steadily dropping in the counts to become the short stack. That's when sebwin called ThEcLaiMEer's all-in SB shove from the BB, holding A♣8♣ to Trigg's 6♦5♦. But a six flopped, sebwin couldn't catch up, and he was out in 10th, earning $4,920 for his finish.

The final nine was set.


Seat 1: ThEcLaiMEer -- 152,106
Seat 2: CHEFcaller -- 342,320
Seat 3: Improved -- 62,904
Seat 4: xxCelticFCxx -- 160,708
Seat 5: jonwayne69 -- 365,617
Seat 6: eisenhower1 -- 113,630
Seat 7: Garrin4e -- 161,722
Seat 8: Kornekovic -- 134,471
Seat 9: BigDennys -- 146,522

It was a few orbits into the final table when Rick "ThEcLaiMEer" Trigg, one of the many players in the middle of the pack, found himself in all in preflop against another in eisenhower1.

The blinds were 2,400/4,800 (600 ante) when eisenhower1 opened for 9,792 from middle position and got a caller in BigDennys on the button. That's when ThEcLaiMEer reraised to 29,952 from the small blind, forcing out CHEFcaller in the BB. eisenhower1 responded with an all-in shove, BigDennys folded, and ThEcLaiMEer called with the 162,179 he had left.

ThEcLaiMEer had K♥K♦ and eisenhower1 A♣K♠, and after four community cards it looked good for ThEcLaiMEer, with the flop 4♥9♣3♥ and turn the 8♦. But the river brought the A♠, pairing eisenhower1 and rudely pushing ThEcLaiMEer out the door in ninth.

The eight who remained crossed through the eight-hour mark with eisenhower1 now the one in front with nearly 400,000 chips.

About 20 minutes later they'd reached level 31 (800/3,200/6,400). Kornekovic opened with a raise to 19,200 from early position, then BigDennys made it 45,200 to go from one seat over. It folded back around and Kornekovic called the reraise.

The flop came 7♠7♥2♠. Kornekovic checked, BigDennys fired 25,600, then Kornekovic raised all in for 80,761 total. BigDennys only took a second to call, tabling Q♠Q♣, a better two pair than what Kornekovic had with T♦T♣. The turn was the 3♠ and river the K♠, ultimately giving BigDennys a flush and knocking Kornekovic out in eighth.

Just four hands later it was jonwayne69 -- who just won the Super Tuesday a month ago (on 8/23/11) -- opening for 14,080 from early position, then Improved reraise-shoved from the big blind for 111,905. jonwayne69 called, showing A♦Q♦, while Improved had J♦J♥. The flop was okay for Improved, coming 6♣8♦K♥. But the A♠ on the turn helped jonwayne69, and the 7♥ river meant that Improved had been eliminated in seventh.

That hand had given jonwayne69 a middle-of-the-pack stack, and nine hands later he was putting a good chunk of those chips at risk in a hand versus CHEFcaller.

After CHEFcaller had raised to 12,800 from UTG+1, jonwayne69 reraised all in for 271,892 and it folded back to CHEFcaller who called with the 128,246 left behind. CHEFcaller had K♥K♣ and jonwayne69 A♥Q♦, and once again it was the turn card that helped jonwayne69 eliminate an opponent, as following the 3♥2♥8♥ flop the A♣ fell next. Not even a heart could help CHEFcaller, and the 5♠ river ended it, sending CHEFcaller out in sixth.

The knockouts kept coming, as just two hands later eisenhower1 was opening for 13,056, then Garrin4e reraised all in for 96,430, then BigDennys reraised all in over top of them both from the small blind. eisenhower1 folded, Garrin4e showed Q♣J♠, and BigDennys turned over Q♥Q♦. The board ran out 2♥K♠A♣A♥5♣, and suddenly they were down to four.

After that flurry of activity, eisenhower1 was the one sitting out in front with 568,709, super-deep with nearly 79 big blinds. But BigDennys (541,145) and jonwayne69 (452,138) weren't far behind.

Meanwhile, xxCelticFCxx was the super-short stack of the final quartet, down to just 78,008. He'd soon enjoy a double-up through BigDennys when his A♦T♦ survived versus BigDennys' A♠8♥. But it wasn't long before he'd be putting his stack in danger once again.

