Super Tuesday: utreg's uber-comeback yields $65k win

Super Tuesday logo.pngThere's only one good thing about having ten big blinds left at a final table-- at least you're not out. Although it's not quite a "chip and a chair," ten big blinds is the gateway to the danger zone where the only choice to be made in a hand is whether to move all-in or fold. Such was the plight of utreg as dawn broke over his native Netherlands today. With eight players remaining, utreg's stack was slightly below that mark before he picked up pocket queens and doubled up. From there, he put on a clinic, launching a stunning comeback to win this week's Super Tuesday.

Numbers saw an uptick this week, with 319 players entering the fray at $1,050 a pop. 36 places were paid with first place set to earn $65,235.50. The quartet of Maxim Lykov, Pat Pezzin, Jude Ainsworth, and Juan Maceiras flew the flag for Team PokerStars Pro tonight, but unfortunately none of them made the money.

Costa Rican pro Felipe "Improved" Montenegro was right at the ten big blind mark with ten players remaining and he decided to pull the trigger with A♣6♦, three-bet shoving over NeverScaredB's 7,200 opening raise. NeverScaredB made the call with a dominating A♦J♥, and hit a jack on the flop to eliminate Montenegro on the final table bubble.

SuperTuesday 8-2-11.jpg

Seat 1: NeverScaredB (288,794 in chips)
Seat 2: spieler52 (164,565 in chips)
Seat 3: mastert55 (163,327 in chips)
Seat 4: utreg (167,630 in chips)
Seat 5: MB_E350 (82,789 in chips)
Seat 6: F.Briatore (111,538 in chips)
Seat 7: pod2000 (390,960 in chips)
Seat 8: p0cket00 (107,067 in chips)
Seat 9: Pvd170590 (118,330 in chips)

Only three hands in, p0cket00 ran pocket kings into pocket aces. On a 8♠7♥2♠ flop, the action checked to pre-flop raiser pod2000, who bet 14,400. P0cket00 moved all-in for 77,937, Pvd170590 ducked out of the way, and pod2000 called. The aces held and p0cket00's hopes for a second Super Tuesday victory (he shipped the 1/4/11 edition for $71,163) were quashed. His ninth-place finish earned him $6,061.

Second in chips to start the final table, EPT Berlin champ Ben "NeverScaredB" Wilinofsky lost more than half his stack in a pot against mastert5. Mastert55 opened for 8,900 from early position, NeverScaredB bumped it to 25,800 from the big blind and mastert55 made the call, leaving himself about 170,000 behind. Both players checked the 9♥8♥6♦ flop. When the 5♥ hit the turn, NeverScaredB check-called 35,700 from mastert55's, then led out for 79,400 when the 3♥ hit the river. Mastert55 called and showed K♥Q♥ for a flush-- just the hand NeverScaredB was trying to represent.

Utreg first ran into trouble when he got his money in on a K♦7♠5♣ flop with K♠Q♠, but ran into MB_E350's pocket aces. He was left with only 50,000 in chips with the blinds up to 2,400/4,800, but managed to outlast spieler52, who went broke over the course of two hands. After running pocket sixes into MB_E350's pocket kings, he three-bet shoved for his last 48,692 over pod2000's 11,200 opening raise. Pod2000 called the balance and showed K♥7♣, spieler52 leading with A♠3♠. Although spieler52's ace-high held through the turn on the J♠T♣4♥2♣ board, the 7♥ spiked on the river to pair pod2000's kicker and eliminate spieler52 in eighth place.

A few minutes later, with the blinds up to 2,800/5,600, utreg looked down at Q♥Q♣ and moved all-in for 50,210. Pvd170590 looked him up from the big blind with A♥9♣, but a queen hit the flop and the board paired on the river to give utreg a winning full house and a crucial double-up to 108,120. Play ground on seven-handed for the better part of another level before F. Briatore shipped in his last 76,688 with K♦9♦ and mastert55 called from the big blind with A♦K♥. The Q♣Q♠6♥J♦5♠ board brought no help for F. Briatore, who had to settle for seventh place and $11,165.

A one-two punch from Pvd170590 send mastert55 to the rail in sixth. Hand #1 saw Pvd170590 three-betting to 25,150 from the big blind with A♦2♦ and initial raiser mastert55 calling an additional 12,900 with A♥J♣. Both players checked the J♦6♦2♠ flop despite hitting it hand, Pvd170590 with bottom pair and a flush draw and mastert55 with top pair, top kicker. All the money went in when the 2♣ hit the turn, mastert55 committing the vast majority of his stack one street too late. The river blanked out with the K♠ and mastert55 saw his chip count more than halved. A few orbits later, mastert55 three-bet shoved for his last 21 big blinds with pocket sixies and Pvd170590 called with A♥4♠. The board, however, ran out a devastating J♦T♦K♣9♠Q♠, Pvd170590's ace playing to make a Broadway straight. For his efforts, mastert55 took home $14,355.

Utreg scored another key double-up when his 7♦8♦ outran Pvd170590's pocket sixes, increasing his stack to 221,682-- a far more workable 30 big blinds. Then, only a few hands later, NeverScaredB was crippled when he cold four-bet shoved for 275,954 holding A♦6♦. Initial raiser pod2000 called with pocket tens, which held up on the K♠[h]7♣6♠5♦ board. Left with less than one big blind, he committed the last of his chips on the next hand and was called in two spots, but did not improve, exiting the final table in fifth place for $18,502.

The turning point for utreg came in this hand against Pvd170590, who held the chip lead when play turned four-handed:

Utreg catapulted to second in chips, then took down a 464k pot only a few hands later. After utreg opened Q♠T♦ for 17,040 from UTG, pod2000 made it 32,000 to go from the small blind holding A♥K♣. Utreg called, and hit top pair on the T♣3♦2♥ flop. Pod2000 made a 38,000 continuation bet and utreg called. The Q♦ on the turn made utreg top two pair, but pod2000 did his bidding for him, betting 76,000. Utreg raised to 156,000 and pod2000 called. The river fell the K♦, pod2000 finally hitting a pair. He checked, and after a bit of deliberation, utreg checked behind. His two pair were good and he moved into the chip lead.

Would you believe that in the space of only ten hands this tournament went from four-handed play to a winner? Pvd170590 went out in fourth when his T♠T♣ ran into utreg's Q♣Q♥, earning himself $27,115. Next, pod2000 three-bet shoved for 54 big blinds over utreg's opening raise and utreg made the call with pocket eights. Pod2000's A♦Q♣ didn't improve on the 6♥3♠2♠7♣7♥ board and he ended his run in third place, collecting $36,047.

Heads-up chip counts:

Seat 4: utreg (1,263,513 in chips)
Seat 5: MB_E350 (331,487 in chips)

Heads-up lasted all of one hand, MB_E350 opening for a min-raise to 18,000. Utreg three-bet to 43,333 and MB_E350 called, the flop landing Q♠7♦6♣. Utreg led out for 35,566, MB_E350 shoved for 287,029, and utreg made the call, turning over T♦T♠. MB_E350 showed 8♠9♠, hoping to fill his open-ended straight draw. The turn was the J♣, no help for MB_E350 and the Q♣ on the river sealed the deal for utreg, his queens and tens winning him all the chips on the table and the $65,235.50 first-place prize. For his runner-up finish, MB_E350 pocketed $47,850.

Super Tuesday results, 8/2/11

1. utreg (Netherlands) $65,235.50
2. MC_E350 (Hungary) $47,850.00
3. pod2000 (Israel) $36,047.00
4. Pvd170590 (Netherlands) $27,115.00
5. NeverScaredB (Canada) $18,502.00
6. mastert55 (Canada) $14,355.00
7. F. Briatore (Germany) $11,165.00
8. spieler52 (Russia) $7,975.00
9. p0cket00 (Canada) $6,061.00

Kristin Bihr
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday