RcknTheSbrbs rolls through 10/16/12 Super Tuesday for $93,860 win

Super Tuesday logo.pngThere was another huge turnout this week for the Super Tuesday, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament.

The 494 entrants represented the biggest field since early April, and the fourth-largest of the year. That group created a prize pool of $494,000, well above the $300K guarantee for the event. The top 63 finishers got paid, with a huge first prize of $93,860 awaiting the winner.

After a little over four hours just 100 players were left, with Dan "GotURead" Reijmer leading the way as the only one to have crested the 100,000-chip mark. PIUlimeira had the second position with about 70,000 and leoe29 was third with just over 65,000.

They were approaching the five-and-a-half-hour mark when kcruse11 ran A♠J♦ into Lotte Lenya's K♠K♥ to go out in 64th, the last player eliminated before the money. As the first players to cash were eliminated, moukari6, Dan "GotURead" Reijmer, and yayess pushed out ahead of the pack as the only players with more than 165,000 while the nearest challengers hovered around the 100,000-chip mark.

Among the first out after the bubble burst was Team PokerStars Pro Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero who earned $2,173.60 for his 57th-place finish.


Team PokerStars Pro Jose "nachobarbero" Barbero

Others hitting the rail over the next hour-and-a-half included Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan (60th, $2,173.60), Ruben "rubenrtv" Visser (51st, $2,312.80), T.J. "1BigAceHole" Ulmer (48th, $2,321.80), João "joaobarb" Barbosa (44th, $2,470), Marty "TheLipoFund" Mathis (42nd, $2,470), Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia (31st, $2,717), Clayton "slammedfire" Mozdzan (25th, $2,964), and Giuseppe "Ansgar2000″ Pantaleo (23rd, $2,964).

At the seven-hour break just 18 players were left, with Marc "dean23price" Wright leading all with just over 404,000. At that point GotURead was the only other player with more than 300,000, with 3P3NIPA in third with about 174,000.

It would take another hour for the next nine to fall, during which stretch dean23price further extended his lead by pushing up over 600,000. MONE3Y$HOT (18th), TEENageTuRtL (17th), and yayess (16th) each earned $3,952 for their finishes. PIUlimeira (15th), lehout (14th), and Lotte Lenya (13th) took $4,940 apiece. And Joao Mathias "joaoMathias" Baumgarten (12th), Nicholas "rounder63" Carrillo (11th), and simon1471 (10th) picked up $5,298 paydays.

The final nine was set.


Seat 1: g.karolis (Lithuania) -- 39,366
Seat 2: 3P3NIPA (Czech Republic) -- 333,588
Seat 3: RcknTheSbrbs (Costa Rica) -- 273,154
Seat 4: moukari6 (Finland) -- 129,502
Seat 5: OLD TIME GIN (Canada) -- 388,796
Seat 6: FONBET_RULIT (Russia) -- 97,015
Seat 7: lechuckpoker (United Kingdom) -- 225,172
Seat 8: Dan "GotURead" Reijmer (Netherlands) -- 374,979
Seat 9: Marc "dean23price" Wright (United Kingdom) -- 608,428

The group played a few hands, reached the eight-hour break, then soon after the blinds were 2,400/4,800 when the short stack g.karolis open-pushed all in for 51,966 from the button and got a single caller in RcknTheSbrbs from the big blind. g.karolis showed A♦Q♣ while RcknTheSbrbs had A♠8♥. The flop was okay for g.karolis, coming 9♥K♥6♠, but the 8♦ turn paired RcknTheSbrbs. The river was the T♥, and g.karolis was out in ninth.

About 15 minutes later the blinds had increased to 2,800/5,600 when RcknTheSbrbs opened with a raise to 11,400 from the hijack seat, then FONBET_RULIT reraised all in for 111,915 from the small blind. lechuckpoker called the reraise from the big blind, and when RcknTheSbrbs folded lechuckpoker showed A♣Q♠ to FONBET_RULIT's T♠T♣. The flop came 4♥A♥5♠ to put lechuckpoker in front, and after the 6♥ turn and J♣ river, FONBET_RULIT was the next to go in eighth.

