fahim69 defeats Connor "blanconegro" Drinan to win 09/03/13 Super Tuesday

Another week gave the top players in the world a chance to battle it out for a big payday in a smaller, deeper tournament. The big buy-in tournament continues to draw the best online grinders and 440 of them put up the $1,050 to play. It was a talented field but only 54 of those were set to earn part of the $440,000 prizepool with the winner schedule to pick up more than $84,000.

The slow structure and deep stacks gave them plenty of ammunition to use and it was nine hours before buckguy2200 was knocked out in 10th to set the final table. Young professional Connor "blanconegro" Drinan was the biggest name among those nine and he also held the chiplead. Drinan's records show $2.5 million career online tournament earnings along with a final table appearance at 2013 World Series of Poker.

Final Table chip counts:

Seat 1: ace_roth21 (245,020 in chips)
Seat 2: fahim69 (87,909 in chips)
Seat 3: OffpoZition (362,594 in chips)
Seat 4: g0epr0 (361,976 in chips)
Seat 5: ovv77 (126,934 in chips)
Seat 6: hunter_az533 (361,695 in chips)
Seat 7: Powergolf (158,264 in chips)
Seat 8: blanconegro (400,794 in chips)
Seat 9: bar-bar9999 (94,814 in chips)

ovv77 rivers a straight, eliminated in 9th

ovv77 began the final table in the bottom third of the chip counts but plenty to work but things did not start or end well. Most of them went in fahim69's direction and ovv77 was all-in for the final 6,110 in the big blind.

Connor "blanconegro" Drinan opened to 14,400 in middle position and bar-bar9999 on his immediate left three-bet to 34,984. Drinan was the only one to come along to see the K♠T♦Q♣ flop.

Drinan check called when bar-bar9999 bet out 32,984 before the J♠ turn and Drinan checked again. bar-bar9999 once again led for a smooth 42,984 and Drinan came along.

Drinan checked a third time after the 9♣ and bar-bar9999 shoved for his final 67,771 into the 233,000 pot. Drinan finally let his hand go before bar-bar9999 showed K♣A♥ for the flopped top pair top kicker and turned Broadway straight.

ovv77 showed 7♣8♣ for the rivered straight but it was second best. The Ten-high straight wasn't good enough and ovv77 was knocked out in 9th place for $7,304.

View the hand below:

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Powergolf can't power through, eliminated in 8th

It took just a few more minutes before another short stack was all-in. Powergolf's stack slipped lower in the early parts of final table action and had a big percentage of the remaining chips committed to the big blind.

bar-bar9999 min-raised from early position before being called by ace_roth21 and Powergolf. The flop came 6♣2♠2♥ prompting Powergolf to shove for his final 25,405 and bar-bar9999 responded with a raise to 55,984.

ace_roth21 picked up the aggression and raised it up one more time to 93,600 and bar-bar9999 let the hand go. Powergolf tabled 6♠5♦ but the flopped two pair was behind ace_roth21's J♠J♦.

Powergolf was unable to find a miracle with the 9♠ turn or 8♥ and the Danish player was sent out of the tournament in 8th place for $9,900.

bar-bar9999 gets them in good, eliminated in 7th

bar-bar9999 was active at the final table and found a great spot towards the top of the leaderboard at the expense of Drinan.

blanconegro opened for a min-raise from the button before bar-bar9999 three-bet to 40,984 from the small blind. blanconegro put in a fourth bet for all his chips and had bar-bar9999 covered.

bar-bar9999 called for his final 130,073 with a dominant hand J♣J♠ against blanconegro's K♣J♦ but the dream of a big double-up was nearly crushed after the K♦8♠6♥ flop.

blanconegro hit one of his three overcards to take the lead and the situation didn't change with the 6♣ turn and 9♣ river. bar-bar9999 was in a great spot but was knocked out of the tournament in 7th place for $14,300.

ace_roth21 outdone by Ace, eliminated in 6th

Action slowed when they were six-handed and it took 40 minutes before another player was sent to the rail. ace_roth21 did not do well during that time and was under five big blinds before three-betting all-in for 43,921 after blanconegro opened for a min-raise.

OffpoZition, also shortstacked, moved all-in from the small blind for 85,828 which was enough to make blanconegro fold.

ace_roth21: K♣5♣
OffpoZition: A♦8♠

ace_roth21 needed help to stay alive and was given a chance by flopping top pair on the 4♥5♥2♥ board. The joy was short lived as OffpoZition moved back ahead on the A♥ turn and stayed that way with the overkill A♠ river.

ace_roth21 wasn't able to finish off a good week with a win but the result was an improvement on last week's 10th place finish. ace_roth21 collected $18,700 for finishing in 6th place.

View the hand below:

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OffpoZition gets slick, eliminated in 5th

The small blind theme and OffpoZition was still short stacked even after the knockout of ace_roth21. He open shoved for 148,249 from under the gun and Drinan called from the small blind.

OffpoZition's A♦K♠ was an excellent holding for five-handed play and was up against 8♦8♣. There was a good chance for a double up but Big Slick was drawing dead after the 8♥7♦4♣ flop.

The turn and river were an unimportant 5♥ and 4♦ to send OffpoZition out of the tournament in 5th place for $24,640.

g0epr0 goes home, eliminated in 4th

The small blind was on the wrong end of another hand at the final table and g0epr0 was in that spot. Drinan was once again the aggressor with a raise under the gun before g0epr0 shoved from the small blind for his final 146,314.

Drinan called and was ahead with A♦7♦ versus K♥9♦. Unlike most of the previous hands, there was no drama from the virtual dealer when the board ran out 5♠4♠3♣T♦8♣.

g0epr0 was another player having a good week but came up short in 4th place for $35,200.

hunter_az533 finds pair of ducks, eliminated in 3rd

The remaining three players pushed chips around for the better part of a half hour before two of them flipped a coin to move on.

fahim69 raised from the button and hunter_az533 moved all-in for 433,466 from the small blind. Drinan folded in the big blind and hunter_az533 called the bet for most of his stack with 2♠2♣.

fahim69 was holding two overs A♣T♥ and the race went in that direction on the K♠T♣3♣ flop leaving hunter_az533 looking for the two remaining deuces.

No love on the 9♥ turn or 4♥ river and hunter_az533 was knocked out in 3rd place for a nice $46,200.00 pay day.

fahim69 defeats blanconegro to win 09/03/13 Super Tuesday

blanconegro: 1,122,786
fahim69: 1,077,214

With fahim69 taking out hunter_az533 in 3rd place, the two remaining players were separated by just 46k and came to a heads up deal to chop up the money.

The two players were guaranteed almost the same amount of money regardless of the end and both were playing for $6,000 on the side. fahim69 pulled into a small lead after a few hands before the chips were in the middle.

It took a series of bets to get it done as Drinan opened to 36,000 and fahim69 pushed it to 72,000. The fourth bet was put in by Drinan to 177,777 before fahim69 five-bet shoved to put him all-in.

Drinan called with the best hand T♥T♦ but fahim69 was alive with K♣Q♠. The K♠J♣4♦ flop put fahim69 in the lead but Drinan picked up additional outs with the Q♣ turn.

It came to an end on the 6♦ river and fahim69 knocked off a very talented online professional in Drinan, who picked up $72,136 for the runner up finish. fahim69 earned a cool $75,000 for the win and second Super Tuesday final table.

09/03/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No Limit Hold'em):
440 entrants
$440,000 prize pool
54 places paid

1. fahim69 (Netherlands) - $75,000
2. Connor "blanconegro" Drinan - $72,136
3. hunter_az533 (Russia) - $46,200
4. g0epr0 (Norway) - $35,200
5. OffpoZition (Israel) - $24,640
6. ace_roth21 (Canada) - $18,700
7. bar-bar9999 (Israel) - $14,300
8. Powergolf (Denmark) - $9,900
9. ovv77 (Ukraine) - $7,304
* - denotes heads-way deal

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