Straight to first for stato_1, 5/28/13 Super Tuesday champ

It has been a wild couple of weeks around here, with the 2013 Spring Championship of Online Poker setting records as the richest ever online poker tournament series. The Super Tuesday took a couple of weeks off during the SCOOP, and so we'll forgive a little post-SCOOP hangover perhaps affecting the turnout for this week's $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament. Even so, there were 448 participating in this week's tourney, a field ultimately topped by the U.K.'s Andrew "stato_1" Hulme who won $74,000 for first following a three-way final table deal.

That turnout may have snapped a 17-week streak of 500-plus player fields for the Super Tuesday, but still created a prize pool of $448,000 -- well over the event's $300K guarantee -- with the top 54 finishers dividing the loot.

After four hours of poker on Tuesday just 100 were left, with Ytris1990, patronemesmo, and arxigos sitting atop the counts as the only players with more than 60,000 chips. Then an hour-and-a-half later they were on the money bubble, and with 55 players left Ytris1990 still enjoyed the chip lead.

That's when Ashley "DYBYDX" Mason put a stack of about 21 big blinds at risk before the flop with A♦K♣ versus Karel "czlol" Kratochvíl's J♥J♣. A king flopped for Mason, but a jack fell on the turn to give czlol a set. An ace on the river was then salt in the wound for Mason, the unfortunate 55th-place finisher.

A little under two hours later they were down to 18 players, with GaborMarton having grabbed first position with more than 280,000 while Team PokerStars Pro Christian "el grillo" de León was among the eliminated in 41st place ($2,464).

Over the next 40 minutes nine more fell as Spowi07 moved ahead of everyone with more than 450,000. Karel "czlol" Kratochvíl (18th), pistecaloze (17th), and Yann "yadio" Dion (16th) each earned $4,032; GoodStoryBro (15th), marlin5555 (14th), and tassen1 (13th) made $4,928 apiece; and TranquilMind (12th), Bryan "bparis" Paris (11th), and kleopl (10th) each took away $5,824.

The final table was underway.


Seat 1: Mcrizel (Brazil) -- 194,170
Seat 2: James "jimbomber" Finigan (United Kingdom) -- 346,338
Seat 3: Ytris1990 (Norway) -- 297,266
Seat 4: VL-Hannibal (United Kingdom) -- 145,600
Seat 5: Spowi07 (Austria) -- 455,945
Seat 6: Andrew "stato_1" Hulme (United Kingdom) -- 207,582
Seat 7: Gustavo "PIUlimeira" Goto (Brazil) -- 120,067
Seat 8: GaborMarton (Israel) -- 148,220
Seat 9: moneyinbag (Mexico) -- 324,812

It would take about a half-hour for anyone to fall from the final table, during which time the blinds increased to 3,600/7,200.

Spowi07 -- still leading -- opened with a raise to 14,400 from the hijack seat, then Gustavo "PIUlimeira" Goto reraised all in for 78,568 from the button. The blinds folded, but Spowi07 called, showing A♦8♦ to Goto's A♠J♣.

The flop was bad for PIUlimeira, coming 5♠8♣T♣ to pair Spowi07's kicker. The turn was the Q♣ and river the 4♦, and Goto was out in ninth.

It was just before the tourney reached the nine-hour mark that Ytris1990 fell in eighth.

Following a 2x raise to 14,400 from under the gun by Andrew "stato_1" Hulme, it folded to Ytris1990 on the button who pushed for 81,370 and when folded back to Hulme called.

Ytris1990 had 5♦5♣ and was hoping the pair would hold versus stato_1's A♥T♣. But the board came A♣K♥Q♣2♣6♣, giving Hulme a flush and sending Ytris1990 railward.

About 15 minutes later the blinds were 4,000/8,000 when VL-Hannibal raised all in for 51,520 from the button and only Spowi07 called from the small blind.

VL-Hannibal had Q♣8♥ and needed help against Spowi07's A♣6♠. But the community cards came 7♣9♦9♠, then K♠, then 7♥, and VL-Hannibal's run had ended in seventh.

On the very next hand, Mcrizel open-shoved for 74,833 from early position and got a single caller in Andrew "stato_1" Hulme from the small blind.

Much like in Ytris1990's elimination hand, Mcrizel had 5♣5♠ and was hoping to withstand five community cards offering any improvement to Hulme's two overcards, in this case A♠7♦. The small pair did hold through the 6♦2♦J♠ flop and 9♠ turn, but the river was the 7♣ and Mcrizel was bounced in sixth.

Soon players began talking in the chatbox about discussing a possible deal to divide the remaining prize money. Spowi07 still led with more than 958,000, Andrew "stato_1" Hulme was next with just under 494,000, GaborMarton was third with a little less than 360,000, James "jimbomber" Finigan was fourth with about 238,000, and moneyinbag fifth with about 190,000.

Play was finally paused, and both "chip chop" and "ICM" numbers were shared, each saving $6,000 for which to play. Much back-and-forthing ensued, and in the end no deal could be agreed upon and play continued.

The 10-hour break soon came and went, then Andrew "stato_1" Hulme min-raised to 20,000 from the cutoff seat, and moneyinbag reraised all in for 201,405 from the small blind. It folded back to Hulme who quickly called, showing A♠K♣ to moneyinbag's A♥8♥.

The community cards came 2♠T♦4♣5♥Q♦, and moneyinbag was out in fifth.

Just a few hands later James "jimbomber" Finigan earned a big double-up after picking up A♣A♦ versus GaborMarton's A♥Q♥ to win most of the latter's chips.

GaborMarton would last three more hands, then on the fourth was all in with A♣9♠ versus Spowi07's A♠J♣. The board came 5♥5♦T♠5♣8♥, and GaborMarton was out in fourth.

The final trio stopped play once more to talk about a deal with Spowi07 leading (with 975,761), Andrew "stato_1" Hulme next (with 911,535), and James "jimbomber" Finigan third (with 352,704). Again adjustments were deemed necessary, but at long last an agreement was reached and with $6,000 still on the table cards were back in the air.

Several orbits passed, then Spowi07 took a significant hit in a hand versus stato_1 in which the latter flopped a set of eights and managed to earn three post-flop streets of value. A bit later the blinds were 6,000/12,000 when jimbomber open-shoved from the small blind and Spowi07 quickly called all in for 412,721.

jimbomber had A♦8♦ and Spowi07 A♠Q♦, then the flop fell 4♣4♠8♥ to swing the advantage Finigan's way. The turn was the 5♦ and river the 6♣, and Spowi07 was out in third.

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That hand gave James "jimbomber" Finigan the edge to begin heads-up play with 1,230,175 versus fellow Brit Andrew "stato_1" Hulme's 1,009,825.

After 30 hands Finigan still led although the gap had narrowed somewhat. Then with the blinds at 7,000/14,000 a hand arose in which Hulme raised to 28,000 from the button and Finigan called, and the flop brought three small cards -- 5♠6♣3♠. Finigan led for 42,000, Hulme made it 112,000, jimbomber reraised all in and stato_1 called with the 1,019,725 left.

Finigan had 3♥2♥ for bottom pair and a gutshot while Hulme had Q♥6♥ for top pair of sixes, and after the T♠ turn and K♦ river, stato_1 suddenly had more than 2.15 million while jimbomber was down to less than 85,000.

Two hands later Hulme was open-pushing from the button with 7♠4♠ and Finigan called with A♠5♥, and when the board came 2♠4♣T♦Q♦7♣ to give Hulme two pair, the tournament had been won.

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Congratulations to Andrew "stato_1" Hulme for taking down the last Super Tuesday of May, and kudos also to James "jimbomber" Finigan and Spowi07 for making it to the three-way deal to ensure themselves nice paydays as well.

5/28/13 Super Tuesday ($1,050 no-limit hold'em) results (*reflects three-way deal)

Players: 448
Total prize pool: $448,000
Places paid: 54

1. Andrew "stato_1" Hulme (United Kingdom) $74,000.00*
2. James "jimbomber" Finigan (United Kingdom) $55,077.03*
3. Spowi07 (Austria) $67,774.17*
4. GaborMarton (Israel) $35,840.00
5. moneyinbag (Mexico) $25,088.00
6. Mcrizel (Brazil) $19,040.00
7. VL-Hannibal (United Kingdom) $14,560.00
8. Ytris1990 (Norway) $10,080.00
9. Gustavo "PIUlimeira" Goto (Brazil) $7,436.80

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