About a half-hour later moukari6 had pushed out in front while Marc "dean23price" Wright slipped back to the middle of the pack. The blinds were 3,600/7,200 when Wright opened for 14,400 from under the gun, then OLD TIME GIN reraised all in for 115,900 total from the button. lechuckpoker called OLD TIME GIN's reraise from the small blind and Dan "GotURead" Reijmer folded the big blind. That's when dean23price reraised all in himself for 307,245 total and lechuckpoker called. The trio showed their cards...

lechuckpoker: A♥Q♠
dean23price K♠K♦

Not such a bad spot for dean23price, and after the 3♥2♠3♦ flop his prospects appeared even better. But the A♠ fell on the turn -- one of the two left in the deck -- and after the J♣ river Wright was out in seventh. Meanwhile OLD TIME GIN survived by taking the main pot as lechuckpoker claimed the side pot.

The nine-hour break arrived, with moukari6 still in front with more than 686,000 and lechuckpoker closest with just over 535,000. Meanwhile, Dan "GotURead" Reijmer was sixth of the remaining six with about 170,000.

About 15 minutes after play resumed, the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when 3P3NIPA open-raised all in for 98,908 from early position and it folded around to lechuckpoker in the big blind who called. 3P3NIPA showed K♠T♥ and lechuckpoker A♥9♣, and after the five community cards came 8♠2♣8♦6♠7♠, they were down to five.

It would take nearly a half-hour for another elimination to occur. With the blinds up to 6,000/12,000, Dan "GotURead" Reijmer was still on the short side when he raised all in from the cutoff seat for 102,471 and RcknTheSbrbs called him from the small blind. Reijmer had A♣3♥ and was hoping to improve versus the Q♣Q♥ of RcknTheSbrbs. But the board ran out K♠7♣K♦3♣J♦, thereby running GotURead out in fifth.

Another break arrived, and after 10 hours of poker RcknTheSbrbs held the top spot with four remaining with about 925,000. OLD TIME GIN was next with a little over 757,000, lechuckpoker third with just under 607,000, and moukari6 was last with about 180,000.

A big hand soon arose between lechuckpoker and moukari6 in which the latter was all in with 4♣4♦ against lechuckpoker's 8♠8♥, but the board brought four diamonds to give moukari6 a flush and cripple lechuckpoker down to just over 50,000.

Two hands later OLD TIME GIN opened with a min-raise to 28,000 from under the gun, then lechuckpoker reraised all in for just a little over 40,000 from the button and OLD TIME GIN called. It was T♥T♦ for lechuckpoker, but OLD TIME GIN had picked up A♥A♣, and five cards later -- 8♠3♣J♣5♣2♦ -- lechuckpoker's run had ended in fourth.

It wasn't long after that hand that moukari6 was short again and open-raising all in from the button for 211,331 (about 13 big blinds). RcknTheSbrbs called from the big blind, turning over K♠Q♥ to moukari6's A♠J♦. The flop came 4♣4♠Q♦, giving RcknTheSbrbs the edge. The turn was the 7♥ and river the 4♥, and moukari6 was done in third.

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That hand helped RcknTheSbrbs enjoy a sizable advantage over OLD TIME GIN to begin heads-up play with 1,794,287 to OLD TIME GIN's 675,713.

The pair would play about a dozen hands, during which stretch RcknTheSbrbs chipped OLD TIME GIN down to just over 300,000. Then, with the blinds at 9,000/18,000, RcknTheSbrbs open-pushed all in from the button and got a call from OLD TIME GIN.

RcknTheSbrbs held 9♣8♣ and OLD TIME GIN Q♥J♥. The flop came 5♣2♥7♦, giving RcknTheSbrbs a gutshot to a straight. The turn brought the 2♣. OLD TIME GIN was still ahead, but RcknTheSbrbs now had added a flush draw.

Then came the river... the J♣! RcknTheSbrbs had won!

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Congratulations to RcknTheSbrbs for overcoming nearly 500 players to win this week's Super Tuesday and almost $94K!

Super Tuesday results for 10/16/12:
1st: RcknTheSbrbs (Costa Rica) -- $93,860.00
2nd: OLD TIME GIN (Canada) -- $69,160.00
3rd: moukari6 (Finland) -- $50,635.00
4th: lechuckpoker (United Kingdom) -- $38,532.00
5th: Dan "GotURead" Reijmer (Netherlands) -- $27,170.00
6th: 3P3NIPA (Czech Republic) -- $20,995.00
7th: Marc "dean23price" Wright (United Kingdom) -- $16,055.00
8th: FONBET_RULIT (Russia) -- $11,115.00
9th: g.karolis (Lithuania) -- $8,200.40

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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