BoskoRock Rolls Over Huge 2/28/12 Super Tuesday field, wins $94K

Super Tuesday logo.pngIt was a most super Super Tuesday this week, with an enormous turnout that not only smashed the event's $300K guarantee, but may well have established a new record for the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament.

PokerStars first introduced the Super Tuesday in late May 2007, with Eric "Basebaldy" Baldwin winning the inaugural tourney by defeating a field of 356 players for a $89,000 first prize. Here on the blog we began recapping the Super Tuesdays a couple of years ago, and since then the largest field to play was in mid-February 2010 when 487 players competed. Jemmert1983 won that one, earning an eye-popping $92,530 payday for doing so.

It's reasonably safe to assume, then, that tonight's Super Tuesday field of 498 certainly represents the largest in the last couple of years, and very likely the most players ever to participate. That huge group came close to creating a prize pool of half a million dollars, with a total of $498,000 scheduled to be divided among the top 63 finishers.

And for the player coming out on top, a first prize of $94,620 awaited barring any final table deals -- likely the biggest Super Tuesday in its almost five years!

It took five hours for the field to be whittled all of the way down to the stone-cold bubble, as 64 remained. By then all representatives of Team PokerStars who'd taken part had been eliminated, with Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth's 93rd-place finish the best among the group.

As players returned from the five-hour break, VicksMyDawg led with 111,694, with Dan "GotURead" Reijmer, Carter "cswidler" Swidler, and Skintz the only other players with 100,000-plus chip stacks. Meanwhile, Louloumia, claudioney18, KaptianKush, and Alexander "Schildy1984" Debus were on the short stacks, all hoping to avoid becoming the last elimination before the money.

Hand-for-hand lasted for more than 40 minutes with all of the short stacks continuing to hang on. Then came a wild hand in which hook2120 and Scarypooper5 raised back and forth until Scarypooper5 finally five-bet all in for 53,369 total and hook2120 instacalled for just a little less. hook2120 had A♣A♥ while Scarypooper5 had made a move with 8♥6♣, and five cards later Scarypooper5 was 64th of 64 with less than 2,000 chips -- just over one big blind.

On the very next hand there were two all-ins -- KaptianKush on one table with K♦K♥ against WushuTM's A♣4♦, and Scarypooper5 with 6♠6♦ against hook2120's J♣4♣.

In KaptianKush's hand his kings remained best until the river, but the A♥ from space fell to give the hand to WushuTM. He'd still cash, though, if Scarypooper5's sixes didn't hold as the latter had fewer chips to start the hand. But the board failed to improve hook2120 and Scarypooper5 survived, making KaptianKush the unfortunate player to bubble.

Once they were in the money, a flurry of eliminations swiftly followed, with more than 25 players busting before the six-hour break arrived, among them Louloumia (64th, $2,191.20), Scarypooper5 (56th, $2,191.20), utreg (53rd, $2,340.60), turataika (51st, $2,340.60), danceofddead (49th, $2,340.60), AJSuited16 (47th, $2,340.60), and KingGr (42nd, $2,490).

Over the next hour the field was reduced to 18 players gathered around two nine-handed tables. Fatzie had pushed out in front with 335,159, followed by shakalas (257,423), and Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis (229,064). Among those eliminated during the seventh hour of play were WushuTM (36th, $2,739), Schildy1984 (33rd, $2,739), Stefan "I'am_Sound" Huber (31st, $2,739), THEDUTCH4141 (26th, $2,988), VicksMyDawg (25th, $2,988), and mikki696 (20th, $2,988).

It would take just over one more hour for the group to be halved to the final nine, during which period shakalas, Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis, and BoskoRock rose to the top of the counts. Those coming up one table shy of the last one included caaaamel (18th), VL-Hannibal (17th), and Princesblade (16th), each of whom earned $3,984; jandrin2 (15th), hook2120 (14th), and flavioreis88 (13th) who took away $4,980; and Chris "d0r1t0s" McClung (12th), Pendos90 (11th), and andrekos0095 (10th), each earning $5,976.

The final table was set.


Seat 1: joeyspanne88 -- 90,674
Seat 2: jeff710 -- 113,179
Seat 3: MONSTER_DONG -- 419,487
Seat 4: BoskoRock -- 415,640
Seat 5: Ramux -- 218,224
Seat 6: cswidler -- 408,499
Seat 7: Fatzie -- 226,719
Seat 8: NigDawG -- 84,583
Seat 9: shakalas -- 512,995

On the sixth hand of the final table, the blinds were 2,800/5,600 when BoskoRock opened with a raise to 12,320 from the hijack seat, then it folded to Christopher "NigDawG" Brammer in the big blind who shoved for 81,383 total. BoskoRock called, turning over T♠T♥ to NigDawG's K♦Q♦. The board ran out A♦A♠8♠J♥A♥, giving BoskoRock a full house and sending Brammer out in ninth.

It was a little over an orbit later that the table folded to jeff710 in the small blind who open-shoved for 88,079 with A♣4♥, but MONSTER_DONG was waiting in the big blind with K♠K♦. Karamalikis quickly called, and after the five community cards came 5♠7♠T♥T♣5♦ jeff710's run had ended in eighth.

