Super Tuesday 3/20: Calvin7v goes from worst to first, wins $102,600

Super Tuesday logo.pngThis week's Super Tuesday drew a stunning 540 entrants for a prize pool of $540,000, meaning the winner could become the first to earn a six-figure score in the $1,000 buy-in tournament. Although there was talk of a deal, calvinv7 bested Bryn Kenney heads-up, going from 9th of 9 at the final table to winner of over $102,000.

Team PokerStars and notables

The large field meant several members of Team PokerStars Pro and Team PokerStars Online took their shot at the record prize pool. Only one player would cash as Ana Marquez (below) finished 37th, earning $2,700. Team PokerStars Pros who fell short: Andre "aakkari" Akkari, Pat Pezzin, Vanessa Selbst, Maxim Lykov, Liv Boeree, Jude "j.thaddeus" Ainsworth and Toni Judet. The highest placed member of Team PokerStars Online was Kevin "WizardofAhhs" Thurman. Team PokerStars Online players Javier "El_Cañonero" Dominguez, Shane "Shaniac" Schleger and Björn "Bjoerni89" Schneider also participated.

Ana Marquez.jpg

Notables making the money, but falling short of the final table included Paul "padjes" Berende (19th), James "Andy MCLEOD" Obst (39th) and Casey "bigdogpckt5s" Jarzabek (49th),

Scott96dl 86'd on final table bubble ($6,480)

Marquez may have wanted to finish a bit higher, but she still had a reason to watch the action as her boyfriend Bryn Kenney was among the final ten players in the field as they played hand-for-hand. The final hand didn't take place at Kenney's table as Mr Brizza, a Sunday Million winner March 21, 2010 , would handle the honors. Blinds were at 3,600/7,200 with an ante of 900 as Mr Brizza opened the action with a raise to 17,280 with A♦Q♦. Scott96dl moved all in for their remaining 134,524 chips with K♥T♠ as Mr Brizza called. Scott96dl's chances of making the final table were quickly dashed, left drawing dead on the flop of A♥A♠J♣ as Mr Brizza flopped trips. For the record, the T♦ and 5♠ finished the hand, leaving nine players remaining.

Here's how the final table stacked up when play resumed on table 24:

Thumbnail image for 3-20-12 Super Tuesday final table.JPG

Seat 1: VicksMyDawg (503,960 in chips)
Seat 2: BrynKenney (196,594 in chips)
Seat 3: backtwoblack (123,528 in chips)
Seat 4: Yann "yadio" Dion (267,214 in chips)
Seat 5: Mr Brizza (587,408 in chips)
Seat 6: Mounty15 (111,133 in chips)
Seat 7: B2Bullets (292,158 in chips)
Seat 8: gmcrafter (508,503 in chips)
Seat 9: calvin7v (109,502 in chips)

B2Bullets runs out of ammo in 9th ($8,964)

B2Bullets started third in chips, an unfortunate river card meant doom for B2Bullets, the first player out at the final table. Blinds quickly moved to 4,000/8,000 with the ante at 1,000 as 2012 Aussie Millions final tablist Yann "yadio" Dion min-raised with A♣Q♥. B2Bullets three-bet to 36,000 with the dominating A♥K♥. Yadio four-bet shoved for 295,814, barely covering B2Bullets stack as they called. B2Bullets remained in front on the J♥ 8♠5♠ flop and J♣ turn. Yadio would only need to be in front on the final card, which obliged when the Q♠ hit the river, leaving B2Bullets as the only player at the final table earning a four-figure score.

Mounty15 dismounted in 8th ($12,150)

Bryn Kenney would chip up into contention by winning a coinflip against a short-stacked Mounty15. Mr Brizza opened with a raise to 19,200 as Mounty15 shoved for 92,133 with T♠T♥. Bryn Kenney then re-raised all in for their stack with A♣K♥ as Mr Brizza gave up their hand. This time, the flop gave the player behind in the hand the lead: A♥J♥J♠, as Kenney held on when the turn and river came 5♦2♦ leaving seven in contention.

Backtwoblack gets stacked in 7th ($17,550)

Bryn Kenney was really liking A-K as he doubled through Mr Brizza's pocket tens to move into second place. Blinds were now 5,000/10,000 as each player anted 1,250 when Kenney min-raised with A♣K♣. Backtwoblack put their tournament life on the line for 98,956 chips, holding J♠J♥. Kenney moved ahead once again on the K♥9♥7♣ flop. Backtwoblack was down to two outs, which didn't happen as the board runs out T♣ 2♥, sending backtwoblack packing.