The blinds were up to 3,600/7,200 when jonwayne69 raised to 15,840 from under the gun. It folded back to xxCelticFCxx in the big blind who shoved for 135,716 and jonwayne69 called. jonwayne69 had A♠J♠, and once again was looking to hit an overcard versus an opponent's pocket pair as xxCelticFCxx had 6♣6♦. This time, jonwayne69 would hit two, as the community cards came J♦7♥5♦9♣A♥. xxCelticFCxx was out in fourth.

The remaining trio then asked for the tourney to be paused to talk about a possible deal, but BigDennys quickly said he wasn't interested in any deal-making until heads-up, and soon the cards were back in the air.

Soon thereafter, eisenhower1 claimed over a third of jonwayne69's stack in an hand that didn't reach showdown to push jonwayne69 down around the 250,000-chip mark. Then, just a few hands later, came the biggest pot of the tourney thus far -- one over 1.1 million chips!

With the blinds still 3,600/7,200, eisenhower1 opened for 14,688 from the button, then BigDennys made it 43,200 from the small blind. The short stack jonwayne69 folded, then eisenhower1 thought a while before reraising to 83,650. BigDennys came back with an all-in push for 580,430, and eisenhower1 quickly called.

BigDennys: Q♥A♦
eisenhower1: K♥K♦

The board came nine-high -- 2♦9♠3♦T♦7♠ -- and BigDennys was out in third.

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As it happened, both of the remaining players shared usernames with mid-century American icons. And in fact, both Dwight Eisenhower (the 34th U.S. President) and John Wayne were known to play a hand or two of poker now and then. Eisenhower was reportedly an especially crafty player, especially during his time as an Army general. And Wayne, too, would apparently pass the time on movie sets with a friendly game now and then.

This jonwayne69 had some work to do, however, if he hoped to survive this showdown, as heads-up play began with jonwayne69 far behind, sitting with just 215,897 to eisenhower1's 1,424,103. However, on just the second hand between them, jonwayne69 managed to double-up after a preflop all-in with A♦T♠ versus eisenhower1's K♦Q♣ proved successful.

The two players then asked for the tourney to be paused again for deal talk. After a short bit of discussion they agreed to "chip chop" numbers guaranteeing eisenhower1 $56,813.27, jonwayne69 $51,214.73, and leaving $3K for which to play.

Play continued, and over the next 15 minutes jonwayne69 secured a series of small-to-medium pots to pull close to even. But eisenhower1 gradually pushed back to reclaim a 2-to-1 advantage.

Then came a huge hand in which betting on each street had built a pot of nearly 300,000 by the time the river came. With the board showing 8♦6♣K♣7♠8♠, jonwayne69 shoved all in for his last 373,344 and eisenhower1 went into the tank. Finally, after more than half a minute, eisenhower1 made the call.

Take a look at what happened next:

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That ten-high straight now meant jonwayne69 was the one with the 2-to-1 advantage, and the battle raged on.

The pair would end up trading the lead back and forth again before jonwayne69 once more built up a lead. Then, with the blinds at 4,500/9,000 (1,125 ante) and the tournament having been going for more than nine-and-a-half hours, the final hand took place.

eisenhower1 had 515,475 when the hand began, and opened from the button with a raise to 18,000. jonwayne69 dipped into his 1.1 million-plus stack to reraised to 54,000, and eisenhower1 called.

The flop came A♣5♠J♣. jonwayne69 bet 55,125, and eisenhower1 called. The turn was the J♠, pairing the board. This time jonwayne69 bet 108,000, and eisenhower1 raised all in for 405,225 total. jonwayne69 called, showing A♦Q♦ for aces and jacks. Meanwhile, eisenhower1 had T♣8♣ and was hoping for club to arrive on the river to save him.

Then came the river -- the 7♦. It was over! jonwayne69 had won! Again!

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Congratulations to jonwayne69 for taking down his second Super Tuesday in two months! And congratulations as well to eisenhower1 for earning the biggest payday of all 328 players who participated in this week's tourney.

Super Tuesday results for 9/27/11 (*reflects two-way deal):

1st: jonwayne69 ($54,214.73)*
2nd: eisenhower1 ($56,813.27)*
3rd: BigDennys ($36,080)
4th: xxCelticFCxx ($27,060)
5th: Garrin4e ($18,696)
6th: CHEFcaller ($14,432)
7th: Improved ($11,152)
8th: Kornekovic ($7,872)
9th: TheEcLaiMEer ($5,740)

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday