Super Tuesday: ros1987 makes it two wins in five weeks

Super Tuesday logo.pngOn July 19, Ireland's ros1987 had a night he'll never forget on the virtual felt, making a phenomenal comeback that took him from final table short stack to the winner's circle in the Super Tuesday, a feat that earned him more than $57,000. Tonight, only five weeks after that massive score, ros1987 managed a repeat. Call it the luck of the Irish or call it an extraordinary patch of run-good but for the second time this summer, ros1987 won a Super Tuesday title, defeating a 353-player field and a final table that included two 2011 SCOOP champions. Perhaps there's something to that old saying that luck comes in streaks?

Once again, the Super Tuesday's $150k guarantee was more than doubled, the prize pool swelling to $353,000. 45 places were paid with first place set to earn $68,305.50. The trio of Gualter Salles, Pat Pezzin, and Alexis "J0hnny_Dr@m@" Zervos flew the red spade for Team PokerStars, but unfortunately none of them made the money. The final table was set just after midnight EDT, when Pumpingpoker got his money in preflop with A♠Q♦ only to run into joaoMathias' A♣K♠. Pumpingpoker did not improve and left with only 11,000 in chips, he put the rest in two hands later with pocket deuces. Arxigos looked him up with Q♣4♠ and although things were looking up for Pumpingpoker by the turn, arxigos rivered a four to send him to the rail in tenth place.

Super Tuesday 8-16-11.jpg

Final table chip counts:

Seat 1: gmcrafter (91,630 in chips)
Seat 2: flashdisastr (112,574 in chips)
Seat 3: allucan3at (311,508 in chips)
Seat 4: GSTARKOUKLOS (114,698 in chips)
Seat 5: arxigos (160,242 in chips)
Seat 6: joaoMathias (169,470 in chips)
Seat 7: danskemann (426,811 in chips)
Seat 8: ros1987 (219,140 in chips)
Seat 9: nathkpk (158,927 in chips)

Among this week's final nine were two 2011 SCOOP champions. Chipleader danskemann won the $320 buy-in 4-max NLHE event while short stack flashdisastr took down the $2,600 NLHE KO. Gmcrafter was also no stranger to the final table of an online major, having finished sixth in the Super Tuesday back on May 3.

Danskemann quickly went to work building on his chiplead and had increased his stack to 525,000 before making an ill-timed move against nathkpk. With the blinds at 2,000/4,000, danskemann opened for 9,000 with K♦9♦ and faced a 22,000 three-bet from nathkpk. When the action folded back around to danskemann, he moved all-in, attempting to push nathkpk off his hand, but got snap-called instead, his opponent turning over pocket queens. The ladies held, knocking danskemann back down to 400k in chips. Meanwhile, GSTARKOUKLOS committed his last 67,703 before the flop with pocket eights, but ran headlong into allucan3at's pocket aces. The board ran out K♥J♣J♠5♣2♣ and the final table lost its first player, GSTAKOUKLOS exiting in ninth place for a $6,177.50 payday.

Things continued to go sour for danskemann as the final table entered its second hour. With his stack below 300,000 after losing two 100k pots to allumcan3at, danskemann picked up pocket queens and called gmcrafter's 73,000 three-bet shove. Although gmcrafter was bluffing with Q♣5♣, he flopped a five and turned trips to lay a bad beat on danskemann. The last of his chips went in the middle a few minutes later. After opening for 11,200 and being three-bet by nathkpk, danskemann made a stand and moved all-in for his remaining 178,000. Nathkpk insta-called, showing K♦K♥ to danskemann's A♥8♥. It was all over when another king hit the flop and danskemann would have to settle for eighth place and $8,472.00.

The short stack going in to the final table, flashdisastr hung on long enough to move up the pay ladder to earn seventh-place money. Following an opening raise to 14,000 from arxigos and a call from nathkpk, flashdisastr squeezed all-in for 69,974 from the big blind, only to have arxigos re-shove behind him for more than 204,000. Nathkpk got out of the way, leaving flashdisastr and arxigos in a classic coinflip situation with pocket jacks against A♣K♥. Flashdisastr's jacks were looking good through the turn on the Q♠5♥T♣6♦ board, but the A♠ spiked on the river to spell his elimination.

Nathkpk lost two-thirds of his stack to allucan3at in a curious hand that saw him float the flop and bluff at the pot on both the turn and river. Holding J♣T♠, nathkpk opened for 11,200, then called allucan3at's 29,700 three-bet from the small blind. The flop fell 9♦9♥9♣ and allucan3at led out for 17,800. Nathkpk called and the 5♥ hit the turn. Allucan3at checked, leaving the door open for nathkpk to made a 65,600 bet. Allucan3at called, then checked the 8♣ on the river. Nathkpk took one final stab at the pot, betting 123,200. Allucan3at looked him up, revealing A♣5♣ for nines full of fives. Nathkpk was left with 14 big blinds while allcan3at raked in the 482,000-chip pot. A few hands later, nathkpk open-shoved for his last 90,000 from UTG and ros1987 called from the big blind, revealing A♣J♣ to nathkpk's K♣T♠. A jack hit the flop to make ros1987 top pair and with the turn and river free of kings, he scored the KO, sending nathkpk to the rail in sixth place.

Only three minutes later joaoMathias made his last stand, shoving for his last 77,365 from the small blind over gmcrafter's 12,800 opening raise and allucan3at's 34,225 three-bet. Gmcrafter folded and allucan3at called, tabling A♣K♣. JoaoMathias' A♠J♥ was dominated and the Q♠T♠6♣8♣Q♣ board didn't do anything to change it. For fifth place, the Brazilian nabbed $20,121.00.

Although gmcrafter bested his sixth-place Super Tuesday from May, his run once again fell just short. He lost most of his stack on this hand, when allucan3at flopped the nut straight against him and got three streets of value:

With the blinds up to 3,600/7,200, gmcrafter picked up 8♠9♣ and open-shoved for 72,438 from the button a few hands later. Unfortunately for him, arxigos found A♥T♥ in the big blind and made the call. The board missed gmcrafter completely, running out 6♠6♣3♦K♠5♣ to send him home in fourth place, an extra $29,122.50 in his pockets.

Following gmcrafter's elimination, the three remaining players quickly agreed to a three-way deal that divided up the vast majority of the remaining prize pool, an extra $3,000 reserved for the winner. Allucan3at held the chip lead at the time of the deal and received the largest share, followed by arxigos and ros1987. The Irishman, however, found a stroke of luck in a game-changing pot against arxigos. In another case of a four-bet shove gone awry, ros1987 moved all-in for 427,000 over arxigos' 48,000 three-bet and got a call, his opponent holding A♥J♥. Ros1987 sheepishly showed 4♦5♦, but hit a boffo flop, the first three falling 6♦5♠3♦ to give him middle pair, and an open-ended straight flush draw. The 2♥ on the turn made him a six-high straight and the river blanked out with the Q♠, giving ros1987 the 861k pot and the chip lead.

Arxigos was left with 285,000 and put in in the middle moments later, his K♠Q♠ up against allucan3at's J♣T♣. The flop came down 9♠9♣7♣, arxigos still clinging to the lead as allucan3at picked up a flush draw. The turn was a blank, the 3♥, but the 3♣ hit the river to make allucan3at a jack-high flush, ending arxigos' run in third place.

Allucan3at held a slight lead over ros1987 as heads-up play commenced:

Seat 3: allucan3at (925,264 in chips)
Seat 8: ros1987 (839,736 in chips)

The chip counts essentially reversed themselves over the first ten minutes of heads-up, ros1987 chipping up to a 75,000 lead over allucan3at. The match, however, rapidly came to a close with one hand deciding everything. With the blinds at 4,500/9,000, allucan3at opened for a min-raise to 18,000 and ros1987 called from the big blind. The flop fell Q♠6♣4♥, ros1987 checking over to allucan3at, who bet 17,212. Ros1987 raised to 45,000 and allucan3at called. The turn came the 3♠ and this time ros1987 led out, making it 85,775 to go. Allucan3at responded with a shove for 778,523 and ros1987 called, turning over 7♠8♠ for straight and flush draws while allucan3at revealed 3♥5♥ for bottom pair and a smaller straight draw. Although the 5♦ on the river made allucan3at two pair, it filled ros1987's straight, locking up his second Super Tuesday win and a $47,868.30. Although he finished second, allucan3at can at least fall asleep tonight knowing he won the lion's share of the cash, taking home $58,930.78.

Super Tuesday results, 8/16/11

1. ros1987 (Ireland) $47,868.30*
2. allucan3at (Netherlands) $58,930.78*
3. arxigos (Germany) $51,521.42*
4. gmcrafter (Chile) $29,122.50
5. joaoMathias (Brazil) $20,121.00
6. nathkpk (Canada) $15,532.00
7. flashdisastr (Luxembourg) $12,002.00
8. danskemann (Norway) $8,472.00
9. GSTARKOUKLOS (Canada) $6,177.50

*= reflects a three-way deal

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday