Super Tuesday 2/15/11: Jon Ho 21 denies modogrinder, pockets over $77,000

Super Tuesday logo.pngThe day after Valentine's Day is usually full of people looking to pick up candy at a substantial discount. Those who indulged their sweet tooth a bit too much may not have been in the mood to play the Super Tuesday, but a field of 436 players signed up to create a $436,000 prize pool to be shared amongst the final 54 players.

Team PokerStars had its share of players looking to get a piece of the prize pool, including Jason Mercier, Joe "jcada99" Cada, Pat Pezzin and Victor Ramdin, but unfortunately none were able to collect. Pezzin was looking to improve on his last two Super Tuesdays, finishing in the top 12 the previous two weeks. Short-stacked throughout the tournament, Pezzin almost cashed for a third straight week, but fell just eight spots from the money to finish in 62nd place. The top member of Team PokerStars was PokerStars Challenger Alex "J0hnny_Dr@m@" Zervos, finishing in 57th place.

After a lengthy period of hand-for-hand play with 10 players remaining, the river would deal the death blow to the 10th place finisher. Blinds were at 3,200/6,400 with an ante of 800 as Jon Ho 21 min-raised from the button with A♥J♠ followed by a 3-bet from scarface_79 to 32,900 with A♣Q♥. Jon Ho 21 decided to make the 4-bet all-in as they had scarface_79 covered, calling for their last 149,664 in chips. The board ran out T♥ T♦ 9♣ 5♥ J♣ as Jon Ho 21 eliminated scarface_79 in 10th place, collecting $5,668.00 to set up the final table, seated in the following order:

2-15-11 Super Tuesday final table.JPG

Seat 1: modogrinder (263,334 in chips)
Seat 2: MindFeeling (251,162 in chips)
Seat 3: Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi (120,699 in chips)
Seat 4: Nenad "serb2127" Medic (36,351 in chips)
Seat 5: Brandon "any2cantu" Cantu (242,315 in chips)
Seat 6: Jon Ho 21 (595,947 in chips)
Seat 7: BIack88 (291,134 in chips)
Seat 8: log1c007 (208,780 in chips)
Seat 9: Jason "StatusUp" Lavallee (170,278 in chips)

Jon Ho 21 started the final table with nearly double the chips as Black88, but that lead would be short-lived after doubling up Jason "StatusUp" Lavallee when his 9♥9♦ won the race against Jon Ho 21's A♣Q♠. The first elimination at at the final table was WSOP and WPT bracelet winner Brandon "any2cantu" Cantu. The blinds had increased to 3,600/7,200 with an ante of 900 as Cantu opened from UTG +1 with a min-raise to 14,400. Modogrinder 3-bet from the button to 39,573 then Cantu returned the aggression with a 4-bet shove to 274,615. Modogrinder, holding A♦A♠ made the instacall while Cantu held T♣T♠. The board ran out K♠ 6♣ 8♠ 5♣ J♦ as Cantu's final table stay was much shorter than expected, compensated with $7,237.60 for 9th place while modogrinder moved into the chip lead.

The next player to exit the final table was log1c007 in 8th place for $9,810.00. The next hand after doubling up Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi when Nardi's A♦J♠ outflopped the A♠K♠ of log1c007, Jon Ho 21 took care of the rest of the chips with A♥T♣ versus A♠2♠. The board ran out K♦ 3♠ J♣ 7♣ 9♥ as the tournament was down to seven players.

A cooler would end the Super Tuesday for Jason "StatusUp" Lavallee in 7th place, collecting $14,170.00. Another blind increase as the levels were now at 4,000/8,000 with an ante of 1,000 when Lavallee opened from UTG to 17,740 with Q♠Q♥. Action folded around to Jon Ho 21, reraising to 41,850 with K♠K♦. Lavallee 4-bet shoved for 240,781 total as Jon Ho 21 made the call. The five cards revealed to all were the A♣ 5♦ 2♦ 4♠ 7♥ to put Jon Ho 21 back into the lead with 6 players remaining.

However, the lead would be back in modogrinder's hands on the very next hand:

Jon Ho 21 would recover and get his some talking chips for the impending battle against modogrinder by knocking out the next two players. His first victim would be Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi, earning $18,530.00 for 6th place. Blinds had now jumped twice to 5,000/10,000 with an ante of 1,125 as Jon Ho 21 got the action started with an UTG +1 min-raise to 20,000 with A♠K♥. Nardi shipped it from the big blind for 174,550 with 5♠5♥. The 6♣ 9♠ T♥ flop kept Nardi in the lead, but Jon Ho 21 had thoughts on closing in on modogrinder's lead when the turn brought the A♥. Nardi's six-outter on the river did not materialize as the 8♣ meant the field was now down to five.

Next to fall to Jon Ho 21 was the other WSOP and WPT winner at the final table, Nenad "serb2127" Medic added a 5th place result, adding $24,416.00 to his long string of cashes. Medic shoved from UTG for 74,351 with 4♠4♣ as Jon Ho 21 instantly called with J♠J♣ as the rest of the field got out of the way. The five cards revealed were 5♠ 8♥ 5♦ 9♣ Q♦ to send Medic out the door as Jon Ho 21 closed the gap even further.

Jon Ho 21 would eventually retake the lead, breaking the 1,000,000 chip barrier in the meantime. Modogrinder, who has made two Super Tuesday final tables in the past few months, was looking to close one out and eliminating MindFeeling in 4th place to move back into the chip lead. Another long stretch of hands meant the blinds were up to 7,000/14,000 with an ante of 1,725 when MindFeeling opened from UTG to 28,000 with A♠9♠. From the big blind, modogrinder held A♦K♠ and re-raised enough to put his opponent all-in, making the call. The flop would seal the deal: K♦ K♣ 5♣ while for the record the turn and river were the Q♠2♦ as MindFeeling earned $34,880.00.

While modogrinder and Jon Ho 21 were battling it out for the lead, Black88 wanted to get in on the fun and double through either of the players to get into contention. Holding K♠K♦ in the big blind and facing a raise to 33,200 from Jon Ho 21, shoving for 408,426 total seemed like the plan to double up was in motion. However, Jon Ho 21 held A♥A♦ and instacalled. The board brought no help to Black88 - Q♦ 2♦ J♠ 2♣ 5♣, left to settle for 3rd place winnings of $45,780.00

With Jon Ho 21 and modogrinder nearly even in chips, they decided to do a save with each player getting $68,000 with the winner pocketing the remaining $9,798.40 as the pair were ready to battle for the title. Unfortunately for modogrinder, another second place finish was in the cards after just a few hands. Two hands earlier, modogrinder doubled up with A♥J♥ against Jon Ho 21's 7♦7♠ when the A♠ appeared on the river.

The final hand of the tournament saw another black ace make an appearance at a critical time. The blinds were now at 9,000/18,000 with an ante of 2,250. Jon Ho 21 raised from the small blind to 38,000 with Q♣T♦ as modogrinder called with K♠9♦. The flop came down J♦K♥7♥ as modogrinder checked, Jon Ho 21 bet 54,000, modogrinder raised to 132,877 and Jon Ho 21 made the call. The turn was the perfect card for Jon Ho 21, as the A♣ made a straight as modogrinder was now drawing dead. Modogrinder would check-call the bet of 160,500 on the turn. The T♥ on the river led modogrinder to shove for 543,145 to represent the flush. But Jon Ho 21 would have none of it, making the call to show the straight and hold all the chips to earn $77,798.40 in victory.

2/15/2011 Super Tuesday Final Table Results:

*1st: Jon Ho 21 - $77,798.40
*2nd: modogrinder - $68,000,00
3rd: Black88 - $45,780.00
4th: MindFeeling - $34,880.00
5th: Nenad "serb2127" Medic - $24,416.00
6th: Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi - $18,530.00
7th: Jason "StatusUp" Lavallee - $14,170.00
8th: log1c007 - $9,810.00
9th: Brandon "any2cantu" Cantu - $7,237.60

*Denotes deal made heads-up readers looking for some live tournament action will have their fill in the coming days. Season 4 of the LAPT kicks off later today from Sao Paolo, Brazil and you can follow their coverage on the blog here. February 21-26, the European Poker Tour returns to Copenhagen, featuring 2008 WSOP Main Event winner Peter Eastgate making his return after a brief hiatus. More information on EPT Copenhagen can be found at the EPT page dedicated to the event.