panayri powers through, takes 4/26/11 Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday logo.pngThe last Super Tuesday of April drew 198 runners, creating a $198,000 prize pool and thereby besting the $150K guarantee. The top 27 finishers stood to realize a profit in this one, with $42,570 due the winner.

A little over two-and-a-half hours into the tournament the field had been cut to 100, with David "CrabMaki" Shallow atop the counts followed by faithless, Python817, HowDoWeDo, and ThEcLaiMEer.

Of the two Team PokerStars Pros who had entered, one -- Noah "Exclusive" Boeken (Netherlands) -- had just been eliminated in 103rd. That left Pat Pezzin of Team PokerStars Canada, who at the time sported an average stack, though he'd eventually fall well shy of the cash by finishing 64th.

With 45 players left gathered around five tables, CrabMaki was still the leader, now followed by panayri, 0$kar15, MON3Y$HOT, and Puropoker123. CrabMaki would stumble, however, eventually losing the last of his chips to finish in 33rd. Not long after that they'd reached the five-hour mark with 28 players still with chips, just one elimination away from the money.

The bubble proved difficult to burst, lasting over a half an hour until finally Puropoker123, having been whittled down to just over one big blind, was all in before the flop with pocket sixes versus MON3Y$HOT's A♥Q♥. A queen flopped, MON3Y$HOT's hand held up, and the remaining 27 were in the money.

It took less than a half-hour for the next nine to fall -- mrvogt (27th), patinho77 (26th), monchini (25th), Drewfus81 (24th), Flavio - SP (23rd), sukin12 (22nd), coop (21st), Anh Van "Vandiesel" Nguyen (20th), and 0$kar15 (19th) -- each of whom earned $1,980.

Over the next thirty minutes the field was trimmed to 10. Players hitting the rail during that stretch were jarekk (18th, $2,475), Mike "wywrotx" Wywrot (17th, $2,475), Avtikh (16th, $2,475), sampi80 (15th, $2,970), edoiler (14th, $2,970), viirusss (13th, $2,970), themonchichi (12th, $3,465), and 666DAA (11th, $3,465).

Then a short-stacked youaremelon pushed all in with A♣4♥ and was called by K_The_Nuts_K in the big blind who held 7♦7♣. The board brought no help to youaremelon, eliminating him in 10th ($3,465). The final nine was set.


Seat 1: keramida -- 108,883
Seat 2: papadelpoker -- 80,960
Seat 3: MindFeeling -- 74,885
Seat 4: faithless -- 63,549
Seat 5: MON3Y$HOT -- 264,897
Seat 6: K_The_Nuts_K -- 100,686
Seat 7: Python817 -- 73,156
Seat 8: panayri -- 145,806
Seat 9: bliiz -- 77,178

With nine left, MON3Y$HOT had a sizable lead, with panayri his nearest foe more than 100,000 back and more than half the remaining players sitting with a third or less MON3Y$HOT's stack.

About 15 minutes after the final table began, keramida opened with a 3x raise to 8,400 from UTG, then papadelpoker, sitting to keramida's left, made it 19,600 to go. The table folded around, then keramida shoved all in for 94,233 and papadelpoker called with the 53,960 he had left. papadelpoker had A♦K♦, but had run into keramida's A♥A♣. The board came 9♠7♠2♠K♣4♥, and papadelpoker was out in ninth.

They crossed the seven-hour mark, and with the blinds 1,800/3,600, Python817 raised to 7,265 from UTG and got one caller in keramida from the hijack seat. The flop came monotone -- 9♠7♠T♠ -- prompting a check from Python817. keramida took the invitation to bet 18,000, then Python817 reraised all in for 70,810. keramida called the push, showing 8♦7♦ for sevens and an open-ender. Meanwhile, Python817 showed A♣T♣ for top pair. The 3♦ turn kept Python817 out in front, but the 6♦ river gave keramida the straight, knocking Python817 out in eighth.

It would take another half-hour before the next elimination. The blinds had moved up to 2,000/4,000 when panayri raised to 8,000 from middle position, then bliiz reraised all in 83,026. It folded back to MindFeeling who called with his last 68,123 from the small blind, and both the big blind and panayri stepped aside. MindFeeling showed A♥Q♥ and had the preflop edge over bliiz's Q♣J♥. The 5♥K♦K♠ flop and A♣ turn were both good for MindFeeling, but the T♦ on the river gave bliiz Broadway, and MindFeeling hit the rail in seventh.

Play continued, with MON3Y$HOT falling back to the pack while panayri and keramida pushed out in front with six left. panayri then made a minimum-raise to 9,600 from middle position, and faithless reraised from the big blind to 57,600 -- about two-thirds of his stack. panayri pushed and faithless called all-in, showing 6♣6♦ to panayri's A♣Q♠. The board brought a couple of queens -- 3♠Q♥2♦5♥Q♦ -- giving panayri trips and leaving faithless chipless and out in sixth.

panayri had assumed the chip lead, and his run good would soon continue in a huge, three-way all-in hand occurring just before the eight-hour break. Sitting in the big blind, panayri watched as bliiz pushed all in from under the gun for 94,741, then K_The_Nuts_K called all in for 59,918 from the SB. panayri, holding Q♥Q♠, quickly called, and saw bliiz turn over T♣T♠ and K_The_Nuts_K A♠Q♣.

Five cards later -- K♣4♠8♣2♠J♠ -- panayri had won the quarter million-plus chip pot, catapulting into first place. Meanwhile, K_The_Nuts_K was out in fifth, and bliiz out in fourth.

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With three left, panayri now had the big advantage, though the next big skirmish would involve his two opponents. MON3Y$HOT made a 2x raise from the button to 11,200, panayri folded, then keramida called from the BB. The flop came 2♦K♣3♣. keramida bet 16,800, and MON3Y$HOT called. The turn brought the 5♦. This time keramida bet 39,200, then MON3Y$HOT shoved all in for 75,621. keramida called, showing A♠5♠ for fives and a gutshot to a wheel, while MON3Y$HOT turned over K♥T♠ for top pair of kings. Then came the river -- the 4♠! -- giving keramida the straight and sending MON3Y$HOT out in third.

With that hand keramida had closed the gap a bit, though panayri still had a 2-to-1 chip advantage to start heads-up play with 643,589 to keramida's 346,411. The final two battled for 10 minutes, during which time keramida chipped back close to even though never quite was able to claim the lead. panayri built back up to 723,589 to keramida's 266,411 stack when the final hand -- the 43rd of heads-up play -- took place.

With the blinds 3,200/6,400, panayri raised to 12,800 from the button, keramida reraised to 32,000, and panayri called. The flop came 3♠A♥K♥, and keramida led for 44,800. panayri made the call. The turn then brought the 2♥ and an all-in push for 188,811 from keramida, and panayri quickly called.

keramida held J♥4♦, needing a five for a straight or a heart for a flush. But panayri had K♠Q♥ for kings and a better flush draw. The river was the 9♠, and the Super Tuesday had been decided.

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Congratulations to panayri, winner of this week's Super Tuesday!

Super Tuesday Results for 4/26/11:
1st: panayri ($42,570)
2nd: keramida ($30,690)
3rd: MON3Y$HOT ($23,265)
4th: bliiz ($17,325)
5th: K_The_Nuts_K ($11,880)
6th: faithless ($9,900)
7th: MindFeeling ($7,920)
8th: Python817 ($5,940)
9th: papadelpoker ($3,960)

It's almost May. And you know what happens in May -- the Spring Championship of Online Poker! Events begin May 8th. See the SCOOP page for the full schedule.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday