VENUSIGNA earns win in second consecutive Super Tuesday final table

Super Tuesday logo.pngIt's a Tuesday ... in the middle of the week ... at the beginning of summer. Sure, there are options like enjoying the air on a patio, sipping some wine or a good beer, or piddling around the Internet. But why not incorporate one or more of those things with a little online poker winning?

The Super Tuesday tournament gives PokerStars players just that opportunity. Take the laptop outside, fix a cold drink, and enjoy the summer breeze while playing in a tournament with a $150K guarantee. Money goes well with everything.

This week's $1,050 Super Tuesday was visited by 228 players, some of whom entered the tournament via an online satellite that offered entry at a fraction of the cost. And with that number of players, the prize pool soared to $228,000, which was enough to pay out the top 27 players in the field.

The bubble burst several hours into the tournament, and the unfortunate elimination of Bananazoo in 28th place on said bubble gave players like ccel11 the chance to cash in this week's event for $2,280.00. Moving on into subsequent hours, it was SyrahJenNe who cashed for $2,850.00 in 18th place, followed by TopKat5757, and el_klonkador.

Down to two tables, it was Zagalo87 who made the next pay jump and took home $3,420.00 for 15th place, and MiniiPop took 14th place. After pan uchitel' departed in 13th and gedhanna in 12th, the exit of Poker Own U in 11th place put the rest of the players in the midst of hand-for-hand play.

It only took a few minutes for several players to get involved in a hand that led to Armani_RUS reraising all-in from the big blind. Original raiser dunc13 went over the top with another all-in, which prompted Mrdawwe to fold. Armani_RUS was on the line with A♠Q♥, and dunc13 showed 8♥8♣. The pocket pair only grew to two pair on the K♠K♥7♦2♠5♠ board, and Armani_RUS left in tenth place with $3,990.00.

-MortenVM- manages to maintain the lead

Near the beginning of Level 26, with blinds at 1,600/3,200 and a 400 ante, the final table was ready to kick off, just after the 7-hour break. The players' starting stacks were as follows:

Seat 1: softcored (24,751 in chips)
Seat 2: -MortenVM- (268,620 in chips)
Seat 3: Mrdawwe (88,065 in chips)
Seat 4: dunc13 (168,508 in chips)
Seat 5: VENUSIGNA (74,488 in chips)
Seat 6: kabutze (92,782 in chips)
Seat 7: mbiessek (128,276 in chips)
Seat 8: fly44 (154,557 in chips)
Seat 9: donvin21 (139,953 in chips)

Super Tuesday FT pic 06.21.11.JPG

The break just as the final table began gave players the chance to settle in and wish each other good luck.

It only took a few hands for things to get interesting. A big hand got underway with a raise from fly44 and reraise from softcored. Dunc13 reraised from the small blind, and fly44 pushed it up again. Softcored called all-in. After the flop of 3♣A♣4♠, dunc13 and fly44 checked for the Q♣ on the turn. A bet and call led to the 6♠ on the river, which prompted an all-in bet from fly44 with K♠K♣ and call from dunc13 with A♠Q♥. Softcored then showed 7♣7♦, and dunc13 scooped the entire pot with two pair. Softcored left in ninth place with $4,560.00 and fly44 in eighth with $6,840.00.

Short-stacked Mrdawwe then decided to push with Q♦Q♣ against the K♣T♥ of -MortenVM-, and the pair looked like a double-up as the flop came J♦A♠2♥ followed by the 5♦ turn. But the K♠ dropped hard on the river, giving -MortenVM- the pair of kings and eliminating Mrdawwe in a painful way in seventh place, which was worth $9,120.00.

Dunc13 slamming opponents

Other players described this hand in the only way possible. "Sick." "So sick." It started with dunc13 and mbiessek in a perflop raising battle that ultimately prompted dunc13 to move all-in. Mbiessek called all-in for his tournament life with A♣A♠, which looked like a double-up opportunity against the A♥K♣ of dunc13. And the flop of 8♥2♥Q♠ and turn of 3♥ agreed. But the 6♥ hit on the river to give dunc13 the nut flush and crack his opponent's aces. Mbiessek had to go in sixth place with $11,400.00.

For the first time, dunc13 took over the first place spot and sent -MortenVM- into second on the leaderboard.

Kabutze doubled through VENUSIGNA to stay in the game, and the two maintained the short stacks of the final five.

But it was donvin21 who moved all-in next. It happened when -MortenVM- reraised all-in and donvin21 called for 83,383 more with Q♠Q♥. -MortenVM- showed A♥A♣, and nothing came on the board of T♦6♠5♦4♥8♥ to change anything. Donvin21 was eliminated in fifth place with $13,680.00.

VENUSIGNA doubled through dunc13 to try to make a comeback. But kabutze then doubled through VENUSIGNA, as shown here:

RSS readers click through to see replay

Play continued four-handed for some time, as the raise-it-and-take-it plan worked in most cases. But eventually, VENUSIGNA doubled through dunc13, though the former remained the short stack at the table. That was, until VENUSIGNA doubled through dunc13 a second time and jumped into the chip lead at the table.

Dunc13 was back on the rise, and this double through -MortenVM- put the latter on a short stack:

RSS readers click through to see replay

-MortenVM- finally put his stack at risk from the small blind with J♣J♦, and original raiser VENUSIGNA called with K♣Q♦. The race ended with the first card off the deck as the Q♥5♦7♥4♣T♣ was produced. The pair of queens eliminated -MortenVM- in fourth place with $19,950.00.

No deal for the final three

As soon as the table was reduced to three players, they quickly asked for a pause in the action to discuss a deal, as -MortenVM- had previously vetoed the idea and was no longer in the game. After waiting awhile for the host to intervene, the game was paused, but the numbers were not satisfactory for the players, so play resumed.

Soon after, dunc13 risked it all with A♦T♥ against the Q♠Q♣ of VENUSIGNA. The flop of 4♠Q♥6♥ gave VENUSIGNA the set of queens, and not even the A♣ turn and T♣ river could beat that. Dunc13 finished the tournament in third place with $26,790.00.

No strangers to Super Tuesday final tables

The final two players both had Super Tuesday credits to their names, and while kabutze looked for a second title, VENUSIGNA sought the win. They started with these counts:

Seat 5: VENUSIGNA (827,918 in chips)
Seat 6: kabutze (312,082 in chips)

On the tenth hand of action, the match was decided. VENUSIGNA raised, kabutze pushed all-in with 4♣4♦, and VENUSIGNA called with A♦J♣. The board rolled out 9♦7♥2♣ for the flop and T♥ for the turn, and the fours looked like they would double up kabutze. But the A♥ on the river gave VENUSIGNA, eliminating kabutze from the tournament. Kabutze, who won the February 22 Super Tuesday earlier this year, settled for second place and $35,340.00.

Just last week, VENUSIGNA took fourth place in the Super Tuesday and entered this week's event wanting to improve on that finish. And VENUSIGNA did just that, winning the Super Tuesday title and $49,020.00. Congrats!

Super Tuesday Results for 06/21/11:

1st place: VENUSIGNA ($49,020.00)
2nd place: kabutze ($35,340.00)
3rd place: dunc13 ($26,790.00)
4th place: -MortenVM- ($19,950.00)
5th place: donvin21 ($13,680.00)
6th place: mbiessek ($11,400.00)
7th place: Mrdawwe ($9,120.00)
8th place: fly44 ($6,840.00)
9th place: softcored ($4,560.00)

Jen Newell
@PokerStars in Super Tuesday