Havana85 snares 6/12/12 Super Tuesday after three-way chop with lirarerik, probirs

Super Tuesday logo.pngThe World Series of Poker marches on at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, where among the events playing out today was the final table of Event No. 21, a $1,000 no-limit hold'em tournament. Meanwhile on PokerStars the weekly $1K event known as the Super Tuesday was playing out as well.

This week's Super Tuesday drew 347 entrants, meaning the $347,000 prize pool once again bested the $300K guarantee. The top 45 finishers would divide that money, with $67,144.50 due the winner.

It would take just over five hours for the field to be trimmed to 45 and the money bubble to burst. At that point ROUNDSKY sat atop the counts as the only player with more than 100,000, with Tudlenudle and arnon shraga not far behind.

A little over an hour later they were already down to 18, with probirs having moved in front with more than 250,000, Tudlenudle still in second with about 231,346, and Ryan "Daut44" Daut in third with just over 208,000.

Among those cashing in the interim were Frederik "Fred_Brink" Jensen (38th, $2,082), Fabian "fabstinho" Quoss (34th, $2,255.50), ROUNDSKY (27th, $2,602.50), Tom "tollgate" Grigg (24th, $2,602.50), Luke "lb6121" Schwartz (21st, $2,602.50), and 8superpoker (19th, $2,602.50).

Over the next 90 minutes the final 18 would become nine. Xplogo (18th), Torsten "jektiss" Brinkmann (17th), and vbjishfij (16th) each earned $3,470 for their finishes. hatered914 (15th), Black88 (14th), and bearsfan75 (13th) all took away $4,337.50. And Godfatti (12th), Rory "Mafews" Mathews (11th), and Tudlenudle (10th) saw $5,205 added to their PokerStars accounts.

After seven-and-a-half hours, the final table was set.


Seat 1: arnon shraga -- 223,224
Seat 2: probirs -- 414,253
Seat 3: veralynn555 -- 128,269
Seat 4: batcaveman -- 91,743
Seat 5: lirarerik -- 281,103
Seat 6: micis R32 -- 180,574
Seat 7: Havana85 -- 103,168
Seat 8: Daut44 -- 207,284
Seat 9: renozerus -- 105,382

It would take about 10 minutes for the first elimination of the final table to take place. With the blinds 2,000/4,000, it folded around to probirs in the cutoff who raised to 8,000, and veralynn555 called from the button. The flop came T♠4♣9♠. probirs led for 12,298, veralynn555 raised to 28,777, probirs pushed it to 46,987, veralynn555 reraised all in for 137,454 total, and probirs made the call.

veralynn555 showed K♠Q♠ for spade flush draw and a gutshot while probirs tabled T♦T♣ for a set of tens. The turn then brought the 4♦ to improve probirs to a full house and make the 6♦ river no matter, sending veralynn555 out in ninth.

The remaining eight had nearly reached the eight-hour break when a big hand arose between the two leaders, probirs (with just under 550,000) and arnon shraga (with almost 300,000).

arnon shraga opened with a min-raise to 9,600 from the hijack seat, then probirs reraised to 23,985 from a seat over. It folded back to arnon shraga who four-bet to 60,000 even, and probirs reraised again, this time to 96,998. arnon shraga responded with an all-in push for 296,524 total and probirs called.

probirs showed Q♥Q♠ while arnon shraga turned over A♣9♠. The board ran out 2♦5♦3♦3♣8♥, and arnon shraga was out in eighth. Meanwhile, probirs had catapulted to a huge lead with seven remaining with more than 857,000 with all six of the others sitting between 100,000-200,000.

Shortly after the break it was renozerus open-pushing all in for 34,425 (a little over six big blinds) from middle position and getting one caller in Erik "lirarerik" Friberg in the big blind. renozerus had 8♠8♣ and was hoping to hold versus Friberg's Q♥3♦, but the community cards came 8♥J♥4♥7♠9♥ to give Friberg a flush and send renozerus railward in seventh.

A short while later it was a short-stacked batcaveman open-shoving for 29,612 (about four-and-a-half BBs) from the cutoff with 6♠5♠ and getting a single caller in Havana85 who held J♠5♥ in the big blind. The flop came J♥6♦J♣ -- hitting batcaveman, but also giving Havana85 nearly unbeatable trips -- and after the 2♦ turn batcaveman was drawing dead, out in sixth.

About 15 minutes after that the blinds were 3,600/7,200 when Ryan "Daut44" Daut open-raised all in for 142,724 from the button and got two callers in probirs (SB) and Erik "lirarerik" Friberg (BB), the latter having just recently pushed ahead of probirs into the chip lead.

Those two checked the J♠A♦9♣ flop and 2♠ turn, then probirs bet 99,999 when the river brought the 5♦. Friberg folded, probirs showed A♥T♥ for aces, and both Friberg and Daut mucked, the latter heading railward in fifth.

That hand gave the lead back to probirs who was sitting with almost 877,000. lirarerik was next with almost 390,000, Havana85 third with about 260,000, and micis R32 last with a little over 208,000.

Not long after micis R32 would become crippled after lirarerik doubled through with K♦T♠ against micis R32's pocket nines. In that one all of the chips went in the middle on the river with the board showing Q♥J♥5♣7♣9♠, that nine on fifth street giving micis R32 a set but lirarerik the winning straight.

Soon micis R32 was open-pushing for 38,412 from the button (less than five big blinds) and getting two callers in Havana85 and probirs from the blinds. The remaining pair checked down the 5♣Q♦A♣3♦Q♣ board, and when probirs showed Q♥6♦ for trip queens the other two mucked with micis R32 having been eliminated in fourth.

The final three played through the nine-hour break, then paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal. At that point probirs led with 914,224, lirarerik was next with 466,178, and Havana85 third with 354,598. They then agreed to an ICM chop, leaving $6,000 to play for, and cards were soon back in the air.

Once play resumed probirs would swiftly increase the lead, pushing up over 1 million in the process, then lirarerik won a big double-up through probirs with 3♣3♦ against the latter's A♠J♥ to grab the lead himself.

Then, with the blinds at 4,500/9,000, probirs opened for 18,000 from the button, Erik "lirarerik" Friberg raised to 51,000 from the small blind, Havana85 folded, and probirs called. The flop came Q♠2♣4♠, and Friberg bet 36,000. probirs raised to 91,500, lirarerik shoved all in, and and probirs called with the 316,573 left behind.

lirarerik: K♠6♠
probirs: K♦Q♣

It was top pair of queens for probirs versus a flush draw for Friberg. The turn was the 5♥ and probirs still led, but the T♠ fell on the river to complete Friberg's flush, and they were down to two.

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Heads-up play began with lirarerik way out in front with 1,278,454 to Havana85's 456,546. Havana85 would battle gamely with the short stack, but after a half-hour of poker had been whittled down under 165,000 while Friberg pushed up over 1.57 million.


Erik "lirarerik" Friberg

Most of us first saw Friberg back in 2006 when he final tabled the WSOP Main Event (as pictured above), ultimately finishing eighth for a nearly $2 million score. He's added several live scores since -- mostly in Europe -- while racking up numerous cashes at PokerStars as well.

After the pair returned from the 10-hour break, Havana85 doubled once with A♥5♣ versus lirarerik's Q♦3♦ to climb back over 300,000. Then came another dramatic double-up with A♣[10c] against Friberg's K♠8♣. In that one a 6♣7♦8♥ flop appeared to spell doom for Havana85, but the 3♣ turn and K♣ river brought a runner-runner flush and life.

Havana85 chipped up a bit more, then came another huge preflop all-in with Havana85 holding J♣J♦ and Friberg A♥7♦. The board ran out 5♠6♦3♠Q♥T♦, and suddenly Havana85 had the lead with more than 1.37 million to lirarerik's stack of just over 360,000.

Havana85 would commence chopping away at Friberg's stack, pushing him down under 200,000 before Friberg survived an all-in with Q♠T♠ against Havana85's K♦Q♣ when a ten flopped and the Swede's hand held.

As the blinds rose to 8,000/16,000, Friberg would chip up close to 550,000 when the following hand took place.

Havana85 opened with a raise to 33,600 from the button, lirarerik reraised to 77,000, and Havana85 called. The flop then came 2♣4♦5♣. Friberg bet 46,000, and Havana85 called. The turn was the 5♦, and this time Friberg pushed out 106,000. Havana85 responded this time with an all-in shove, and lirarerik called, turning over Q♠Q♦ for queens and fives.

Alas for Friberg, Havana85 had 7♠5♠ for trips, and after the J♣ fell on the river the tourney was over.

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Congratulations to Havana85 for winning this week's Super Tuesday, and kudos as well to Erik "lirarerik" Friberg and probirs for making to to the three-way chop and thus securing handsome scores of their own.

Super Tuesday results for 6/12/12 (*reflects three-way deal):
1st: Havana85 (United Kingdom) -- $52,542.28*
2nd: lirarerik (Sweden) -- $48,816.07*
3rd: probirs (Hungary) -- $54,271.15*
4th: micis R32 (Czech Republic) -- $28,627.50
5th: Daut44 (Canada) -- $19,779
6th: batcaveman (Canada) -- $15,268
7th: renozerus (Germany) -- $11,798
8th: arnon shraga (Israel) -- $8,328
9th: veralynn555 (Israel) -- $6,072.50

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday