all in 2526 wins second Super Tuesday this year, earns $111,510 (10/7/14)

While live tournament series are happening all over the globe -- including the recently completed UKIPT Isle of Man tournaments and the UKIPT and EPT London stops coming up -- the Super Tuesday nonetheless saw a big boost in numbers this week with 590 players taking part. That group built a big prize pool of $590,000, well above the event's $400K guarantee, and after just over 10-and-a-half hours it was Israel's all in 2526 earning the victory and largest share of the prize pool, taking away $111,510 for the win -- the second Super Tuesday title for all in 2526 in just a few months after having won it back in early July.

After a little over four-and-a-half hours that big field had been carved down to just 100 players, with last week's ninth-place finisher Pascal "pistecaloze" Vos leading the way and approaching the 100,000-chip mark. About an hour after that the money bubble burst, and with 72 players remaining Vos had slipped just outside the top 20 while Fernando "fviana" Viana had moved into first position with a little over 125,000.

They pushed onward and shortly after the tournament's seven-and-a-half-hour mark just 18 players remained gathered around the final two tables. Alex "alex.rivero" Rivero was the new chip leader, having built a stack of more than 400,000 when the nearest challenger, Bryan "bparis" Paris had just over 290,000 with Fernando "fviana" Viana not far behind in third. Meanwhile Pascal "pistecaloze" Vos had recently exited in 21st ($3,540).

An hour passed, then after a short while longer just nine were left. Michael "Stella948" Kanaan (18th), mikl21221 (17th), and pyszalek (16th) each picked up $4,720 paydays for their finishes. Zimnan "Zimmy86" Ziyard (15th), Luke "lb6121" Schwartz (14th), and Chris "Moorman1" Moorman (13th) were the next three to go, each earning $5,900. And king2173 (12th), knutante (11th), and sslazio904 (10th) took away $7,080 apiece.

With tnxcomeagain the new chip leader with more than 880,000, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: McBluff17 (Canada) -- 227,882
Seat 2: fred_volpe (Brazil) -- 353,658
Seat 3: dynamoM (Russia) -- 200,355
Seat 4: Bryan "bparis" Paris (Canada) -- 444,000
Seat 5: all in 2526 (Israel) -- 205,828
Seat 6: Alex "alex.rivero" Rivero (Brazil) -- 71,560
Seat 7: tnxcomeagain (Greece) -- 880,237
Seat 8: Fernando "fviana" Viana (Brazil) -- 435,627
Seat 9: Randal "RandALLin" Flowers (Mexico) -- 130,853

They hadn't quite gotten through one orbit at the final table when Bryan "bparis" Paris -- down under 230,000 after having lost a preflop all-in versus all in 2526 -- min-raised to 14,400 from the hijack seat. It folded to tnxcomeagain on the button who reraised to 39,600, then when it folded back to Paris he shoved for 227,372 total and tnxcomeagain called.

Paris had A♥Q♥ and was racing against tnxcomeagain's J♠J♥. The flop came 7♣7♥J♦, suddenly improving tnxcomeagain to a full house, and by the T♦ turn Paris was already drawing dead to finish in ninth.

The remaining eight pushed past the nine-hour mark, then about 25 minutes after that the blinds were 4,500/9,000 when fred_volpe raised to 18,000 from middle position, then Alex "alex.rivero" Rivero reraised all in for 135,241 from the small blind and fred_volpe called.

Rivero had A♦9♥ and needed to improve versus fred_volpe's Q♣Q♦. But the board rolled out 2♣K♦9♠6♥T♠, and Rivero was out in eighth.

Shortly after that hand Randal "RandALLin" Flowers open-raised all in for 74,503 from early position and got one caller in chip leader tnxcomeagain from the big blind. Flowers had T♥8♥ and tnxcomeagain A♣Q♣. The community cards came 2♥9♠3♦, then 9♣, then 3♣, and Flowers was eliminated in seventh.

About 10 minutes later the blinds were 5,000/10,000 when fred_volpe raised to 20,000 from the button. dynamoM three-bet all in to 40,049 from the small blind, then all in 2526 reraised again to 70,000 from the big blind and fred_volpe stepped aside.

dynamoM had K♦T♦ and all in 2526 A♦J♣. The board came 2♣8♠Q♥J♠8♥, giving all in 2526 a pair of jacks and leaving dynamoM unimproved, sending the latter out in sixth.

Play continued, and just before the tourney's 10-hour mark fred_volpe open-raised all in from the small blind for 158,205 (just over 13 big blinds) and all in 2526 called from a seat over. fred_volpe had K♥9♥ and all in 2526 A♥7♦, and five cards later -- T♠7♠J♥T♦3♣ -- fred_volpe's tournament run had ended in fifth.

Nearly a half-hour more would pass before the next elimination, during which time the blinds increased again to 8,000/16,000. The hand saw Fernando "fviana" Viana open-raise all in from the small blind for 183,492 with 8♠7♥ and get called by McBluff17 in the big blind with A♠4♦. The board missed both players, coming 3♥5♠T♦Q♥J♣, and Viana was out in fourth.

By the start of three-handed play all in 2526 had become the big chip leader with just over 2.02 million, McBluff17 had moved into second with a little more than 630,000, while all in 2526 had just lost chips to sit in third place with about 292,000.

Another half-dozen hands passed, then tnxcomeagain made a min-raise to 32,000 from the button only to see McBluff17 reraise to 78,955 from the small blind. all in 2526 folded, then tnxcomeagain pushed for 210,961 total and McBluff17 called.

tnxcomeagain had picked up an ace with A♥7♣, but was well behind the A♦K♥ of McBluff17. The board didn't help tnxcomeagain, coming 8♦J♠6♣6♦4♣, and they were down to two.

Despite winning that hand, McBluff17 was still well behind all in 2526 to start heads-up play as the latter had 2,108,286 to McBluff17's 841,714.

all in 2526 swiftly began to whittle away at McBluff17's stack and within 10 minutes had the latter down under 200,000. Soon the blinds were 9,000/18,000 when all in 2526 made a big button raise and McBluff17 called all in with the 161,824 left behind, and the players' cards were turned over:

McBluff17: K♥J♠
all in 2526: T♠7♠

McBluff17 had the preflop edge, and after the 4♦9♦J♣ flop and 4♠ turn had improved to two pair. Then came the river... the 8♠! Fifth street had filled a gutshot straight for all in 2526, snatching away the final pot and the title.

Congratulations to all in 2526 for winning a second Super Tuesday in just over three months, adding yet another big score and tourney triumph to the Sunday Million all in 2526 won back in 2011.

10/7/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 590
Prize pool: $590,000.00
Places paid: 72

1. all in 2526 (Israel) -- $111,510.00
2. McBluff17 (Canada) -- $81,715.00
3. tnxcomeagain (Greece) -- $60,180.00
4. Fernando "fviana" Viana (Brazil) -- $45,430.00
5. fred_volpe (Brazil) -- $31,860.00
6. dynamoM (Russia) -- $25,075.00
7. Randal "RandALLin" Flowers (Mexico) -- $19,175.00
8. Alex "alex.rivero" Rivero (Brazil) -- $13,275.00
9. Bryan "bparis" Paris (Canada) -- $9,027.00

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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