Golden day for Sweden as claffit01 takes down Super Tuesday

Super TuesdayWe're passionate about our sport in Australia and it's a wonderful time to be a sports fan. It doesn't matter if it's the Euro 2012 soccer (or football for those pesky Brits), some grass court tennis at Wimbledon, a little one-day cricket or the awe-inspiring Olympic Games. If there's a ball bouncing, or an Aussie playing then I'm hooked. However if there is a sporting nation that rivals the passion of the Aussies, then the Swedes would have to be right up there. Decked out in their blue and yellow, usually sporting face paint and shouting chants in broken English that are equal parts humourous and offensive, the Swedish fans love their sport and love to show their support the success of their compatriots.

So we're expecting the Swedish poker community to be jumping tonight as the Swedes dominated today's $1,050 Super Tuesday event on PokerStars, taking three of the top four places in a performance that was worthy of Olympic gold.

This week we saw 351 players hit the virtual felt to surpass the $300,000 prize pool guarantee. The top 45 players would finish in the money with JIZOINT from the United Kingdom the unfortunate one to finish on the bubble of the $2,106 min-cash.

When Run dat Game ran pocket eights into the pocket tens of PokerStars Team Online's Shane "shaniac" Schleger to fall in 10th place, the final table was formed:


Final Table Lineup
Seat 1: Shane "shaniac" Schleger (286,521 in chips)
Seat 2: AQUA RAIDER (130,950 in chips)
Seat 3: upstrick77 (70,744 in chips)
Seat 4: getbutnaked (320,536 in chips)
Seat 5: BakinC00kies (145,254 in chips)
Seat 6: B_Lindberg (155,953 in chips)
Seat 7: Mik3ma (204,592 in chips)
Seat 8: pengeberg (326,344 in chips)
Seat 9: claffit01 (114,106 in chips)

pengeberg held the chip lead and extended that further with the elimination of the short-stacked upstrick77. pengeberg opened with a raise before upstrick77 three-bet shoved all in holding 3♠3♥. pengeberg made the call with J♥J♦ which was far too good on the board of 8♠9♦A♠5♦J♣. upstrick77 was first to fall from the final table in 9th place for a pay day of $6,142.50.

B_Lindberg found a lucky double up, catching a river flush to better the top pair of shaniac, as the players stood their ground in a tight eight-handed deadlock. The pressure got to getbutnaked who misclicked to make a call with only nine-high at showdown against Mik3ma (unsurprisingly, it wasn't good).

B_Lindberg's luck changed when his A♦A♣ were cracked wide open by the J♣J♥ of BakinC00kies (mmm, cookies) as the board ran out 5♣7♣9♠T♥8♦. A straight for BakinC00kies was good for a double up as B_Lindberg was back on the short stack.

AQUA RAIDER caught a set of sevens to double up through BakinC00kies, but couldn't make it two after losing arguably the most defining pot of the tournament. claffit01 min-raised to 9,600, AQUA RAIDER three-bet to 24,000, claffit01 four-bet to 48,999 and AQUA RAIDER moved all in. claffit01 made the call and tabled A♠K♦ as AQUA RAIDER showed a monster K♣K♥. AQUA RAIDER was looking good to claim the chip lead, but a devastating ace on the flop on the board of A♥2♣8♦8♥2♦ was the difference between hero and zero. AQUA RAIDER picked up $8,424 for 8th place.

Norwegian pengeberg entered the final table as the chip leader, and was still sitting pretty towards the top of the counts with seven players remaining but lost a significant pot when claffit01 fired a couple of barrels with a deceptive double gutshot straight draw that connected on the river:

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That left pengeberg on the short stack with 15 big blinds, which were moved all in moments later with A♥9♣. However B_Lindberg made the call with A♠T♠ which improved to a full house on the board of A♣4♦7♥T♥T♦ to leave pengeberg to collect $11,934 for 7th place.

Soon after, shaniac found a nice double up when he made a straight with J♦K♠ to crack the A♥A♦ of claffit01. The chips were in preflop as shaniac caught gold on the board of 2♥Q♠9♥6♦T♠ to double up and get back into the game. But he gave some back soon after, when a failed triple barrel bluff with queen-high saw B_Lindberg call him down with trip kings.

We love nothing better than freshly baked cookies, but unfortunately BakinC00kies was the next to go. BakinC00kies moved all in preflop with 2♠2♥ as B_Lindberg was again the destroyer holding J♦A♣ which connected on the board of K♠K♣8♦J♠T♦. BakinC00kies will have plenty of baking ahead with $15,444 worth of cookies for 6th place.

The run of shaniac came unstuck in 5th place as he was the next to depart when the action got serious on a flop of 5♦T♥8♥. Shaniac bet 14,400 before Mik3ma made it 36,000. Shaniac didn't hold back as he moved all in for a total of 194,988 but Mik3ma was quick to call with 8♣T♣ for two pair as shaniac discovered his T♦Q♠ top pair was in trouble. The turn brought the K♦ and river the 3♣ to see the PokerStars Team Online member out in 5th place for $20,007 in prize money.


The short-stacked getbutnaked threw up the idea of a deal, but the chip leaders weren't interested...yet.

getbutnaked said, "nooo?"
B_Lindberg said, "not with these stacks, sry. as soon as u dbl up im in"

getbutnaked tried to keep pots small to chip away at the chip disadvantage. In a limped battle of the blinds, getbutnaked and B_Lindberg took a flop of Q♦2♥6♥. getbutnaked led out for 12,000 from the small blind but B_Lindberg put in a raise to 28,880. The call was made and the turn brought the K♦. getbutnaked checked again and B_Lindberg didn't slow down as a bet of 32,330 was made. getbutnaked made the call as the 5♥ completed the board. Once again it was checked to B_Lindberg who bet enough to put getbutnaked to a decision for the remaining 153,517 stack. getbutnaked went deep into the tank and used several minutes of time bank before committing to a call with 5♠Q♠ for two pair but B_Lindberg's flop aggression had turned to gold with 5♦K♣ for a better two pair. getbutnaked is probably feeling a touch disappointed but $28,957.50 will be some consolation for 4th place.

As three-handed play was reached at a scheduled break, Mik3ma attempted to again throw up the idea of a deal. B_Lindberg was open to the idea, and after a bit of Swedish translation, claffit01 also agreed to look at the numbers.

Chip counts
Seat 6: B_Lindberg (751,886 in chips)
Seat 7: Mik3ma (508,854 in chips)
Seat 9: claffit01 (494,260 in chips)

A quick chip chop deal was agreed to with the tired players happy to collect a healthy pay day and duke it out for the remaining $6,000 and the title.

The deal seemed to give claffit01 a new lease of life. claffit01 picked up 12 of the next 13 pots, include two monsters. The first was with a flopped set of eights that got three streets of value against B_Lindberg, while the second hand saw the elimination of Mik3ma.

B_Lindberg opened with a min-raise to 16,000 before Mik3ma three-bet to 40,000 from the small blind. claffit01 popped it to 88,888 from the big blind which saw B_Lindberg out of the way but Mik3ma moved all in. claffit01 made the call and tabled K♥K♣ against the 8♣8♦ of Mik3ma. Both players caught their set which left claffit01's kings in front on the board of Q♠7♦K♦8♠6♦. After the deal, Mik3ma collected $48,930.17 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 6: B_Lindberg (340,210 in chips)
Seat 9: claffit01 (1,414,790 in chips)

It was a battle of the Swedes for the title as claffit01 held a handy chip advantage, and after a series of "raise and take it" hands, the first significant heads-up pot was also the last.

claffit01 raised the button and B_Lindberg called before the players got their chips in the middle on the flop of 8♠Q♠2♥. B_Lindberg moved all in with 8♦5♦ for middle pair but claffit01 held Q♦T♠ for top pair and was two cards from victory. The 4♦ turn was safe, as was the J♠ river to see B_Lindberg pick up $53,859.15 after the deal, while claffit01 nudged past him with the $6,000 extra up top seeing him pocket $54,634.18 and the title of Super Tuesday champion!

Final Table Results
1st claffit01 (Sweden) - $54,634.18*
2nd B_Lindberg (Sweden) - $53,859.15*
3rd Mik3ma (Cyprus) - $48,930.17*
4th getbutnaked (Sweden) - $28,957.50
5th Shane "shaniac" Schleger (Mexico) - $20,007
6th BakinC00kies (Germany) - $15,444
7th pengeberg (Norway) - $11,934
8th AQUA RAIDER (Canada) - $8,424
9th upstrick77 (Belarus) - $6,142.50

* denotes deal

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