Super Tuesday 5/10/11: Kovalski1 Banks $35,475 in Late Night Performance

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The PokerStars Super Tuesday was part of a crowded major tournament calendar Tuesday as a field of 165 players created a prize pool of $165,000, distributed to the final 27 players.

Tournament action at the EPT Grand Final in Madrid and several SCOOP tournaments left a single member of Team PokerStars Pro in this week's Super Tuesday field as Lex Veldhuis finished out of the money in 69th place.

The final table bubble was reached in the seventh hour of play with the blinds at 1,000/2,000 with an ante of 125. One hand after doubling up the short-stacked TranquilMind, KKremate open-shoved for 41,472 from the button with A♠9♠. In the big blind, mitch leb woke up with A♦K♦ and snap-called. Five cards later KKremate's stack was cremated, earning $2,887.50 for 10th place as the board ran out T♣ 6♣ T♥ 4♠ T♠ to create the official final table.

Here's how the final table looked with nine players remaining:

Super Tuesday 5-10 final table.JPG

Seat 1: Kovalski1 (142,740 in chips)
Seat 2: markux (79,654 in chips)
Seat 3: harddecision (28,230 in chips)
Seat 4: tupacmn (106,205 in chips)
Seat 5: poker_lord76 (48,302 in chips)
Seat 6: mitch leb (94,526 in chips)
Seat 7: TranquilMind (63,976 in chips)
Seat 8: Python817 (75,008 in chips)
Seat 9: EeeTee2008 (186,359 in chips)

Python817 slithered from the table in 9th place in early final table action, cashing for $3,300.00. From the hijack, Python817 opened with a bet to 4,000 with K♥Q♥ as EeeTee2008 re-raised to 9,000 holding A♠Q♣ . After the blinds folded, Python817 re-raised all-in for 73,793 as EeeTee2008 quickly called. The virtual dealer dealt out a board of 3♠ 7♠ 9♥ Q♦ T♦ leaving an octet of players at the final table.

The first elimination at the final table was a boon to harddecision, with under 19,000 in chips with the blinds at 1,200/2,400 with an ante of 150. Action folded to harddecision in the small blind, shoving with A♦6♦ for 18,330 in chips as tupacmn called from the big blind with A♥8♦. The board runs out 8♣ 2♦ 5♣ 4♦ 6♠ giving harddecision a choice on what to do with the $4,950.00 earned for 8th place.

It would be three eliminations in three hands as poker_lord76 ran into tupacmn, receiving an email notifying them of the $6,600.00 earned for 7th place. Tupacmn min-raised to 4,800 from the small blind with A♦J♦ as poker_lord76 shipped it for 37,002 from the big blind with A♥3♠ as tupacmn easily called. The flop came down T♥9♣3♣ as poker_lord76 moved into the lead. That lead lasted one card when the J♠ on the turn gave the lead back to tupacmn. The river was the Q♠ leaving a six-pack of contenders.

Kovalski1 set a trap, laying down the branches and twigs to send TranquilMind out in a bad mood to pick up winnings of $8,250.00 in 6th place. TranquilMind raised to 4,950 with with A♥9♦ as Kovalski1 smooth-called with A♣A♠. The A♦Q♦9♣ flop hit both players hard as TranquilMind led out for 6,750 as Kovalski1 smooth-called once again. The 5♥ on the turn had TranquilMind firing another barrel, this time for 10,111 as Kovalski1 just called. A third barrel on the river for TranquilMind, this time moving in for their remaining 34,715 as Kovalski1 snap-called turning over their flopped set of aces as TranquilMind surely wasn't after that hand as five players remained.

The flurry of eliminations ground to a halt with nearly an hour before the next player was sent packing. As the short stack, markux looked to end the drought of eliminated players, but the poker gods were smiling on this hand against tupacmn with blinds at 1,800/3,600 with an ante of 450:

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Markux would take the rest of tupacmn's chips on the next hand, shoving with K♣3♣ from the small blind as tupacmn called with A♦7♦ in the big blind. Tupacmn was drawing dead after the flop when came down J♣Q♣5♣. The unnecessary turn and river cards were the K♦4♦ to leave a quartet of players as tupacmn earned $9,900.00

EeeTee2008 held the lead through most of the final table, until relinquishing command of the table after running their A-Q into Kovalski1's A-K. The blinds were now increased to 2,000/4,000 with an ante of 500 as Mitch leb was knocked out in 4th for $14,437.50. From UTG, Mitch leb raised to 9,000 with A♣K♣ as markux re-raised all-in for 235,468 holding A♦9♣ as Mitch leb called for 73,817 total. Markux takes the lead when the flop comes down 6♠5♣9♦ as Mitch leb is drawing to three outs. The 2♠ turn and 7♥ river changed nothing as three players remain.

The next elimination would come at the 2,400/4,800 level with an ante of 600 as Kovalski1 crushed this flop to knock out EeeTee2008 in 3rd, taking home $19,387.50:

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Kovalski1 held an over 2-1 chip lead against markux, extending the lead to an over 7-1 advantage when the final hand was played with blinds at 2,800/5,600 with an ante of 700. From the small blind, Kovalski1 min-raised to 11,200 with 6♦6♣ as markux re-raised all in for 94,240 total with K♥8♦ as Kovalski1 calls. No help comes for markux, earning $25,575.00 for the runner-up finish as the five cards revealed are Q♠ 5♥ J♠ 7♠ 9♦. Kovalski1 collects a cool $35,475.00 in the victory.

May 10, 2011 Super Tuesday Final Table Results:

1st: Kovalski1 - $35,475.00
2nd: markux - $25,575.00
3rd: EeeTee2008 - $19,387.50
4th: mitch leb - $14,437.50
5th: tupacmn - $9,900.00
6th: TranquilMind - $8,250.00
7th: poker_lord76 - $6,600.00
8th: harddecision - $4,950.00
9th: Python817 - $3,300.00