Nice start to year for quirino jamb, 1/1/13 Super Tuesday champ

The first Super Tuesday of 2013 is in the books, with quirino jamb of Brazil topping another big field to earn a cool $86,930.70 to start off the new year. Before discussing quirino jamb's triumph, though, let's use this first day of the year to look back for a moment on the last 12 months' worth of Super Tuesdays.

Looking Back at 2012

During 2011, the largest Super Tuesday field was 484 (in January). And back in 2010 there had been a 487-player field once, though nothing greater. But 2012 saw new standards set for the weekly $1,050 buy-in no-limit hold'em tournament, with 500-player fields occurring no less than seven times!

A new Super Tuesday record was set on 3/20/12 when 540 players took part, with Calvin7v coming out on top for a record $102,600 first prize. That mark was then tied on 10/23/12 when 540 again participated, and mendezoo won to claim a record-equaling $102,600 score.

Then five of the last nine Super Tuesdays of 2012 again attracted 500 or more players, with the new all-time high being established on 10/30/12 when 547 played. OMGitshunt of Belarus won that night, taking away $103,930 for the biggest win to date in the Super Tuesday.

And three weeks ago Jon "apestyles" Van Fleet became the fourth player of the year to earn a six-figure score in the Super Tuesday when he won the 12/11/12 tournament to earn a $102,980 first prize. That win also made Van Fleet the only player to win two Super Tuesdays in 2012 after he won following a three-way chop back on 5/22/12.

In all, the Super Tuesday was staged 47 times in 2012, taking off only during the SCOOP and WCOOP series. The average field size for those events was a little over 443 players, with the $300K guarantee being met each and every tournament.

Kicking off 2013

The first Super Tuesday of the year saw a field of 453 take part, making 2013 start out by establishing a pace slightly ahead of that of last year. The $453,000 prize pool meant the $300K guarantee was easily met, with the top 54 finishers due to split the riches.

It would take over five-and-a-half hours for the cash bubble to burst, with a number of 2012 Super Tuesday champs falling along the way, including 11/6/12 winner Chilax Chuck (323rd), 11/27/12 winner treezer (322nd), 12/18/12 winner caipsa (316th), 7/24/12 winner NhFY (304th), 1/3/12 winner bar-bar9999 (tied 281st), 9/25/12 winner 3591omanyd (tied 281st), 7/31/12 winner a.S.e High (222nd), 12/25/12 winner olimasi7 (217th), 12/4/12 winner Damián "pampa27" Salas (95th), and 2/21/12 winner Dave798111 (85th).

By then GeoManousos had surged in front to lead with nearly 200,000 chips, well ahead of Stella948 in second position with just under 140,000. And one more 2012 Super Tuesday title-holder -- Ole "wizowizo" Schemion (who won the 4/3/12 tourney) was still alive as well.

Scheimon would hang on with a below-average stack as the field shrunk to three tables, then found himself all in with A♣A♥ against the K♣J♦ of still-leading GeoManousos. But the board ran out 7♠9♠7♥[10d]Q♦ to give GeoManousos a runner-runner straight and end wizowizo's run in 24th ($3,171).

It would take until after the tourney's eight-hour mark for the field to be trimmed to ten, during which stretch AmichaAK pushed ahead of GeoManousos into first position, then quirino jamb passed both to grab the top spot.

Among those just missing the final table were regskiller (18th), wozzle9 (17th), and caaaaamel (16th) each of whom earned $4,077; Stella948 (15th), TIPCHIK321 (14th), and Flsah Back (13th) who all realized $4,983 scores; and PiS.ToTo (12th) and ByaMarkes (11th) who both made $5,889.

The last 10 players then played hand-for-hand at two five-handed tables until mcdudeson was eliminated by 3daugth3rs in 10th place (also good for $5,889). In that hand mcdudeson was all in with a short stack with K♠T♥ against the J♥8♦ of 3daugth3rs, and was ahead until a jack spiked on the river.

All then waited for the hand to complete on the other table, one which began with a cutoff raise to 11,200 (2x) from FrenchDawg and a button call from jdw321. The flop came K♦T♠Q♠, FrenchDawg bet 12,455, and jdw321 called. The turn then brought the 2♣ and a bet of 24,555 from FrenchDawg. jdw321 jammed for 77,500 total, and FrenchDawg quickly called.

jdw321 had A♠Q♣ (a pair of queens), but FrenchDawg had flopped a straight with J♠9♦. The river was another queen, and jdw321 was out in ninth place.

Thus did the final table begin with only eight players, with jdw321's seat having been vacated.


Seat 1: Pumpingpoker (Russia) -- 71,615
Seat 2: quirino jamb (Brazil) -- 519,745
Seat 3: Angelical20 (Mexico) -- 177,100
Seat 4: GeoManousos (Greece) -- 256,583
Seat 5: FrenchDawg (Canada) -- 384,168
Seat 6: (empty)
Seat 7: 3daugth3rs (Philippines) -- 287,704
Seat 8: Cory "UGOTPZD" Carroll (Canada) -- 103,080
Seat 9: AmichaiAK (Israel) -- 465,005

Those eight had been playing for about 15 minutes when 3daugth3rs opened with a 2x raise to 12,800 from under the gun, then GeoManousos reraised to 32,184 from the small blind. 3daugth3rs called, and the pair saw the flop come 2♥3♥Q♥. GeoManousos continued for 34,880, and 3daugth3rs called. The turn was the 7♠, and this time GeoManousos bet 76,635, and 3daugth3rs called once more.

The river brought the 6♣ and an all-in shove for 165,140 from GeoManousos, and 3daugth3rs was there again with a call. GeoManousos had J♣T♣ -- a bluff -- while 3daugth3rs had the nuts with A♥T♥ for a flopped flush, thus ending GeoManousos's run in eighth.

Play continued a short while longer, then came a rush of activity that saw four eliminations happen within the space of just a half-dozen hands.

First, Pumpingpoker open-raised all in from early position for 48,476 (a little less than eight big blinds), and Angelical20 reraised from a couple of seats over, forcing folds all around. Pumpingpoker had K♦J♦ and Angelical20 A♥J♣, and when the board came J♠T♦6♥A♣2♥, Angelical20's two pair were best and Pumpingpoker was out in seventh.

On the very next hand quirino jamb opened for 16,000 from early position, Angelical20 reraised all in for 165,233 from a seat over, and all folded back to quirino jamb who snap-called, tabling K♦K♣ while Angelical20 showed 8♥8♦. The community cards came 4♥T♠6♠T♥K♠, giving quirino jamb a full house and sending Angelical20 railward in sixth.

On the next hand after that, Cory "UGOTPZD" Carroll open-jammed with K♣Q♥ from the button for 114,260 (nearly 16 big blinds) and quirino jamb called from the big blind with 9♠9♦. The board came 6♥2♣J♣2♥J♠, and Carroll became the third elimination in three hands, going out in fifth.

Two more hands passed, then came one in which quirino jamb limped in from UTG for 7,200, 3daugth3rs called from the small blind, and AmichaiAK checked from the big blind. The flop came Q♠8♣2♣ and 3daugth3rs checked. AmichaiAK bet 16,300, quirino jamb called, then 3daugth3rs check-raised to 50,400. AmichaiAK responded by reraising to 99,425, quirino jamb called the reraise, and 3daugth3rs folded.

The turn then brought the A♣ and a check from AmichaiAK. quirino jamb bet 108,000, AmichaiAK check-raised all in for 226,540, and quirino jamb called. AmichaiAK had 2♦2♥ for a flopped set of deuces, but quirino jamb had made a better set on the turn with his A♥A♦. The river was the 3♦, and suddenly just three players remained.

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The final trio played on a short while, then paused proceedings to talk about a possible deal. At that point quirino jamb led with nearly 1.4 million, 3daugth3rs was next with about 557,000, and FrenchDawg third with just over 313,000. The players couldn't come to terms, however, and played on, soon reaching the nine-hour break.

On the first hand back from the break, the blinds were 3,600/7,200 when quirino jamb raised to 14,400 from the small blind, then FrenchDawg pushed all in for 130,623 from the big blind, getting a call from quirino jamb.

French Dawg: K♣3♣
quirino jamb: A♣A♥

Bad timing for French Dawg, as quirino jamb had picked up aces yet again. The board came T♥9♥2♦9♦4♠, and French Dawg was done in third.

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After having knocked out the last four players, quirino jamb enjoyed the lead to start heads-up play with 1,400,575 to 3daugth3rs's 864,425. But the swiftness of those eliminations meant the pair's stacks were especially deep, with quirino jamb's worth about 195 big blinds while 3daugth3rs began their duel with about 120 big blinds' worth of chips.

It wouldn't take long, though, for quirino jamb to begin whittling away at the stack of 3daugth3rs, and after about 15 minutes had 3daugth3rs down to less than 260,000. Then with the blinds at 4,500/9,000, quirino jamb opened for 22,500 from the button and 3daugth3rs called. The flop came 3♥4♣4♦. 3daugth3rs checked, quirino jamb bet 18,000, 3daugth3rs raised to 58,500, quirino jamb pushed all in, and 3daugth3rs called.

3daugth3rs had K♥3♣ for fours and treys, but quirno jamb had the same two pair with a slightly better kicker with A♥3♦. The turn then brought the A♣, meaning 3daugth3rs was drawing dead by the time the 8♦ fell on the end.

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Congratulations to quirino jamb, the first Super Tuesday winner of 2013!

1/1/13 Super Tuesday final table results:
1st: quirino jamb (Brazil) -- $86,930.70
2nd: 3daugth3rs (Philippines) -- $64,552.50
3rd: FrenchDawg (Canada) -- $47,565.00
4th: AmichaiAK (Israel) -- $36,240.00
5th: Cory "UGOTPZD" Carroll (Canada) -- $25,368.00
6th: Angelical20 (Mexico) -- $19,252.50
7th: Pumpingpoker (Russia) -- $14,722.50
8th: GeoManousos (Greece) -- $10,192.50
9th: jdw321 (United Kingdom) -- $7,519.80

Entrants: 453
Prize pool: $453,000
Places paid: 54

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