A six-figure score for Craig 'mcc3991' McCorkell in the 7/30/13 Super Tuesday


They don't have the glamour of Fridays or gloom of an impending Monday, but they do have tacos. And the Super Tuesday.

The weekly $1,050 buy-in event drew 551 players to create a $551,000 prize pool. The player who took the largest chunk out of that prize pool was Craig 'mcc3991' McCorkell, who won $104,690 for winning the tournament. McCorkell, a WSOP bracelet winner, won €100,000 in 2010 finishing ninth at the EPT6 Grand Final (the year that Nicolas 'NICCC' Chouity won).

McCorkell went all the way this time, overcoming a field that included a few Team PokerStars players including Mickey "mement_mori" Petersen, Sebastian Ruthenberg and Christian de León. All these red spade pros fell before the money as only 63 players cashed this tournament for a minimum of $2,424.40. But only nine players could make the final table.

After about eight hours of play, we got down to our last ten players and final table bubble. Every player was trying to squeeze their way through, but one of them would have to fall.

Blinds were up to 3,200/6,400 with an 800 ante when tassen1 raised to 12,800 from under-the-gun. Spowi07 re-raised to 22,400 from the small blind and tassen1 moved all-in for 119,574.

Spowi07 called with A♠A♦ and had tassen1's A♥[10c] crushed. The board came 6♣2♠[10h]K♥7♣ and tassen1 became our final table bubble, a finish worth $6,612.

The remaining players enjoyed a $2,500 pay jump as they entered the final table of the tournament.

The final table


Seat 1: supernova9 -- 175,845
Seat 2: Spowi07 -- 401,698
Seat 3: yadio -- 74,498
Seat 4: selinantis -- 202,296
Seat 5: IfoolU -- 142,842
Seat 6: mcc3991 -- 626,267
Seat 7: JasonX85 -- 746,924
Seat 8: WhEADa -- 105,862
Seat 9: KingKenas -- 278,768

It didn't take too long to get our first elimination.

supernova9 raised to 12,800 from early position and selinantis called from the hijack. JasonX85 made it 39,965 from the small blind, supernova9 folded and selinantis moved all-in for 183,096.

JasonX85 called with J♥J♠, crushing selinantis's 9♥9♣. The board came 2♣[10d]2♦[10h]6♣ and selinantis was out in 9th for $9,146.60.

While selinantis was out, JasonX85's lead increased to 954,020.

yadio started the final table as our short stack, but the Canadian player soon lost that title to IfoolU. Blinds were up to 3,600/7,200 with a 900 ante and IfoolU raised to 14,400 from early position.

Spowi07 called from the big blind and the flop came 9♦4♠K♠. Spowi07 checked and IfoolU bet 14,255. Spowi07 moved all-in for 220,553 and IfoolU folded and dipped to 87,987.

Then IfoolU busted.

WhEADa moved all-in for 100,262 from middle position and IfoolU called from the big blind. We had a flip when IfoolU showed J♠J♥ to WhEADa's A♦K♦.

The 2♠9♦8♦5♦8♣ board gave WhEADa a flush and 197,249 chips. IfoolU on the other hand was out in 8th and got a bankroll boost of $12,397.50.

Slipping and rising

yadio won a few pots, outlasted a few players and even crossed the six-figure chip mark a few times before facing elimination.

Blinds rose to 4,500/9,000 with a 1,125 ante and yadio moved all-in for 85,273 from the hijack. JasonX85 re-shoved for 1 million from the button and the blinds folded.

yadio turned over K♦[10d] and was up against JasonX85's A♥Q♠. The board missed both players and JasonX85 was up to 1.1 million after taking down the pot with ace high.

yadio finished 7th for $17,907.50.

JasonX85 had a commanding lead, but our eventual champion was starting to catch up.

mcc3991 was up to 630K and rose even more after eliminating another player. mcc3991 raised to 18,000 from the hijack and KingKenas moved all-in for 185,468 from the small blind. mcc3991 called and was flipping with A♦Q♥ to KingKenas's 8♣8♥.

There was a Q♣ on the river and another elimination. KingKenas earned $23,417.50 for finishing 6th and mcc3991 was up to 833,431.

JasonX85 then lost a big pot and the lead to mcc3991. After that, JasonX85 doubled up WhEADa to 531,000 while dipping to 683,000.

Spowi07 then scored a double-up before giving everything to WhEADa:

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Spowi07 finished 5th for $42,978 and we were down to four players.

WhEADa, JasonX85 and mcc3991 were about even in chips while supernova9 was struggling to stay alive.

Then WhEADa and mcc3991 started pulling away, leaving JasonX85 to chip down to about 250,000.

WhEADa and mcc3991 where neck-and-neck until mcc3991 brought us down to three players.

Blinds were 7,000/14,000 and supernova9 moved all-in for 260,902 from the small blind. mcc3991 called from the big blind and turned over A♠J♠ to supernova9's 8♣7♣.

A 7♠ came on the flop to give supernova9 the lead, but mcc3991 hit a J♦ on the river to chip up to 1.4 million. This left supernova9 as our 4th place finisher, a run worth $42,978.


mcc3991 had the lead with 1.4 million and WhEADa came in second with 1 million. JasonX85 entered three-handed last with 230,865, but quickly doubled up.

First, JasonX85's Q♥9♥ outdrew WhEADa's Q♦J♠ on a 5♠A♣Q♣K♦9♦ board to double up to 440,000. Then JasonX85 took a series of pots off WhEADa while mcc3991 dealt the finishing blow.

WhEADa raised to 29,250 from the button and mcc3991 re-raised to 81,600. WhEADa four-bet to 142,525 and mcc3991 responded by moving all-in for 1.4 million. WhEADa called and was flipping with 9♣9♥ to mcc3991's A♦K♥.

The 8♣A♣4♣4♠8♠ board fell in mcc3991's favor and WhEADa finished 3rd for $56,477.50.

Heads up

mcc3991 -- 1,990,995
JasonX85 -- 764,005

JasonX85 was short and managed a double up before being shot back down.

mcc3991 raised to 28,000 and JasonX85 re-raised to 70,000. mcc3991 called and JasonX85 bet 70,000 on the 7♣J♣3♥ flop. mcc3991 moved all-in and JasonX85 called with J♥9♦ to mcc3991's Q♠J♦.

mcc3991 had the lead until a 9♣ fell on the river to give JasonX85 two pair.

JasonX85 was up to 1 million but lost 500,000 back to mcc3991 the following hand:

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It only took a few more hands for the tournament to end. JasonX85 raised to 32,000 and mcc3991 called.

mcc3991 bet 43,800 when the flop came 6♥7♣8♥ and JasonX85 called, bringing a [10s] on the turn.

mcc3991 check-called JasonX85's 73,000 bet and a J♥ fell on the river. JasonX85 bet 139,990 and mcc3991 moved all-in for 2 million.

JasonX85 called and was beat after showing 9♥J♣ to mcc3991's 4♥5♥. JasonX85 finished 2nd for $77,140 while mcc3991 became the 7/30/13 Super Tuesday champion.

It's a title that's lots of prestige, internet points and $104,690.

7/30/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 NLHE Super Tuesday) results:

Entrants: 551
Prize pool: $551,000
Places paid: 63

1. Craig 'mcc3991' McCorkell (United Kingdom) -- $104,690
2. JasonX85 (Netherlands) -- $77,140
3. WhEADa (Finland) -- $56,477.50
4. supernova9 (Canada) -- $42,978
5. Spowi07 (Austria) -- $30,305
6. KingKenas (Germany) -- $23,417.50
7. yadio (Canada) -- $17,907.50
8. IfoolU (Sweden) -- $12,397.50
9. selinantis (Lithuania) -- $9,146.60

That's it for this week's Super Tuesday, until next time.

Alexander Villegas is a freelance contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Alex Villegas
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