Allinpri KOs KrazyKiddo after two-way Super Tuesday deal (3/12/13)

Another Super Tuesday, another super-sized field. A total of 585 entrants came out this time, again creating a prize pool ($585,000) that was close to twice the $300K guarantee. In the end two players -- Allinpri of Brazil and the U.K.'s KrazyKiddo -- would agree to an even chop, with Allinpri going on to win to earn a handsome $98,793.75 payday.

It took almost five-and-a-half hours for them to play down to 72 and for the cash bubble to burst, at which point Grindation led all with a little more than 200,000 chips, billmanth1 was next with about 158,000, and KaptianKush third with just over 130,000.

Over the next two hours the field would shrink down to 18, with both Grindation (26th) and KaptianKush (23rd) among those eliminated, each earning $3,510.

Also hitting the rail during that stretch were Carlos "Djalminha" López (69th, $1,930.50), Bryan "bparis" Paris (64th, $1,930.50), Calvin "cal42688" Anderson (63rd, $2,047.50), Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis (56th, $2,047.50), Marty "TheLipoFund" Mathis (48th, $2,340), Mayu "marroca5" Roca Uribe (42nd, $2,632.50), Anatoly "NL_Profit" Filatov (41st, $2,632.50), Mona "sexyhands" Harb (37th, $2,632.50), Laurence "rivermanl" Houghton (33rd, $2,925), and Dani "supernova9" Stern (25th, $3,510).

Meanwhile KrazyKiddo had moved up into first position with more than 387,000, Nick "FU_15" Mamoine into second with about 315,000, and Allinpri third with a little less than 275,000.

It would take more than an hour more for those 18 to play down to nine, with PIUlimeira and "FU_15" Maimone leading much of that way before Allinpri grabbed the top spot just before they reached the final nine.

OffpoZition (18th), Gladiator77 (17th), and pokerkluka (16th) each cashed for $4,680; AMELPADRINO (15th), snipersvd78 (14th), and J. Guilherme "Guithome" Thome (13th) made $5,850; and Spow07 (12th), billmanth (11th), and SeeYouWrong (10th) took away $7,020 apiece.

About eight hours and 45 minutes after the tourney had begun, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: proFISHnal (India) -- 174,283
Seat 2: Caio "caio_pimenta" Pimenta (Brazil) -- 213,691
Seat 3: Leqenden (Belarus) -- 219,661
Seat 4: PIUlimeira (Brazil) -- 554,816
Seat 5: PaDiLhA SP (Brazil) -- 143,569
Seat 6: KrazyKiddo (United Kingdom) -- 156,755
Seat 7: Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman (Mexico) -- 263,764
Seat 8: Nick "FU_15" Mamoine (Honduras) -- 578,590
Seat 9: Allinpri (Brazil) -- 619,871

With Season 6 of the Latin American Poker Tour getting set to kick off in Chile tomorrow, this week's Super Tuesday final table had a decidedly LAPT feel with four Brazilians, plus the two American pros Mamoine playing from Honduras and Wasserman from Mexico.

On just the third hand of the final table, Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman opened with a min-raise to 14,400 and it folded around to Legenden who reraised to 31,456 from the small blind. PIUlimeira stepped aside by folding the big blind, then Wasserman made it 57,777 to go. Legenden responded with an all-in push for 209,861, and StrungOut1 called.

Legenden: A♦K♥
StrungOut1: J♦J♣

The flop came 9♦6♦T♥, then the J♠ fell on the turn to improve Wasserman to a set of jacks. The river then brought a K♦, giving Legenden a pair but it was too little, too late and they were quickly down to eight.

It would take about a half-hour for the next to fall. With the blinds up to 4,500/9,000, it was PaDiLhA SP open-raising all in for 79,919 from middle position with 2♣2♥ and getting a single caller in chip leader Allinpri who was dealt A♣Q♦ in the small blind.

The flop came 6♥3♥K♠ and the turn the 9♠, meaning PaDiLhA SP's deuces were still ahead. But the A♠ came on fifth street to pair Allinpri and send PaDiLhA SP packing in eighth.

The remaining seven carried on past the 10-hour mark, and about 20 minutes after that Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman raised 2x to 28,000 from the cutoff seat, then Nick "FU_15" Mamoine reraised all in for 261,110 from the button. It folded to proFISHnal in the big blind who called all in for 160,250, and Wasserman let his hand go.

proFISHnal had the preflop edge with A♣Q♦ versus FU_15's Q♥J♥. But the flop came J♦2♠7♥ to hit Mamoine's hand, and after the 3♠ turn and 7♦ river proFISHnal's tourney run had ended in seventh.

Just two hands later, Mamoine opened to 29,820 from early position, then Caio "caio_pimenta" Pimenta reraised all in for 208,441 from a couple of seats over. It folded back around to FU_15 who called, showing 6♥6♦ to Pimenta's A♠4♣.

The community cards came K♠3♥2♣, then T♦, then T♠, and Mamoine's sixes had held to send Pimenta railward in sixth.

FU_15 appeared to have gathered some momentum after those two knockouts, but just a half-dozen hands later his tournament would come to an abrupt end.

After losing a decent-sized pot to Wasserman, Mamoine came back with a 2x raise to 32,000 from under the gun, then saw Allinpri reraise to 67,980 right beside him. It folded back to FU_15 who four-bet to 113,000, and when Allinpri pushed all in, FU_15 called with his last 348,645.

Mamoine had Q♠Q♣ and Allinpri A♥K♥, meaning the race was on. The 7♦3♦9♠ flop was fine for FU_15. Then came the turn... the K♦. Allinpri had seized the advantange, and when fifth street came the 4♠, they were down to four.

That hand gave Allinpri the chip lead with more than 1.04 million, nudging in front of Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman's stack of about 938,000. PIUlimeira was in third position with a little less than 365,000 and KrazyKiddo fourth with about 364,000.

StrungOut1 next enjoyed a mini-heater, claiming pots from PIUlimeira then Allinpri to move over 1.5 million and into first. Then just before the 11-hour break, Wasserman opened with a 3x raise to 54,000 from the button, PIUlimeira reraised all in for 165,000 from the big blind, and Wasserman called.

PIUlimeira had 5♣5♦ and was hoping the pair would hold up versus StrungOut1's T♦9♦. The flop came 7♣Q♥8♠ to give Wasserman a straight draw, and the 8♥ turn card meant PIUlimeira was still ahead. Then came the river... the J♥, completing the straight and sending PIUlimeira out in fourth.

Then it was Allinpri's turn to take pots and reclaim the chip lead. The blinds increased again to 10,000/20,000, and StrungOut1 raised to 40,000 from the small blind. Allinpri called from the big blind, and the pair saw the flop come 3♦6♦7♥.

Wasserman led for 46,250, Allinpri raised to 99,550, Wasserman made it 226,455, Allinpri raised to 1.2 million, and Wasserman called with the 525,617 he had left.

Wasserman had K♥K♣ for an overpair of kings while Allinpri held T♦9♦ for a flush draw plus a gutshot draw to a straight. The turn brought the 9♥, pairing Allinpri. Then the river brought the K♦ -- a set for Wasserman, but a flush for Allinpri, and StrungOut1 was out in third.

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Allinpri had a better than 2-to-1 chip lead to start heads-up play with 2,045,606 to KrazyKiddo's 879,394. Allinpri extended that advantage a bit, then KrazyKiddo doubled up with A♦Q♥ through Allinpri's A♥6♠ to pull even.

They played on a little longer, then decided to pause the tournament to discuss a deal at a point when Allinpri sat with 1,483,895 and KrazyKiddo 1,441,105. The pair quickly agreed to an even chop with each player guaranteed $92,793.75 and $6,000 left for which to play, and soon cards were back in the air.

Shortly after the deal was made, Allinpri again began to chip back in front, moving up over 1.8 million while KrazyKiddo slipped to about 1.1 million. Then came the final hand of the night -- yet another "all-in pre" for Allinpri, with this one proving the last hand of the tournament.

With the blinds 12,500/25,000, KrazyKiddo limped in from the button, then Allinpri raised to 70,444. KrazyKiddo responded with an all-in push for 1,112,980, and Allinpri made the call.

Allinpri showed K♣Q♣ and KrazyKiddo A♦6♣. The flop came 9♥K♥6♦, giving both pairs but Allinpri the better one. The turn was the 9♦ and river the T♥, and after more than 11-and-a-half hours of poker, Allinpre had won.

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Congratulations to Allinpri for topping the field of 585 this week to win the Super Tuesday, and kudos to KrazyKiddo as well who thanks to the deal also earned a $90K-plus score.

3/12/13 Super Tuesday final table results (*reflects two-way deal):
1st: Allinpri (Brazil) -- $98,793.75*
2nd: KrazyKiddo (United Kingdom) -- $92,793.75*
3rd: Mike "StrungOut1" Wasserman (Mexico) -- $59,670.00
4th: PIUlimeira (Brazil) -- $45,045.00
5th: Nick "FU_15" Mamoine (Honduras) -- $31,590.00
6th: Caio "caio_pimenta" Pimenta (Brazil) -- $24,862.50
7th: proFISHnal (India) -- $19,012.50
8th: PaDiLhA SP (Brazil) -- $13,162.50
9th: Lequenden (Belarus) -- $8,950.50

Entrants: 585
Prize pool: $585,000.00
Places paid: 72

As mentioned, the LAPT kicks off its sixth season on Wednesday in Chile. Be sure to check the PokerStars blog for the rest of the week for reports from the Enjoy Casino & Resort in Viña del Mar, Chile. And of course EPT London is already underway as well, so check those reports, too.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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