Super Tuesday: jonwayne69 flops 'em dead, rakes in $71k

Super Tuesday logo.pngForming the largest Super Tuesday field since mid-April, 368 players found the cojones to pull $1,000 out of their bankrolls in the hopes of turning that one dime into over seventy more. The only obstacle in the way of that dream? One of the toughest collections of tournament poker minds to regularly assemble on the internet. Piece of cake, right? Not exactly, but tonight jonwayne69 made it look all too easy.

With the prize pool up to $368,000, 45 players would walk away with at least double their money, with first place set to earn $71,208. Joining the fray were Team PokerStars Pros Nacho Barbero, Angel Guillen, George Kapalas, and Pat Pezzin, along with Team Online's Andrew "focault82" Brokos. Unfortunately, none of them came away with a cash finish.

Asdafer was cruising along with an average stack on the final table bubble and had to be thrilled to pick up pocket aces against donkmeh, who four-bet shoved for his last 91,915 with A♠T♦. The J♠T♠8♠ flop, however, gave him pause as donkmeh held the ace of spades. Asdafer's nightmare turned into reality as the 5♠ hit the turn, donkmeh making the nut flush and crippling asdafer. Left with 11,194, 3,600 of those chips were committed in the big blind two hands later. The action folded around to his nemesis donkmeh, who raised to 13,050. Despite his weak holding, asdafer was priced in with any two cards and called off the rest of his stack with 2♠4♦. Donkmeh didn't have any sort of hand either, revealing 3♦8♦, but paired his three on the flop to send us to the final table.

8-23-11 Super Tuesday.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: PrtyPsux (325,200)
Seat 2: young_diam18 (66,995)
Seat 3: ehdonthinkso (184,859)
Seat 4: RedIceRap (300,637)
Seat 5: insanocut (95,044)
Seat 6: roundersgr1 (139,025)
Seat 7: jonwayne69 (160,384)
Seat 8: tpleta (367,882)
Seat 9: donkmeh (199,974)

Early eliminations

Short-stack young_diam18 finally found a hand he could go with when he picked up pocket fours and moved all-in for his last 62,000 from UTG+1. Unfortunately for him, jonwayne69 was waiting for him on the button with pocket jacks and after re-shoving to isolate, claimed young_diam18's last 15 big blinds when the board ran out A♥Q♣6♦2♥7♠. For his ninth-place finish, young_diam18 had $6,440 waiting for him in his account.

Roundersgr1 couldn't find any momentum tonight and after losing a couple of small pots, he was left with only a bit more than 7 big blinds. With the action folded around to insanocut in the small blind, he moved all-in for 155,273 and roundersgr1 decided to go with his Q♣9♣, making the call for his last 45,741. Insanocut's A♥6♥ hit two pair on the flop and although roundersgr1 picked up a club draw on the turn, the river card couldn't fill it, ending his run in eighth place for a $8,832 score.

Suck, suck, suck-resuck

It looked like curtains for donkmeh when he ran his pocket tens into tpleta's pocket aces in a preflop all-in, but just as these things go, donkmeh hit a ten on the flop and another on the turn to double up to 404,000 and take the chip lead. Less than an orbit later, he locked horns again with tpleta only to have luck strike a second time. This time, he hit his gutshot straight draw on the river after floating the flop and bluffing at the turn:

Bruised and bloodied, tpleta wasn't long for this tournament. Five hands later, he moved all-in for 88,119 from UTG and jonwayne69 made the call from the big blind with pocket jacks. Tpleta turned up A♥J♦ and needed help. The flop brought him an ace, but also two clubs. A third, the 3♣ landed on the turn, giving jonwayne69 a flush draw and the Q♣ on the river filled it, sending tpleta to the rail in cruel fashion. He earned $12,512 for his seventh-place finish.

Chipleaders go to war

With the final table reaching the two-hour mark, our chipleaders got things moving by going to war in the largest hand of the tournament thus far. Jonwayne69 led off the preflop raising war by opening for 17,600, donkmeh three-bet to 35,000, and the action folded back around to jonwayne69, who came back over the top for 79,999. Donkmeh made it 136,000, jonwayne69 shoved for 490,118, and donkmeh called all-in for 348,504, turning up K♠K♥. Jonwayne69 was in poor shape with A♣K♣ and the flop didn't help him at all, coming down 8♠4♦2♠. The turn was another blank, the 5♥, but an ace from space fell on the river, the A♥ snapping off donkmeh's kings and eliminating him in sixth place. Jonwayne69 moved up to nearly a million in chips while donkmeh was left with a $16,192 payday.

Short stacks succumb

With donkmeh's surprise elimination, PrtyPsux and ehdonthinkso were left at the bottom of the pack, both sporting 11 big blind stacks. PrtyPsux was the first one to make a move, shoving for 89,508 from the button with J♦7♦. RediceRap woke up with K♦K♥ in the big blind and although a jack hit the flop, PrtyPsux did not improve, hitting the rail in fifth place for a $20,796 score. Ehdonthinkso was able to hold on for a few more orbits, ultimately three-bet shoving for 87,950 over jonwayne69's opening raise. Jonwayne69 made the call with T♦T♠ and won the coinflip against ehdonthinkso's K♣Q♠, the board running out A♣6♣2♦6♥9♥ to send him home in fourth place with $30,360.

Three-handed play went on for all of four hands before RediceRap opened for 19,825 on the button and insanocut shoved for 260,962, about 32 1/2 big blinds. RediceRap called with A♦J♣, having him well-covered. Although the Q♣T♣2♥ flop left insanocut's pocket sixes in the lead, the J♦ hit the turn to make RediceRap top pair. The river was the 7♣ and insanocut departed in third, leaving us heads-up.

Jonwayne69 held a 1.6 to 1 chip lead over RediceRap as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 4: RedIceRap (699,557)
Seat 7: jonwayne69 (1,140,443)

RediceRap chipped up to more than 800,000 before this hand undid all his hard work and then some:

RediceRap dropped another chunk of his stack when jonwayne69 flopped two pair and turned a full house, RediceRap calling a 109,643 value overbet on the river. Left with 380,000 in chips at 4,500/9,000 blinds, RediceRap opened for 18,000 holding A♦8♣ and jonwayne69 three-bet to 45,000. RediceRap four-bet to 108,000, jonwayne69 shoved for 1.45 million, and RediceRap called off his last 271,464. Jonwayne69 turned up pocket deuces and no doubt let out a sigh of relief as the flop came down J♥6♣5♦. The 9♥ on the turn gave RediceRap four additional outs with a gutshot straight draw, but the river fell on johnwayne69's side, the 5♠ landing to deliver the final blow.

Congratulations to jonwayne69 on his Super Tuesday title and $71,208 win! For his runner-up finish, RediceRap took home $53,360.

Super Tuesday results, 8-21-11

1. jonwayne69 (Spain) $71,208
2. RediceRap (Germany) $53,360
3. insanocut (Canada) $40,480
4. ehdonthinkso (Ireland) $30,360
5. PrtyPsux (Mexico) $20,976
6. donkmeh (Germany) $16,192
7. tpleta (Czech Republic) $12,512
8. roundersgr1 (Portugal) $8,832
9. young_diam18 (Austria) $6,440

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday