mypokerf mops up field, earns $60K in Super Tuesday (4/10/12)

Super Tuesday logo.pngThe Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that has routinely drawn huge fields over recent weeks, brought out another big group this week with 462 players joining in. That meant a prize pool of $462,000, easily besting the event's $300K guarantee. The top 54 would divide the cash, with $88,657.80 of it due the winner barring any late night deals.

There were a few Team PokerStars members among the field this week, including Team Pro Pius Heinz, Shane "shaniac" Schleger of Team Online, and Team Pro Ana Marquez, although none could do better than Marquez' 146th-place finish.

As they crossed the five-hour mark the field had shrunk to less than 60 as the money bubble approached. By then Jerrage06 was the lone player in six figures, sitting atop the counts with better than 113,000, with Tarjei82, MORTIIIIIIII, and turataika all hovering between 90k and 100k.

Soon it was scott96dl becoming the unfortunate 55th-place finisher and last eliminated before the cash.

Players continued to fall over the next hour and 45 minutes, among them AceSpades11 (52nd, $2,310), Ansgar2000 (49th, $2,310), C. Darwin2 (43rd, $2,541), danloulou (38th, $2,541), aleks1917 (35th, $2,772), turataika (33rd, $2,772), Zackattak13 (29th, $2,772), simon1471 (26th, $3,234), julianherold (23rd, $3,234), StatusUp (20th, $3,234), and 00psiedaisy (19th, $3,234).

They were approaching the seven-hour mark and 18 remained, at which point Halfrek had moved in front with better than 273,000, arnon shraga was next with just over 247,000, and robinho third with almost 217,000.

It would take another hour-and-a-half for nine more to fall, over which stretch Halfrek saw his stack shrink while robinho grabbed the top spot, pushing up over the 500,000-chip mark.

During that stretch alexandrapau (18th), tigbitties56 (17th), and Akademnuk (16th) all earned $4,158; REIPOKERXX (15th), Riz Tarde (14th), and Halfrek (13th) each took away $5,082; and Tarjei82 (12th), zoraleonas (11th), and Jerrage06 (10th) each saw $6,006 added to their PokerStars accounts.

After Jerrage06 was knocked out on one five-handed table in 10th, the remaining players waited for the hand to complete on the other where bearsfan75 had opened with a min-raise to 11,200 from the button, then MORTIIIIIIII reraised to 20,275 from the small blind, forcing a fold from robinho in the BB. bearsfan75 then shoved with the 163,354 he had left and MORTIIIIIIII quickly called.

bears75 showed A♠K♣, better than MORTIIIIIIII's A♥J♥. But when the board came Q♥T♥9♦3♥6♣, MORTIIIIIIII had made a flush and bears75 was out in ninth.

The final table -- with one seat already empty -- was underway.


Seat 1: mypokerf -- 272,872
Seat 2: MaxFury20 -- 31,926
Seat 3: empty
Seat 4: ns600 -- 184,148
Seat 5: arnon shraga -- 324,675
Seat 6: MORTIIIIIIII -- 416,002
Seat 7: mmmaikk -- 130,738
Seat 8: robinho -- 601,410
Seat 9: gottama -- 348,229

It would take a little over two orbits for the first elimination of the final table to come. After arnon shraga opened with a min-raise to 12,800 from UTG, it folded around to the table's short stack MaxFury20 in the small blind who shoved for 42,352. ns600 stepped aside, and arnon shraga called, tabling A♣3♥ to MaxFury20's A♥Q♣.

The flop came 3♠T♥8♥, pairing arnon shraga's kicker and leaving MaxFury20 seeking a queen. The turn was the 8♣ and river the 5♦, and MaxFury20 was out in eighth.

Meanwhile, gottama had seen his stack slide under 200,000, then he would lose most of that after three-bet shoving over a robinho raise with 9♣8♣ only to run into ns600's A♣A♠. The board brought no help for gottama and he was down to less than 3,000 -- not even a small blind.

gottama was all in on the next hand against both arnon shraga and mmmaikk. The remaining two checked the 8♠A♣8♥ flop, then when the turn brought the 5♥ arnon shraga bet 16,371, a little less than half the pot, and mmmaikk called.

The river was the 3♥, and this time arnon shraga bet 31,105. mmmaikk raised to 70,400, and arnon shraga gave up. mmmaikk showed A♥K♥ for the nut flush, and gottama flashed his 6♥2♣ before leaving in seventh.

The final six then had the tourney paused to discuss a possible deal, although after some discussion no agreement could be reached and play soon resumed.

They played on for another 20 minutes, then came a hand in which MORTIIIIIIII opened for the minimum to 16,000 from early position, then mmmaikk reraised all in for 212,533 from a seat over. It folded back to MORTIIIIIIII who called with the 156,037 he had left.

MORTIIIIIIII had T♠T♣ while mmmaikk showed A♣K♥, and after the community cards came A♠5♦9♣6♥Q♠, mmmaikk had the better pair and MORTIIIIIIII was out in sixth.

The tourney was paused once more with the final five now talking about a possible deal. At that point robinho still lead with almost 590,000, mypokerf was second with a little over 511,000, arnon shrago third with about 492,000, mmmaikk fourth with almost 393,000, and ns600 last with about 324,000.

ICM numbers -- saving $6,000 to play for -- were produced and after a little tweaking the five agreed to terms.

After play resumed, robinho slid back to short-stacked status while mypokerf and ns600 pushed to the top of the counts. The blinds had moved to 4,500/9,000 when ns600 raised to 27,000 from the cutoff, then arnon shraga called from the button. It folded to robinho in the big blind who shoved for 242,833. ns600 folded, but arnon shraga made the call.

robinho: K♠Q♣
arnon shraga: 9♦9♥

The board ran out A♣T♠6♠8♦6♥, meaning robinho hadn't improved and was out in fifth.

Shortly after it was ns600 opening for 28,000 from UTG and arnon shraga calling from next position. Then mmmaikk pushed all in for 275,192 from the small blind. It folded all of the way back to arnon shraga who called, showing J♦T♦ to mmmaikk's 7♣7♠. All was fine for mmmaikk through the turn as the board had come 5♦4♣5♠8♦, but the river brought the J♠ to pair arnon shraga and send mmmaikk railward in fourth.

With three left arnon shraga had the big lead with more than 1.3 million while both ns600 and mypokerf hovered just under 500,000. They crossed the ten-hour break, then the dynamic shifted after mypokerf won a preflop all-in with Q♦Q♠ against arnon shraga's A♠7♠ to claim the chip lead.

Then, with the blinds 5,000/10,000, ns600 opened for 20,000 from the button and arnon shraga made it 60,000 from the small blind. mypokerf folded, then ns600 pushed all in for 385,527 and arnon shraga called.

ns600 had A♦J♥ and arnon shraga T♥T♠. The flop brought a jack, but a ten as well, coming J♦2♠T♣ to put arnon shraga way ahead. The turn was the 2♦, giving arnon shraga a full house. ns600 was looking for a saving jack on the river, but the fifth community card was an unhelpful A♣ and ns600 was out in third.

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Heads-up play began with arnon shraga in the lead with 1,276,167 to mypokerf's 1,033,833. The pair would play about 20 hands after which mypokerf had pulled even, then over then next few edged out ahead of arnon shraga, building up to more than 1.38 million to arnon shraga's 926,897. Then the final hand took place.

The blinds were 6,000/12,000. mypokerf opened to 24,000 from the small blind/button, arnon shraga reraised to 72,000, and mypokerf called. The flop came 7♥K♠A♠, and arnon shraga bet 66,150. mypokerf called. The turn was the T♠, and both players checked.

The river brought the 3♣ and an all-in shove from arnon shraga which mypokerf quickly called. arnon shraga was bluffing as he tabled 8♣5♦, meaning mypokerf's K♦T♥ for two pair was more than enough to win.

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Congratulations to mypokerf for topping a tough field of 462 to claim this week's Super Tuesday and more than $60K! And kudos as well to robinho and arnon shraga who both managed $50K-plus scores thanks to the five-way chop.

Super Tuesday results for 4/10/12 (*reflects five-way deal):
1st: mypokerf ($60,039.61)*
2nd: arnon shraga ($53,371.28)*
3rd: ns600 ($46,396.90)*
4th: mmmaikk ($49,521.57)*
5th: robinho ($56,505.44)*
6th: MORTIIIIIIII ($19,635)
7th: gottama ($15,015)
8th: MaxFury20 ($10,395)
9th: bearsfan775 ($7,669.20)

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Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday