Speedpokah races to six-figure win in 2/5/13 Super Tuesday

For the third week running, the PokerStars Super Tuesday cracked the 500-player mark as the equal second largest field of 547 took part to form a healthy $547,000 prize pool. It exceeded the guarantee and ensured that the winner would take home a very attractive six-figure score. In the end, it came down to Australia versus Finland, with Speedpokah overcoming chip deficit and a talented heads-up opponent to claim victory for Finland.

Speedpokah was joined in the field by several Team PokerStars Pros including Mickey Petersen, Caio Pessagno, Christian de León, Max Lykov and 2009 World Champion Joe Cada, but sadly they all missed the money for the top 63 players.

Also missing the money was Illini213 from Costa Rica who was the unfortunate bubble in 64th place, falling short of the $2,406.80 min-cash.

Such is the tremendous structure of the Super Tuesday, it was almost nine hours until the final table was formed. Buschi22 had blinded down to around four big blinds and found that 3♣K♥ was no match for oncommand's 5♣K♠ to see Buschi22 out in 10th place as our final table looked a little something like this:


Final Table Line up
Seat 1: mjw006 (157,298 in chips)
Seat 2: hunter_az533 (236,480 in chips)
Seat 3: yurasov1990 (130,541 in chips)
Seat 4: olimasi77 (137,250 in chips)
Seat 5: oncommand (395,080 in chips)
Seat 6: lilholdem954 (776,826 in chips)
Seat 7: psjebemvas (280,447 in chips)
Seat 8: Speedpokah (350,929 in chips)
Seat 9: Greenstone25 (270,149 in chips)

It was a stacked final table lineup with several well-known young poker pros and a couple of players with previous success on the PokerStars felt.

The final table started with a bang when Australian protégé Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman disposed of yurasov1990 in brutal fashion:

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True to his username, there was a six on the end for mjw006 to see yurasov1990 fall in unfortunate fashion in 9th place for $9,080.20 in prize money.

hunter_az533 landed a double up with pocket jacks against the ace-king of fast-talking Chad "lilholdem954" Batista, before olimasi77 did likewise with pocket sixes against the ace-king of Brandon "oncommand" Meyers.

It left oncommand on the short stack, before an open-jam with J♣K♦ ran smack into the A♠A♥ of lilholdem954. The board was spread 3♠Q♥Q♣Q♠7♣ to leave Brandon "oncommand" Meyers to collect $12,307.50 for 8th place.

olimasi77 was next to go and it was the same combination of cards, but this time in reverse, that did the damage. The chips weren't in the middle until the turn on the board of T♥4♠3♥K♦. olimasi77 bet small before psjebemvas moved all in. olimasi77 made the call with A♣A♠, only to see the aces cracked by the K♥J♥ of psjebemvas when the Q♥ on the river completed the flush. olimasi77 picked up $17,777.50 for 7th place.

psjebemvas held the lead six-handed, but lilholdem954 stormed back into contention when he spiked a flush on the turn holding J♣T♣ to crack mjw006's pocket queens.

mjw006 was knocked down to the short stack but pulled a double up with Q♥7♠ spiking two pair to better lilholdem954's A♣K♣. mjw006 then landed another double with pocket nines holding against psjebemvas' A♥Q♥ to get right back into contention.

As mjw006 rose, lilholdem954 continued to slide with a 2♣8♥4♠T♦A♠ board proving unfortunate for his A♥4♥ as Speedpokah found a better two pair with A♣T♠ for the double up.

The biggest pot of the final table then unfolded on a flop of A♣6♥2♣ as mjw006's set of deuces got maximum value from psjebemvas' A♥K♠. mjw006 was back into the lead as Greenstone25 struggled to find a spot to get involved. Greenstone25 eventually committed ten big blinds with K♣Q♦ with Speedpokah making the call in the big blind with A♦J♠. The board of 5♠4♠J♦9♣6♣ paired the jack which was enough for Speedpokah to take it down. Greenstone25 took home $23,247.50 for 6th place.

lilholdem954's rollercoaster ride came to an end in 5th place, with mjw006 once again his tormenter:

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Both players found a flush through the back door, but mjw006 held the superior flush to see Chad "lilholdem954" Batista fall in 5th place for $30,085 in prize money.

mjw006 was into the chip lead, and was playing with plenty of confidence until he pushed his luck a little too far against hunter_az533 who made a tremendous call with tournament life on the line:

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That blow didn't slow mjw006 as moments later he bet and then moved all in on a flop of 2♣7♣9♣. His opponent was psjebemvas who took a moment to make sure before making the call with 9♠7♠ for top two pair. mjw006 showed 8♣8♦ and was looking for an eight or a club to land another fatal strike. He didn't have to wait long as the K♣ appeared on the turn to give mjw006 the flush before the 4♥ river completed the board. psjebemvas was sent to the rail in 4th place for $42,666.

At this point the three remaining players entertained the idea of a deal:

hunter_az533 said, "deal?"
Speedpokah said, "numbers? deal? chop?"
hunter_az533 said, "ok"
Speedpokah said, "mjw?"
mjw006 said, "rather play it out"
Speedpokah said, "alright"
Speedpokah said, "play then"

mjw006 appeared uninterested, but moments later changed his mind:

mjw006 said, "actually lets take a look, im curious"

Both ICM and chip chop numbers were offered, but it appeared that curiosity was all it was as mjw006 quickly requested a restart.

hunter_az533 said, "i want $70000"
mjw006 said, "then wait for either I or speed to bust"
mjw006 said, ";)"

The three-handed battle was an intense one, but mjw006 remained in control, slowly chipping away at his opponents. Most of the pots were small, but mjw006 was winning more than his fair share.

One interesting spot saw mjw006 bet on a board of 5♠8♥8♠6♦7♠, but then fold to a small shove from hunter_az533, with mjw006 flashing the 9♣.

It appeared that mjw006 was intent on picking his spots wisely, but when hunter_az533 cold four-bet jammed over an open and three-bet, mjw006 was prepared to gamble as he made the call with 5♦5♣. hunter_az533 showed A♣J♦ for the overcards but couldn't connect on the board of 2♣2♥8♦6♥5♥. A great run by hunter_az533 as the Russian pocketed $56,067.50 for 3rd place.

Heads-up chip counts
Seat 1: mjw006 (1,933,767 in chips)
Seat 8: Speedpokah (801,233 in chips)

Speedpokah realised the task at hand with Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman specializing for many years as heads-up player:

Speedpokah said, "i suppose u dont wanna chop HU :P"
Speedpokah said, "since ur pro on HU"
mjw006 said, "yea lets play gl"

Speedpokah was able to hold his own before a key hand saw Speedpokah three-bet preflop and then fire three barrels of fury on a board of 4♠2♦A♠3♣4♥. mjw006 called it down with A♥T♠ but Speedpokah had caught good with 5♠6♥ for a deceptive straight for the massive double up to swing the contest on its head.

mjw006 fought back with a double up holding A♠7♦, spiking an ace on the flop to better Speedpokah's 7♥7♠, but the lucky sevens would pay off in the end.

A few hands later, Speedpokah three-bet jammed 7♦7♥ and the race was on as mjw006 made the call with A♦J♦. The flop was a bare 6♦Q♥8♣ but the 4♦ was an interesting turn card as mjw006 added flush outs. It wasn't to be, as the 4♣ bricked the river to see Matthew "mjw006" Wakeman pocket $76,580 for 2nd place after a fine tournament.

After finishing in 6th place in this event just two weeks ago, Speedpokah this time was able to go all the way to win the Super Tuesday for Finland and $103,930 in prize money. Congratulations!

Super Tuesday Final Table Results
Entrants: 547
Prize pool: $547,000
Place paid: 63

1st Speedpokah (Finland) - $103,930.00
2nd mjw006 (Australia) - $76,580.00
3rd hunter_az533 (Russia) - $56,067.50
4th psjebemvas (Serbia) - $42,666.00
5th lilholdem954 (Mexico) - $30,085.00
6th Greenstone25 (Sweden) - $23,247.50
7th olimasi77 (Germany) - $17,777.50
8th oncommand (Mexico) - $12,307.50
9th yurasov1990 (Belarus) - $9,080.20

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.