No match for Magardan in 6/25/13 Super Tuesday

There were two Greeks and three players from the United Kingdom on today's Super Tuesday final table, but in the end it came down to a battle of Germany with a heads-up contest between countrymen Magardan and CrownUpGuy for the title. We don't know if they are friends, or even know each other in real life. A quick heads-up deal indicated a truce, but the epic battle that followed reminded us that there are no friends on the poker table. CrownUpGuy looked like coming back from a hefty chip disadvantage, but in the end Magardan held his nerve to claim the win and over $80,000 in prize money.

The $1,050 Super Tuesday attracted 462 players as the World Series of Poker continues to provide great value for those grinders who prefer to stay home rather than endure the perils of Sin City. The prize pool of $462,000 would be shared amongst the top 54 place finishers.

Caio Pessagno, Stavros Kalfas and Johnny Lodden were the only Team PokerStars Pros in the field but the trio all fell short of the money. Also missing the cash was Fresh_oO_D from Germany who was our unlucky bubble in 55th place.

With three tables to go it was justnl2 from Greece with a commanding chip lead, with Canadian ottenbreit and CrownUpGuy also prominent, and when the short-stacked Dutch 1713 lost a preflop race with Q♦9♥ against Magardan's pocket sixes, our final table was set:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: Magardan (510,900 in chips)
Seat 2: simon1471 (139,740 in chips)
Seat 3: Cejakas14 (219,830 in chips)
Seat 4: aj66johnson (379,827 in chips)
Seat 5: justnl2 (227,252 in chips)
Seat 6: CrownUpGuy (251,302 in chips)
Seat 7: ottenbreit (203,437 in chips)
Seat 8: Gribnogrib (181,975 in chips)
Seat 9: GeoManousos (195,737 in chips)

The final table blinds kicked off at 2,000/4,000/500 so there was plenty of room to move, but that didn't stop Magardan from getting aggressive with A♣4♣ to give an early double up to justnl2's K♣K♦.

Magardan continued the aggression and it worked in an interesting spot against both GeoManousos and simon1471:

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GeoManousos may have been trying to isolate against the short stack but ended up losing the coin flip against Magardan to be bundled out in 9th place for $7,669.20.

Magardan was into a commanding chip lead with nearly three times the nearest rival, while simon1471 was in trouble after getting caught in the middle of the earlier hand. However simon1471 was able to make another pay jump after former SCOOP winner Gribnogrib got a little unlucky. Gribnogrib three-bet jammed with A♥Q♥ with aj66johnson committing to a call holding a rather dominated A♠T♠ but aj66johnson improved with the only pair on the board of 4♦T♦3♦7♠9♠. Gribnogrib had to be content with $10,395 for 8th place.

simon1471 was only able to survive just one more hand, moving all in for a little under ten big blinds with 4♥4♠ only to run into justnl2 bigger pair of 8♠8♣. No help on the board of Q♥2♥7♦A♠T♥ saw simon1471 receive $15,015 for 7th place.

ottenbreit was next to go with the action unfolding on a flop of A♠8♦T♥. After three-bet squeezing preflop from the big blind, aj66johnson sneakily checked the flop to ottenbreit who moved all in with A♥6♦ for top pair but aj66johnson snapped it off with 8♠8♣ for a set of snowmen. The Q♠ turn and 2♦ river completed the board, leaving ottenbreit on the rail in 6th place for $19,635.

Moments later we witnessed the biggest pot of the tournament to date with some crafty preflop play followed by a crushing bad beat:

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A fortunate CrownUpGuy doubled through with quads to leave justnl2 crippled. Despite one double up to stay alive, justnl2 was unable to recover and shortly after was all in with A♠6♦ against Magardan's K♠T♠. The board was spread 7♠8♦T♥6♠7♦ to deliver a pair of tens for Magardan to end justnl2's run in 5th place for $25,872.

Magardan broke through the one million chip mark with the nut flush against CrownUpGuy, but for the most part, four-handed play was a relatively tight affair. However the deadlock was broken when Magardan and aj66johnson tangled with a five-bet preflop before the chips were all in on the flop of A♣5♥8♦. aj66johnson had shoved with A♥3♥ but Magardan had a relative monster with A♦K♦. The 7♠ turn and 6♣ river rolled off to see aj66johnson eliminated in 4th place for $36,960.

If four-handed play was tight, then three-handed play was nothing short of epic as the players dug their heels in and battled with great intensity. Magardan still held a big chip lead and that was helped further with a turned straight that was paid off on the river against CrownUpGuy.

As the two big stacks tangled, Cejakas14 was forced to sit back and wait patiently for a spot to get involved. When CrownUpGuy opened from the button, Cejakas14 moved all in for a little over 16 big blinds with an adventurous T♠4♠. Cejakas14 was hoping to take down the re-steal uncontested, but it was all bad news as not only did CrownUpGuy make the call, but tabled a dominant A♣T♦. It was all over on the flop with the board spread 6♥A♦A♠4♦2♦ to see Cejakas14 collect an impressive $48,510 for a fine 3rd place result.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: Magardan (1,458,519 in chips)
Seat 6: CrownUpGuy (851,481 in chips)

Magardan won a nice pot on the first hand of heads-up play between the two Germans to extend the advantage before the players paused the clock to take a look at potential deal numbers. The presented numbers were quickly accepted by both players, with the title and an additional $6,000 left in the middle to play for.

The players exchanged a few pots before a massive pot erupted out of nowhere. The action was checked through to the river before all hell broke loose:

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Magardan could taste the win with a rivered straight but the same card gave CrownUpGuy the flush for a big double up. Incredibly, the chips swung back around just one hand later when Magardan doubled up with A♥K♦ against CrownUpGuy's A♠T♣.

CrownUpGuy wasn't done just yet, chipping away at the lead before winning a nice pot with a Broadway straight to snatch back the chip lead. However two keys hands went the way of Magardan to bring the tournament to a conclusion.

The first saw Magardan make a nice call down, surviving three barrels with K♠6♥ on a board of 5♣A♠T♠K♥7♣ to better CrownUpGuy's bluff with J♠8♦. A few moments later it was Magardan firing three barrels on the board of 9♣5♠2♦A♣T♦. CrownUpGuy put tournament life on the line to call it down with A♥8♣, but Magardan's A♦Q♦ was too strong to grab the victory! CrownUpGuy received a post-deal amount of $72,035.99 for 2nd place with Magardan winning the Super Tuesday for $82,456.81 in prize money!

Super Tuesday Final Table Results
Entrants: 462
Prize pool: $462,000.00
Place paid: 54

1st Magardan (Germany) - $82,456.81*
2nd CrownUpGuy (Germany) - $72,035.99*
3rd Cejakas14 (United Kingdom) - $48,510.00
4th aj66johnson (United Kingdom) - $36,960.00
5th justnl2 (Greece) - $25,872.00
6th ottenbreit (Canada) - $19,635.00
7th simon1471 (United Kingdom) - $15,015.00
8th Gribnogrib (Russia) - $10,395.00
9th GeoManousos (Greece) - $7,669.20

* denotes heads-up deal

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.