IceStream picks up a cool $120K for 11/5/13 Super Tuesday win

It was yet another big Super Tuesday this week at PokerStars. A large field of 636 came out for the tourney, one more than last week and again one of the biggest fields ever in the history of the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em event. It would take nearly 12 hours to decide this week's installment, with IceStream of Bulgaria ultimately prevailing to earn a cool $120,204 first prize.

That big field created a prize pool of $636,000 -- more than double the Super Tuesday's $300K guarantee -- with the top 72 finishers dividing those riches. It would take more than five-and-a-half hours for the money bubble to burst, at which point superkid-bam had the chip lead with just over 150,000 with the chase pack about 35,000 behind.

superkid-bam would maintain a big stack over the next couple of hours as the field trimmed down to 18 players, sitting in third position with about 360,000 behind eventual winner IceStream who had nearly 520,000 and another player who'd make a deep run, fish.Suusa, who was sitting with about 410,000.

It would take a while for nine for to fall, with peterwhooo moving into the top spot with more than 750,000 along the way. MaRLaCa_309 (18th), pokerkluka (17th), and China_White1 (16th) earned $5,088 apiece. guitarpiano (15th), schmetter9 (14th), and nailuj90 (13th) each took away $6,360 for their finishes. And hnidel (12th), Mrbarrett82 (11th), and superkid-bam (10th) just missed the final table, with each finding $7,632 more in their accounts upon their eliminations.

With the nine-hour break approaching, just nine remained.


Seat 1: fish.Suusa (Czech Republic) -- 173,917
Seat 2: IceStream (Bulgaria) -- 652,518
Seat 3: mickl58 (Russia) -- 329,187
Seat 4: Greenstone25 (Sweden) -- 146,249
Seat 5: warspirit89 (Germany) -- 546,380
Seat 6: gernas10 (Ireland) -- 180,707
Seat 7: peterwhooo (Brazil) -- 751,471
Seat 8: filushh (Israel) -- 246,742
Seat 9: MkMyWishFish (Israel) -- 152,829

It would take a little over 40 minutes for the first elimination to come at the final table, during which time the blinds climbed to 5,000/10,000.

The hand saw the table fold around to IceStream in the small blind who raised to 24,899, then mickl58 reraised to 63,600 from the big blind. IceStream responded with an all-in push, and mickl58 called with the 320,212 left behind.

It was K♦7♥ for IceStream and A♥Q♠ for mickl58. The board then came 8♦7♣T♦K♠2♣, giving IceStream two pair and ending mickl58's run in ninth.

About 10 minutes later the blinds were 6,000/12,000 when gernas10 open-shoved for 96,857 from early position with Q♣Q♥ and got one customer in MkMyWishFish who called in for 70,283 from the cutoff with 9♣9♦. The board rolled out 3♥A♦Q♠5♥Q♦, giving gernas10 quad queens and sending MkMyWishFish railward in eighth.

They'd push through the 10-hour break, then another 25 minutes passed before IceStream put in a just-over-2x raise to 32,899 from middle position, after which a super-short-stacked Greenstone25 called all in for 15,601 from a seat over. It folded to peterwhooo who called as well from the big blind, and the three watched the flop come 6♣7♥A♣.

peterwhooo checked, IceStream bet 27,899, peterwhooo check-raised to 120,212, and IceStream stepped aside. At that Greenstone25 showed A♦T♦ for top pair, but peterwhooo had A♥6♦ for two pair, and after the J♠ turn and 4♠ river, Greenstone25 was done in seventh.

By then IceStream had moved way out in front with more than 1.7 million, more than a million clear of nearest challengers fish.Suusa and warspirit89. Then with the blinds 8,000/16,000, gernas10 pushed all in for 69,640 from the cutoff and it folded to another short stack, filussh, who reraised all in for 74,496 from the big blind and fish.Suusa called.

filushh had A♦K♠ and the edge over fish.Suusa's A♥4♥, but the board came J♥7♥T♦4♦J♣, that four on the turn giving fish.Suusa the better hand and stopping filushh in sixth.

Moments later it was warspirit89 open-pushing a stack of more than half a million from the small blind with 4♥4♠ and gernas10 calling all in for 166,920 from the big blind with A♣K♥. gernas10 needed to improve to survive, but the five community cards -- J♥9♦2♦Q♣3♥ -- didn't cooperate and gernas was eliminated in fifth.

Not too long after the remaining four paused the tourney to discuss a deal, with IceStream still way in front with more than 2 million, fish.Sausa and peterwhooo both in the 400,000-chip range, and warspirit89 fourth with a little less than 260,000. Both "ICM" and "chip chop" figures were presented, each keeping $6,000 back for which to play, and after some discussion it was clear no deal was going to happen, and cards were soon dealt once more.

Play continued, with a key hand coming when fish.Suusa managed a full double-up through IceStream in a hand that saw both put chips in on all three post-flop streets with IceStream ultimately showing ace-high to fish.Sussa's set of fours. Take a look:

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A short while later the blinds were 10,000/20,000 when warspirit89 pushed for 307,028 from under the gun, peterwhooo reraised over that for a little more, and the others got out. warspirit89 showed A♥3♥ and peterwhooo 7♥7♣, and five cards later -- K♣5♥5♠5♣T♥ -- peterwhooo had a full house and warspirit89 was out in fourth.

Play continued, then another short pause came to talk about deal possibilities once more, although again no agreement could be reached.

Then as they crossed the 11-and-a-half-hour mark with the blinds up to 12,500/25,000, peterwhooo raised to 50,000 from the button, IceStream made it 124,899 to go from the big blind, peterwhoo reraised back to 225,411, IceStream pushed all in for almost 1.2 million, and peterwhooo called with the 815,873 left.

IceStream: A♥K♠
peterwhooo: A♦Q♣

peterwhooo needed a queen or some other favorable combination of community cards to survive, but when they came jack-high -- 3♠J♠7♣T♠4♣ -- peterwhooo was finished and just two players remained.

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That big hand meant IceStream had a significant edge chipwise to start heads-play with 2,260,623 to fish.Suusa's 919,377. IceStream immediately began carving away at fish.Suusa's stack, and after 10 minutes had fish.Suusa down under 200,000.

A few hands after that fish.Suusa had but 46,631 -- about a big blind-and-a-half -- and after posting was calling all in with 3♥2♠ versus IceStream's 9♣8♣. The last board of the night ran out 6♥Q♥9♦3♦4♣, giving fish.Suusa a pair of treys and IceStream a pair of nines, and the Super Tuesday had been decided.

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Congratulations to IceStream for withstanding another large, tough Super Tuesday field to claim a better than $120K first prize, one of the biggest in the event's history!

11/5/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results

Players: 636
Prize pool: $636,000
Places paid: 72

1. IceStream (Bulgaria) -- $120,204.00
2. fish.Suusa (Czech Republic) -- $88,086.00
3. peterwhooo (Brazil) -- $64,872.00
4. warspirit89 (Germany) -- $48,972.00
5. gernas10 (Ireland) -- $34,344.00
6. filushh (Israel) -- $27,030.00
7. Greenstone25 (Sweden) -- $20,670.00
8. MkMyWishFish (Israel) -- $14,310.00
9. mickl58 (Russia) -- $9,730.80

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