LStrelec outlasts Kurganov, Obrestad, Batista, wins 8/20/13 Super Tuesday

This week's Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely attracts big fields and online poker's best, ended with a final table full of tough competitors. Among them were Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov, Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad, and Chad "lilholdem954" Batista, all of whom made the final half-dozen. But in the end it was LStrelec of Russia overcoming them all to win the tournament and a $104,120 first prize.

By the time the three hours of late registration closed Tuesday evening there were 548 entries altogether, thus building a prize pool of $548,000 and once again smashing the event's $300K guarantee.

It took about five hours and 45 minutes for the field to shrink down to 63 players and for the money bubble to burst, at which point Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov had surged out in front with more than 170,000 with F P C and AbOvE ThE D the closest challengers with just over 100,000 apiece.


Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov

A little less than two hours later the field had been cut down to 18 players with F P C having just been knocked out in 19th ($3,288) and AbOvE ThE D earlier hitting the rail in 40th ($2,740). Meanwhile Kurganov still sitting in first position, then with nearly 315,000, with Mr.Ingenious and Oljieha in the next two spots, both hovering around 250,000.

There were other familiar names among the final 18 along with Kurganov, including C. Darwin2, Assad91, iCeVeNoM, Chad "lilholdem954" Batista, and Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad. Those six would continue to push forward, all remaining in contention as the next nine players fell over the next hour.

POCHOLO95 (18th), nene1212 (17th), and getbutnaked (16th) picked up $4,384 each upon their eliminations. pvas2 (15th), Ansimans (14th), and Oljieha (13th) took away $5,480 apiece. And KaptianKush (12th), Mindalterer (11th), and DarKTeodorR (10th) each made $6,576 for their finishes.

Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov was still leading the way as the final table began.


Seat 1: LICO01 (Brazil) -- 252,285
Seat 2: Mr.Ingenious (Germany) -- 229,712
Seat 3: C. Darwin2 (Sweden) -- 79,698
Seat 4: LStrelec (Russia) -- 126,222
Seat 5: Assad91 (Norway) -- 470,334
Seat 6: Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov (United Kingdom) -- 620,095
Seat 7: Chad "lilholdem954" Batista (Mexico) -- 328,349
Seat 8: Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad (Norway) -- 336,940
Seat 9: iCeVeNoM (Canada) -- 296,365

The short stack C. Darwin2 battled gamely until they reached the nine-hour break,
then shortly afterwards Mr.Ingenious opened with a 2x raise to 16,000 from early position and C. Darwin2 reraised all in for 94,498 from a seat over. It folded back to Mr.Ingenious who called, showing J♦J♥ to C. Darwin2's A♠K♣. The board ran out Q♥T♣7♥Q♣3♠, and C. Darwin2 was out in ninth.

About an orbit later the blinds were still 4,000/8,000 when Assad91 raised to 16,000 from middle position, Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov called from next position, and Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad also called from the button. Then iCeVeNoM reraised all in for 98,956 from the small blind, and everyone folded except lechuckpoker.

Kurganov had K♣Q♦ while iCeVeNoM needed help with K♥J♠. The community cards came 7♥T♣4♥2♣A♥, and iCeVeNoM was eliminated in eighth.

The blinds increased to 4,500/9,000 and LICO01 raised to 18,000 from early position getting one caller in Assad91 from the button. The flop came J♣3♥J♥. LICO01 led for 27,000 and Assad91 called, then both watched the turn come Q♠. This time LICO01 checked, Assad91 bet 42,056, LICO01 raised to 98,775, and Assad91 called.

The river brought the 4♠ and when LICO01 led with an all-in shove for 126,210, Assad91 was there with the call. LICO01 showed A♣J♦ for trip jacks, but Assad91 had 3♣3♠ for a full house and LICO01 was knocked out in seventh.

On the very next hand Obrestad earned a double-up through Batista to survive, her A♣Q♦ outlasting his A♦8♥, the hand then prompting some chat box dialogue afterwards between the two longtime online poker rivals.

lilholdem954: gh gurl
Annette_15: :) good spot
lilholdem954: u always seem to find those vs me
Annette_15: lol ya i really do
lilholdem954: hehe gl
lilholdem954: this like the old days here

Alas for Batista, he'd be the next player to fall in sixth place after an encounter versus Kurganov.

With the blinds at 5,000/10,000, lechuckpoker opened for 20,000 from under the gun then Batista pushed all in for 253,000 even from the next seat. It folded back to Kurganov who called, showing Q♠Q♣ while lilholdem954 had 8♠8♦. Five cards later -- K♣5♦3♠3♥J♠ -- Batista was out and they were down to five.

Kurganov was in front again with more than 1.11 million, with Assad91 the next closest with just under 750,000.

Soon came a hand in which lechuckpoker limped in from the button for 10,000, Mr.Ingenious checked from the big blind, and the flop came 7♣T♠9♣. Mr.Ingenious checked, and when Kurganov bet 15,000, Mr.Ingenious check-raised all in for 163,302 and Kurganov called.

Mr.Ingenious: T♣6♠
lechuckpoker: A♣A♦

Mr.Ingenious had top pair and a gutshot straight draw while Kurganov's aces were ahead for the moment. The turn and river then brought two more sevens -- 7♦, then 7♠ -- and Kurganov's hand remained best as Mr.Ingenious was done in fifth.

The final four played on close to the 10-hour break and in the last hand before it arrived more fireworks occurred.

With the blinds at 6,000/12,000, Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad raised to 24,000 from under the gun, then LStrelec reraised to 59,874 from the button. It folded to lechuckpoker in the big blind who four-bet to 129,000, then Obrestad pushed all in for 460,520 total. LStrelec responded by pushing in as well for nearly 800,000, and Kurganov stepped aside.

Annette_15: 8♣8♠
LStrelec: Q♦Q♥

Obrestad needed help with her lesser pocket pair, but the board brought none, coming J♣7♥K♥6♠K♠ to end her Super Tuesday run in fourth.


Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad

Three-handed play went for a while, with LStrelec pushing out in front and lechuckpoker slipping back to third. Then Assad91 doubled back through LStrelec with A♥K♦ versus the leader's A♣2♣. Next Kurganov earned a double-up as well with 7♦6♦ versus Assad91's A♥T♣ when the board brought a couple of sevens.

"Still no number looking?" said Assad91 after that hand, and when Kurganov responded "not for me," play continued.

The blinds moved to 9,000/18,000, and soon Assad91 was raising 2x to 36,000 from the button. Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov reraised all in for 397,138 from the small blind, then LStrelec pushed all in over the top to force a fold from Assad91.

Kurganov was taking his chances with suited connectors again -- 9♠8♠ this time -- while LStrelec had A♠Q♥. This time lechuckpoker didn't survive, however. The flop came 4♥Q♠4♠ to pair LStrelec but also give Kurganov a flush draw, then the 8♥ on the turn provided more ways for him to survive. But the river was 6♥, and Kurganov was out.

Just two were left.

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LStrelec began the heads-up battle with the edge, having pushed up to 1,960,750 to Assad91's 779,250.

The pair battled for 20 minutes, reaching the 11-hour break with Assad91 having closed the gap by pushing up over 1.23 million to LStrelec's stack of just over 1.5 million.

They played nearly a half-hour more, with LStrelec extending the lead once again, then Assad91 doubling back with A♣K♣ versus LStrelec's A♠8♦. Three hands later LStrelec had 1,530,250 and Assad91 had 1,209,750 when the final hand took place.

The blinds were up to 15,000/30,000, and Assad91 opened with a raise to 60,000. LStrelec came back with a reraise to 141,583, Assad91 pushed all in, and LStrelec called.

LStrelec turned over A♣8♦ -- the same hand that had been beaten before -- while Assad91 was hoping 4♣4♠ would prevail this time. But the flop came 9♣Q♦8♥ to pair LStrelec's eight. The turn was the T♦ and river the 5♠, and it was all over. LStrelec had won!

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Congratulations to LStrelec for overcoming another big Super Tuesday field and talented final table to win this week's tourney and a six-figure first prize!

8/20/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results

Players: 548
Prize pool: $548,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. LStrelec (Russia) -- $104,120.00
2. Assad91 (Norway) -- $76,720.00
3. Igor "lechuckpoker" Kurganov (United Kingdom) -- $56,170.00
4. Annette "Annette_15" Obrestad (Norway) -- $42,744.00
5. Mr.Ingenious (Germany) -- $30,140.00
6. Chad "lilholdem954" Batista (Mexico) -- $23,290.00
7. LICO01 (Brazil) -- $17,810.00
8. iCeVeNoM (Canada) -- $12,300.00
9. C. Darwin2 (Sweden) -- $9,096.80

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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