Bryan "bparis" Paris binks 5/20/14 Super Tuesday, earns nearly $81K

Drawing 575 players, this week's Super Tuesday would take a little over 11-and-a-half hours to complete, and when the last hand was dealt it was Bryan "bparis" Paris playing from Canada who secured the win and a $80,919.88 prize following a four-handed final table deal.


Bryan "bparis" Paris

The Super Tuesday took a couple of weeks off during the Spring Championship of Online Poker, with "Special Edition" versions of the tournament constituting Events #9-H and #30-H. Both of those tourneys sported the same $1,050 buy-ins, albeit with $1 million guarantees attached and 30-minute levels rather than the customary 15.

Scott "BigRiskky" Clements won the first of those, taking down Event #9-H for a $263,604.90 first prize, while Seth "Setherson2″ Davies won Event #30-H to earn $243,437.17 following a heads-up chop.

With this week's 575-player field, that meant a $575,000 prize pool -- way over the $300K guarantee -- to be divided among the top 72 finishers. It took nearly five-and-a-half hours for the the field to be carved down to 72 and the money bubble to burst, at which point Gambler444, Hu55ein, and yvydendyvy were leading the way.

A couple of hours later they were down to 18 with TheJunobv having claimed the chip lead, yvydendyvy still in the top five, and Gambler4444 and Hu55ein sitting below the average.

After about an hour more they were down to the final nine. Martin "0PIGGYBANK" Finger (18th), GoodStoryBro (17th), and ratitoBR (16th) earned $4,600 each for their finishes. LoredanKK (15th), TheJunobv (14th), and Hu55ein (13th) followed, with those three each picking up $5,750. And jus2awsum (12th), sslazio904 (11th), and VIVILINE1 (10th) each claimed $6,900 worth of the prize pool.

With weekesy333, yvydendyvy, and JGagman all close to one another atop the counts, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Scudierooooo (Slovenia) -- 252,118
Seat 2: Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani (Portugal) -- 215,956
Seat 3: weekesy333 (Canada) -- 482,665
Seat 4: JGagMan (Canada) -- 443,394
Seat 5: Gambler4444 (Austria) -- 335,981
Seat 6: Nasty-O (Sweden) -- 288,928
Seat 7: yvydendyvy (Belgium) -- 459,288
Seat 8: Bryan "bparis" Paris (Canada) -- 297,034
Seat 9: Matt "lookoutdudes" McEwan (Mexico) -- 99,636

It would take about a half-hour for the first elimination to come at the final table.

The blinds had increased to 4,000/8,000, and after an opening raise to 16,000 by Nasty-O, Matt "lookoutdudes" McEwan reraised his short stack of 74,836 all in from middle position and it folded around to Nasty-O who called.

McEwan had A♠K♣ and Nasty-O Q♠Q♣. The flop brought a king, but a queen as well, coming 4♥Q♦K♠ to give lookoutdudes a pair but Nasty-O a set. The T♣ on the turn did give McEwan a shot at a Broadway straight, but the 8♠ came on fifth street and McEwan was done in ninth.

It was nearly thirty minutes more before another would fall, with FreeLancerZZ becoming the eighth-place finisher. In that hand Bryan "bparis" Paris opened for 2x from under the gun to 18,000, FreeLancerZZ reraise-shoved for 67,067 from a couple of seats over, and Paris called.

FreeLancerZZ had T♥T♠ but was in dire straits against bparis's J♥J♣. The community cards came K♦8♦6♦3♠6♣, and FreeLancerZZ was out.

Just a few minutes later the blinds were 5,000/10,000 when Gambler4444 made a button-raise to 20,000, then yvydendyvy who was down to just 164,519 after posting the big blind reraised all in and Gambler4444 called. Both had pocket pairs, with Gambler4444's K♣K♠ ahead of yvydendyvy's 8♠8♦. No eight came to save yvydendyvy -- the board coming 3♣5♦Q♠A♦5♠ -- and they were down to six.

Next it was weekesy333 raising to 22,000 from UTG+1 with K♠Q♣, then JGagMan reraising all in for 138,924 with A♣T♦ and weekesy333 calling. The board came T♠5♥Q♠8♠Q♥ to give weekesy333 trip queens versus JGagMan's two pair, sending the latter railward in sixth.

The blinds then moved up to 6,000/12,000 when Gambler4444 opened for 24,000 from the cutoff and both Nasty-O (button) and Scudierooooo (big blind) called.

The flop came K♦8♠8♦. It checked to Gambler4444 who bet 36,955 and Nasty-O called. Scudierooooo then check-raised all in for 120,320. Gambler4444 hesitated a short while, then reraise-shoved over the top, earning a fold from Nasty-O.

Scudierooooo showed K♠Q♥ for kings and eights, but Gambler4444 had Q♠8♥ for trip eights and the big advantage. The board ran out J♦ then 9♦, and Scudierooooo was out in fifth.

The final four then battled on for more than an hour before finally pausing the tournament to talk about a possible deal.

Gambler4444 had been leading for much of that stretch, but after Bryan "bparis" Paris had doubled through he took a chunk of chips and the lead away prior to the deal talk, with Paris having 855,370, weekesy333 830,171, Gambler444 643,643, and Nasty-O 545,816.

"ICM"-based calculations leaving $6,000 for which to play were presented to the players, and they soon all agreed to the terms and cards were back in the air.

It wasn't too long after that that Nasty-O became the next to go in fourth. The blinds were 10,000/20,000, and after weekesy333 raised to 44,000 from the button, Nasty-O reraised to 103,650 from the big blind and weekesy333 called. The flop came 8♦2♣J♠, then Nasty-O led for 86,450. weekesy333 responded by shoving all in, and Nasty-O called with the 337,532 left behind.

Nasty-O showed A♥Q♥ for a couple of overcards while weekesy333 had 9♣7♣ for a gutshot draw. The 8♣ turn added a flush draw for weekesy333, then the 9♦ fell on fifth street to pair weekesy333's nine and end Nasty-O's tourney run.

The blinds moved up to 25,000/50,000, and after a Bryan "bparis" Paris open to 50,000 from the button, weekesy333 pushed for 335,111 from the small blind and Paris called right away.

weekesy333: K♦Q♠
bparis: Q♥Q♦

The board ran out 2♣6♦J♦, then 8♥, then 8♦, and weekesy333 was done in third.

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That hand helped Bryan "bparis" Paris to about a 2-to-1 chip advantage to start heads-up play with 1,904,660 to Gambler4444's 970,340. The tourney would last but 10 minutes more and 16 hands.

When the final hand arrived, the stacks hadn't changed too greatly as the blinds moved to 15,000/30,000. Paris had the button and raised to 60,000 and Gambler4444 called.

The next three streets saw a similar pattern from the pair. The flop came Q♣9♦2♥, and Gambler4444 check-called a bet from Paris of 68,365. The turn was the 6♥, and again Gambler4444 checked, Paris bet -- 142,420 this time, and Gambler4444 called.

The river was the 5♥. Gambler4444 checked a third time, and when Paris pushed all in, Gambler called with the 628,350 left, turning over J♠9♥ for a pair of nines. But Paris had Q♥9♣ for two pair, winning the pot and this week's Super Tuesday.

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Congratulations to Bryan "bparis" Paris for topping another tough Super Tuesday field and outlasting a gritty final table to grab the win and an almost $81K score. Kudos also to Gambler4444, weekesy333, and Nasty-O for making it to the four-way deal and securing themselves handsome paydays this week, too.

5/20/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 575

Prize pool: $575,000.00 

Places paid: 72

1. Bryan "bparis" Paris (Canada) $80,919.88*
2. Gambler4444 (Austria) $69,498.39*
3. weekesy333 (Canada) $74,342.67*
4. Nasty-O (Sweden) $66,476.56*
5. Scudierooooo (Slovenia) $31,050.00
6. JGagMan (Canada) $24,437.50
7. yvydendyvy (Belgium) $18,687.50
8. FreeLancerZZ (Portugal) $12,937.50
9. Matt "lookoutdudes" McEwan (Mexico) $8,797.50

*= reflects the results of a four-way deal that left $6,000 in play for the winner

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