The remaining seven would battle for a while as the blinds increased to 3,200/6,400. Then MONSTER_DONG opened for 12,800 from middle position and it folded around to Fatzie in the big blind who reraised to 25,999. Karamalikis responded with a four-bet to 44,444, and Fatzie pushed all in for 148,170, getting a call from MONSTER_DONG.

Fatzie: A♥8♣

The board would come 7♣8♥J♣9♣5♣, giving both players flushes but Karamalikis the better one, sending Fatzie out in seventh.

They'd push on for another half-hour, reaching the nine-hour break with BoskoRock out in front and shakalas and MONSTER_DONG not far behind. Soon after play resumed, Bolivar "Ramux" Palacios opened with a minimum-raise to 16,000 from the button, then shakalas reraised to 40,000 from the big blind. Ramux called, and the flop came 5♥T♠6♣.

shakalas continued for 40,000, and Palacios responded by shoving all in for 220,080. shakalas called, showing A♦T♣ for top pair, while Ramux had 7♥6♥ for a middle pair of sixes. The turn and river came J♣J♠, and Ramux was eliminated in sixth.

About five minutes later it was MONSTER_DONG opening for 16,000 from UTG and joeyspanne88 reraising to 32,177 from the big blind. Karamalikis then shoved and joeyspanne88 called with the 143,772 he had left.

joeyspanne88 showed 9♣9♦ but had run into MONSTER_DONG's Q♣Q♥. The board brought a bunch of clubs again -- T♣4♣2♣7♣6♠ -- and once more Karamalikis was the one with the better flush, sending joeyspanne88 railward in fifth.

Play continued, with Carter "cswidler" Swidler becoming the short stack among the remaining four. Then, with the blinds 4,500/9,000, Swidler pushed all in from the button for 101,379 and got one caller in shakalas from the small blind. cswidler had A♦J♠ and was in good shape versus shakalas' A♣2♣. But the board came 8♣7♦6♦5♣3♣ to bring yet another club flush to the final table and knock out Swidler in fourth.

There was no talk of deals as the remaining three pushed ahead, with MONSTER_DONG out in front with nearly 1.26 million, BoskoRock next with almost 740,000, and shakalas third with just over 492,000.

Then, with the blinds 5,000/10,000, BoskoRock opened for 20,000 from the small blind, then shakalas shoved all in for 470,929 and BoskoRock quickly called. shakalas had A♣J♥, but needed to improve against BoskoRock's Q♣Q♠. The board came 5♦4♦5♥7♦Q♥, giving BoskoRock a full house and the 985,000-plus chip pot and knocking shakalas out in third.

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That hand meant heads-up play would begin with the final two players nearly even in chips, with Jonathan "MONSTER_DONG" Karamalikis starting with 1,256,801 and BoskoRock 1,233,199. The blinds were still 5,000/10,000, meaning both players were especially deep. And thus, perhaps unsurprisingly, they settled in for a lengthy duel.

Over the first half-hour between them BoskoRock momentarily grabbed the lead but Karamalikis soon took it back, then gradually increased his edge to almost 1.6 million to BoskoRock's just under 895,000. They played through the tourney's ten-hour mark, with MONSTER_DONG chipping up further to as much as a 3-to-1 advantage while maintaining the lead through most of the next half-hour.

Then came a big hand in which BoskoRock seized the lead, earning a 1 million-plus chip pot in a hand in which he'd turn trip aces. Take a look:

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MONSTER_DONG would battle back again to nearly even the match, but BoskoRock pushed back out into the lead once more. As the two approached the 70-minute mark of their battle BoskoRock had chipped up to 1,539,748 to Karamalikis' 950,252 when the final hand -- the 233rd of heads-up play (!) -- took place.

The blinds were 9,000/18,000, and BoskoRock opened from the button with a raise to 36,000 which MONSTER_DONG called. The flop came T♦9♦2♠ and Karamalikis checked. BoskoRock bet 33,660, and MONSTER_DONG called. The turn was the 8♠ and MONSTER_DONG checked again. This time BoskoRock bet 93,483, and once again Karamalikis called.

The river was the 9♠. This time MONSTER_DONG bet out for 178,555, and BoskoRock responded with an all-in shove. Karamalikis called with his remaining chips, showing Q♥9♣ for trip nines. But BoskoRock had T♥9♥ for a full house, and the super-duper Super Tuesday had been decided.

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Congratulations to BoskoRock for besting a likely-record field for the Super Tuesday of 498 to claim a whopping $94K-plus payday!

Super Tuesday results for 2/28/12:
1st: BoskoRock ($94,620)
2nd: MONSTER_DONG ($69,720)
3rd: shakalas ($51,045)
4th: cswilder ($38,844)
5th: joeyspanne88 ($27,390)
6th: Ramux ($21,165)
7th: Fatzie ($16,185)
8th: jeff710 ($11,205)
9th: NigDawG ($8,266.80)

There are still a few days left in PokerStars' 2012 World Blogger Championship of Online Poker. Check out the remaining schedule here.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday