Awesome Super Tuesday for Dhr. Awesome, winner after four-way deal (3/11/14)

Following last week's record-breaking field of 688 in the Super Tuesday, all eyes were watching this week to see if perhaps that 700-player mark could be reached for the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament. The numbers settled somewhat, although the 639-player field that did come out made it six straight weeks of 600-player fields and created a $639,000 prize pool that again more than doubled the event's $300K guarantee.

It would ultimately take almost 12-and-a-half hours to determine a winner, with Dhr. Awesome of the Netherlands prevailing after making a four-way deal. Dhr. Awesome took away $87,500 for the win while runner-up finisher milionmaster of Portugal earned $91,153.50 to claim the biggest share of that big prize pool thanks to the deal.

From 639 to 18

After more than five hours the field had whittled down to 73 and the money bubble had arrived with Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif leading all with just under 200,000, BrandyBrandi next in line with about 116,000, and Team PokerStars Pro Nacho "nachobarbero" Barbero in third position with about 115,000.

Meanwhile Otter8759 was down to less than two big blinds and after shoving with K♠J♣ was at risk against t_cam21's A♠7♠. The board brought no help for Otter8759 who finished in 73rd place, one spot off the cash.

The floodgates opened shortly thereafter with several eliminations coming within minutes. Then a hand arose that saw BrandyBrandi opening with a 2x raise to 3,200 from middle position followed by a reraise to 7,777 by Barbero on the button. It folded back to BrandyBrandi who called, and the flop came Q♠7♦J♦.

BrandyBrandi checked, then watched Barbero bet 7,777 again. BrandyBrandi responded with a check-raise to 19,200, and Barbero called. Both checked the 7♠ turn, then when the 5♥ fell on fifth street BrandyBrandi shoved all in. Barbero had a little over 91,000 left, and after thinking made the call, showing Q♦[10s]. But BrandyBrandi had J♠J♣ for a full house, and Barbero was out in 60th place for a $2,236.50 cash.

That hand pushed BrandyBrandi into first position, and over an hour later they were down to 27 with BrandyBrandi still out in front the more than 435,000 while LuCasino777 was next with about 290,000 and no one else had as much as 200,000.

From 18 to 9

More than an hour after that they were approaching the eight-hour mark and with 18 players remaining BrandyBrandi was still the chip leader with just over 500,000.

It would take about an hour and 15 minutes more for the next nine eliminations to come. Vojtech "Vojta_R" Ruzicka (18th), mrAndreeew (17th), and el_klonkador (16th) each earned $5,112 for their finishes. Vlad "dariepoker" Darie -- winner of the Super Tuesday just a couple of weeks ago -- was next out in 15th, followed by Roxie Hart (14th) and pasha I986 (13th), with each taking away $6,390. Then Tom "tollgate" Grigg (12th), Sahil "antilog" Agarwal (11th), and BWFCLEE (10th) successively hit the rail to cash for $7,668 apiece.

They'd played about nine hours and 15 minutes, and with zoro555 having moved into the top spot with more than 750,000 the final table was underway.


Seat 1: BrandyBrandi (Germany) -- 435,936
Seat 2: LuCasino777 (Slovakia) -- 298,751
Seat 3: Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) -- 392,604
Seat 4: milionmaster (Portugal) -- 521,149
Seat 5: forestbaby (Russia) -- 418,509
Seat 6: zoro555 (Israel) -- 756,150
Seat 7: Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif (Netherlands) -- 166,288
Seat 8: t_cam21 (Brazil) -- 68,221
Seat 9: pleasepick (Sweden) -- 137,392

Working from 9 to 5

A few minutes into the final table the short stack t_cam21 survived an all-in against zoro555. Then with the blinds were 5,000/10,000 t_cam21 raised to 20,000 from the hijack seat and pleasepick reraised from a seat over to 91,142. It then folded to Dhr. Awesome in the big blind who pushed all in over the top, enough to get t_cam21 to step aside.

Dhr. Awesome showed A♣K♥ and pleasepick A♦Q♥. The board came 8♥J♠T♦T♥5♦, and pleasepick was out in ninth.

As they wound toward the 10-hour break, three more eliminations came to reduce the field to five, with Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif the next to go in eighth.

Cherif's last hand began with the blinds still 5,000/10,000 and zoro555 open-shoving from the small blind. SkaiWalkurrr then called for 62,038 from the big blind, turning over Q♣J♦ to zoro555's 8♥6♣. The board ran out 7♣5♣8♠2♣3♦ to give zoro555 a pair and end Cherif's Super Tuesday run.

A few minutes later the blinds were 6,000/12,000 when milionmaster opened for 24,000 from early position, then LuCasino777 reraised all in for 338,126 from the big blind and milionmaster called. Both players had pocket pairs, with LuCasino777's J♠J♥ having the preflop edge over milionmaster's 9♣9♠. But the flop came K♥6♠9♥ to give milionmaster a set, and after the 5♠ turn and 5♦ river LuCasino777 had been sent railward in seventh.

After that it was zoro555 raising 2x to 24,000 from under the gun, t_cam21 reraising to 107,942 from a seat over, then the table folded back to zoro555 who called. t_cam21 needed to improve with K♥Q♣ against zoro555's A♦J♠, but the 5♦8♠7♦9♦J♥ board offered no help for t_cam21 who was ousted in sixth.

BrandyBrandi bounced in fifth

Coming back from the 10-hour break it was milionmaster leading the way with about 1.16 million, Dhr. Awesome next with just over 905,000, zoro555 third with about 525,000, forestbaby fourth with a little over 418,000, BrandyBrandi in fifth with just under 184,000.

They'd battle another 20 minutes, then with the blinds up to 8,000/16,000 BrandyBrandi opened with a 3x raise to 48,000 from UTG, followed by a reraise to 80,000 from milionmaster on the button. When it folded back BrandyBrandi shoved all in for 176,811 total and milionmaster called right away.

BrandyBrandi: Q♠Q♥
milionmaster: K♥K♣

It was a tough spot for BrandyBrandi, and after the T♠2♦9♥ flop and K♦ turn milionmaster had improved to a set but BrandyBrandi still had a gutshot possibility. But the river was the 6♦, and BrandyBrandi was done in fifth.

The final four debate, then determine a deal

Shortly after that the remaining four players paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal with milionmaster still in front with 1,186,347, Dhr. Awesome next with 884,579, forestbaby third with 615,494, and zoro555 fourth with 508,580.

Both "ICM" and "chip chop" figures were produced (leaving $6,000 for which to play), but leader milionmaster initially wanted more than what the largest amount offered (via "chip chop"). The discussion lasted more than half an hour with much pushing back and forth before finally they agreed to a deal that saw milionmaster get a little more than the "ICM" total but less than "chip chop."

All were glad to have the deal done, and as the 11-hour mark approached the cards finally were back in the air.

Fourth for forestbaby after rough river

About 15 minutes later forestbaby opened with a min-raise to 36,000 from the button, then Dhr. Awesome shoved over the top from the big blind and forestbaby called all in for 324,744. forestbaby had A♥K♠ and was racing versus Dhr. Awesome's 6♠6♥.

The flop came 5♣K♣J♣ to pair forestbaby, and after the 9♠ turn it appeared forestbaby was on the verge of a double-up to survive. But the 6♣ came on the river to give Dhr. Awesome a set, sending forestbaby out in fourth.

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zoro555 down to zero, out in third

A short while later the blinds were 10,000/20,000 when zoro555 opened to 40,000 from the small blind, Dhr. Awesome pushed from the big blind, and zoro555 called with the 687,840 left behind. zoro555 had A♠J♣ and Dhr. Awesome 4♣4♦, and five cards later -- 6♦6♣2♣Q♦6♥ -- zoro555 was out and they were down to two.

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Almost an hour of heads-up ends with Dhr. Awesome outlasting milionmaster

With that hand Dhr. Awesome and milionmaster had nearly even stacks to start heads-up play, with Dhr. Awesome sitting with 1,599,511 and milionmaster 1,595,489 -- a difference of less than half a small blind.

Dhr. Awesome pushed out in front thereafter, assuming a better than 2-to-1 chip lead before a hand arose that saw milionmaster all in following a 3♥8♥T♣ flop holding T♠9♦ (a pair of tens) against the Q♠J♣ of Dhr. Awesome (two overcards and a gutshot straight draw). The turn was the 7♥ and river the 6♠, and suddenly milionmaster had the more than 2-to-1 advantage.

Dhr. Awesome chipped back and by the 12-hour mark was up to about 1.47 million while milionmaster still led with about 1.72 million. "So tired," typed Dhr. Awesome during that final five-minute break. They'd each outlasted 637 other players and survived half a day's worth of hands, but there was still one last stretch to traverse.

Dhr. Awesome fell back once more, then closed the gap by doubling up in a hand that saw both players flop top pair of queens with Dhr. Awesome having the better kicker. Then Dhr. Awesome took the lead after flopping bottom pair of treys while milionmaster flopped middle pair of fours, then another trey came on the turn to give Dhr. Awesome trips and eventually a decent-sized pot.

The advantage would soon swing back to milionmaster after Dhr. Awesome shoved a turn with an open-ended straight draw, milionmaster called with two pair, and the latter's hand held. But then Dhr. Awesome won a series of pots to push ahead once more, and as the pair approached the one-hour mark in their heads-up duel the final hand at last took place.

The blinds were 17,500/35,000 and after Dhr. Awesome limped from the button, milionmaster shoved all in for 641,983 and Dhr. Awesome called.

Both had been dealt aces, but Dhr. Awesome had the better kicker with A♥9♠ to milionmaster's A♠7♥. The board ran out 5♣6♥3♠J♠9♦ and it was all over... Dhr. Awesome had won!

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Congratulations to Dhr. Awesome for topping another huge Super Tuesday field, and kudos as well to milionmaster, zoro555, and forestbaby for making it to the four-way deal and earning themselves handsome paydays as well.

3/11/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results

Players: 639
Prize pool: $639,000.00
Places paid: 72

1. Dhr. Awesome (Netherlands) -- $87,500.00*
2. milionmaster (Portugal) -- $91,153.50*
3. zoro555 (Israel) -- $70,000.00*
4. forestbaby (Russia) -- $75,000.00*
5. BrandyBrandi (Germany) -- $34,506.00
6. t_cam21 (Brazil) -- $27,157,50
7. LuCasino777 (Slovakia) -- $20,767.50
8. Rachid Ben "SkaiWalkurrr" Cherif (Netherlands) -- $14,377.50
9. pleasepick (Sweden) -- $9,776.70

*= reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $6,000 in play for the winner

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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