Calvin7v makes his move

Calvin7v had doubled up early at the final table to move off the bottom, but fell back to last with six remaining as he started to make his charge towards the top. Bryn Kenney ruled the field as blinds jumped to 7,000/14,000 with an ante of 1,750 as Kenney attempted to win another flip and knock out Calvin7v:

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That river card kept calvin7v alive, but he would once again fall back to sixth place before doubling once again, this time with pocket sevens against gmcrafter's pocket fives.

VicksMyDawg loses bite in 6th ($22,950)

The tournament progressed with another jump in the blinds to 8,000/16,000 with a 2,000 ante as VicksMyDawg now fell to sixth, attempting to follow in calvin7v's footsteps and double up. Once again Bryn Kenney was involved in the hand as he opened from UTG with a min-raise as VicksMyDawg moved all in for 117,729 from the big blind with K♠Q♦. Kenney held the dominating hand again with A♦Q♥ and was well ahead on the A♥9♠2♥ flop. VicksMyDawg had some life when the J♥ hit the turn, but the three-outer wasn't in the cards as the 7♣ on the river takes the field down to five with Kenney in front.

Yadio turned off in 5th ($29,700)

Yann "yadio" Dion was second in chips, but in two hands he was without chips as calvin7v moved into the lead in the first seven-figure pot at the final table. Here's how that hand played out with the blinds now 9,000/18,000 with an ante of 2,250:

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On the next hand, Mr Brizza collected the rest of Yadio's chips, calling with K♣6♣ against Yadio's A♥J♥. The board ran out Q♦8♠2♥6♥ 2♠, sending the 7th place finisher in this year's Aussie Millions Main Event to the rail.

Gmcrafter dismantled in 4th ($42,120)

Mr Brizza disposed with gmcrafter a few hands later to leave three players standing. Mr Brizza min-raised as gmcrafter shoved 341,190 chips with K♣8♦ as Mr Brizza quickly called with A♦9♣. Mr Brizza then crushed the flop, making two pair as it came down A♣9♦2♠. The 7♥ on the turn left gmcrafter drawing dead, as the 8♣ on the river had the remaining players talking deal figures.

Kenney negotiates as deal falls apart

Play was paused to get a host, with initial discussion by the chip leader to make it winner-take-all for over $233,000. Bryn Kenney commented "I like ur style" before the real discussion began on doing a deal via chip chop. Here's how the deal would have worked, with $6,000 set aside for the eventual winner:

calvin7v:- 1,164,147 - $81,866.68
BrynKenney: 813,859 - $73,887.90
Mr Brizza: 721,994 - $71,795.42

Mr Brizza liked this deal, but Kenney decided to ask for $2,000 more from calvin7v, who declined the deal and play continued.

Mr Brizza bluff backfired, bounced in 3rd ($55,350)

As the tournament was now officially taking place on March 21, two years after winning the Sunday Million, Mr Brizza hoped for some magic as he attempted to move calvinv7 off the best hand on the river. The blinds were now at 10,000/20,000 with the ante 2,500 as the hand played out below:

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A great call from calvin7v means he'll start heads up play against Bryn Kenney with an over 3-1 chip lead.

Calvin7v collects victory ($102,600)

The heads-up battle between calvin7v and Bryn Kenney wasn't really much of one, as Kenney held less than 500,000 chips when the final hand played out. Kenney min-raised from the small blind as calvin7v re-raised to 92,000. Kenney four-bet shoves with A♣5♦, which puts calvin7v in the tank for well over a minute before eventually calling with Q♠9♣. That decision would turn out well for calvin7v as the flop gave him trip nines: 9♥9♦3♥. Kenney still had a chance when the 2♦ came on the turn to give him a gutshot straight draw, but it was calvin7v who would improve, making a full house when the [qc[ came on the river, giving him the victory. Bryn Kenney settles for 2nd place, good for $75,600. All in all, not that bad a tournament in the Kenney/Marquez home.

March 20,2012 Super Tuesday final table results:

1st: calvin7v - $102,600
2nd: Bryn Kenney - $75,600
3rd: Mr Brizza - $55,350
4th: gmcrafter - $42,120
5th: Yann "yadio" Dion - $29,700
6th: VickysMyDawg - $22,950
7th: backtwoblack - $17,550
8th: Mounty15 - $12,150
9th: B2Bullets - $8,964

The MicroMillions series is still going strong with over 40 tournaments remaining with the $22, $1,000,000 Main Event this Sunday. Plenty of other great prizes available for the best all-around player, visit the MicroMillions site for the latest updates.