chipchucker5 champ of 8/26/14 Super Tuesday, collects $86K

While everyone prepares for the finale of the first stop of the European Poker Tour in Barcelona on Wednesday, the Super Tuesday played out as usual, PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament that routinely draws the game's top players. This week 469 took part, building a prize pool of $469,000 that exceeded the recently-boosted $400K guarantee for the event, and after more than 10-and-a-half hours it was chipchucker5 of Mexico topping the field to earn a $86,152.62 prize after making a heads-up deal.

Speaking of EPT Barcelona, as the tournament approached the five-hour mark and the field was carved down under 100 players, the top spot in the counts was occupied by none other than Tom "hitthehole" Middleton, winner of last year's EPT Barcelona Main Event.


Tom "hitthehole" Middleton

Nearly an hour later they were down to 54 players and the money bubble had just burst. Middleton was still there with a top 10 stack, while Firas "firas71″ Bassam Massouh had moved out into the chip lead.

It would take only a little over an hour more for the field to be reduced to just 18 players, during which stretch both Tom "hitthehole" Middleton and Firas "firas71″ Bassam Massouh saw their stacks slide before Middleton was eliminated in 28th (for $2,814) and Massouh in 22nd (for $3,283).

They'd cross the eight-hour mark of the tournament before nine more players fell. MrAleks1981 (18th), otitov (17th), and zidoca233 (16th) each cashed for $4,221. r shetty (15th), Luke "lb6121" Schwartz (14th), and kalidonios (13th) were the next to go, picking up $5,159 apiece. Then Peter "twirlpro" Turmezy (12th), dawood666 (11th), and Carlos "cearapoker26" Porto (10th) were successively eliminated, each earning $6,097.

With jvans the new chip leader, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: prebz (Norway) -- 341,947
Seat 2: faithless (Costa Rica) -- 181,432
Seat 3: Max "$kill Game" Weinberg (Canada) -- 147,816
Seat 4: Ayaz "caicu" Manji (Portugal) -- 116,496
Seat 5: chipchucker5 (Mexico) -- 503,699
Seat 6: Copiaad (Sweden) -- 113,732
Seat 7: lehout (Netherlands) -- 86,013
Seat 8: jvans (Canada) -- 774,718
Seat 9: Bagelakis23 (Greece) -- 79,147

On the fifth hand of the final table, the blinds were 2,400/4,800 (with a 600 ante) when Copiaad opened for 9,600 from early position, then lehout reraised all in for 83,013 from a seat over. It folded back around to Copiaad who called right away. lehout had A♦K♥ but had run into Copiaad's A♠A♥, and after the board came 8♣Q♥T♠K♠T♦, lehout was out in ninth.

The remaining eight battled onward as the blinds increased to 3,200/6,400, then a hand arose that saw Ayaz "caicu" Manji opening with a raise to 12,987 from middle position. Only prebz called from the big blind, and the pair watched the flop come 7♣9♥6♣. prebz checked, caicu bet 17,787, prebz raised all in, and Manji called with the 60,122 he had left behind.

Manji showed A♥T♦ and was momentarily ahead of prebz's A♣3♣, but the Q♣ fell on fourth street to complete the flush for prebz, and after the 9♦ meaninglessly fell on the river Manji had hit the rail in eighth.

They were in the same level a few minutes later when Max "$kill Game" Weinberg opened with a 2x raise to 12,800 from the button, then chipchucker5 reraised all in from the small blind and when folded back to Weinberg called with the 124,101 he had remaining.

It was A♦J♥ for Weinberg and 2♥2♠ for chipchucker5, and after the A♥5♣8♦ flop Weinberg had the better pair. The turn was the 9♦, but the 2♦ came on the end to give chipchucker5 a set of deuces and knock Weinberg out in seventh.


Max "$kill Game" Weinberg

Play continued, and on the last hand before the nine-hour break the blinds were 3,600/7,200 when chipchucker5 raised to 15,274 from under the gun, then it folded around to faithless in the big blind who shoved all in for 116,192 and chipchucker5 called.

faithless had A♦7♦ and needed to improve versus chipchucker5's 9♠9♥. faithless would improve, but the K♥9♦7♥7♣4♥ board that gave faithless trips also gave chipchucker5 a full house, and faithless was out in sixth.

About five minutes later chipchucker5 opened with a raise from UTG to 16,874 (a little over 2x), then Bagelakis23 reraised all in to 95,488 from the small blind. chipchucker5 called, showing K♦K♣ to Bagelakis23's 9♦9♥. Five cards later -- A♦Q♣4♦A♣Q♥ -- the better pair had held up and Bagelakis23 was done in fifth.

It would take more than a half-hour more for another player to fall, during which time the blinds moved up again to 5,000/10,000. After jvans opened for 22,000 from the button, prebz three-bet to 56,800 from the small blind, then chipchucker5 reraised again to 91,600 from the big blind. jvans stepped aside, prebz called, and the flop came 3♥T♠9♦. First to act, prebz pushed all in for 151,097 and chipchucker5 called.

prebz had 9♠8♠ for a pair of nines, while chipchucker5 had an overpair with Q♥Q♦. The turn was the T♦ and river the A♣, and prebz was sent railward in fourth.

The final trio marched on to the 10-hour break, at which point chipchucker5 enjoyed a big lead with more than 1.57 million, well ahead of jvans with about 660,000 in second and Copiaad with almost 112,000 in third.

The short stacks persevered for another 20 minutes, then with the blinds up to 8,000/16,000 Copiaad open-raised all in for 133,244 from the button and got a caller in jvans from the small blind. Copiaad had A♠9♥ and jvans 4♥4♦. The 8♦6♣4♠ flop gave jvans a set, then the 2♦ turn and 2♥ river improved jvans further to a full house, and Copiaad was out in third.

The final two players traded a couple of small pots, then paused the tournament to discuss a possible deal with chipchucker5 still well in front with 1,750,042 to jvans's 594,958. Numbers were produced based on the chip counts -- leaving $8,000 for which to play -- and after both agreed to the suggested figures the tourney was soon resumed.

Heads-up play would last for nearly half an hour, with chipchucker5 maintaining that large lead throughout and even whittling further at jvans's stack, knocking the latter down under 250,000. The with the blinds 9,000/18,000, chipchucker5 opened for 39,600 from the button, jvans shoved all in for 244,684, and chipchucker5 called.

jvans: A♦J♣
chipchucker5: A♥Q♥

chipchucker5 was in a dominating position, and the 5♥8♥Q♦ flop made it even more formidable, giving chipchucker5 queens plus a flush draw. The A♠ then came on the turn, making the flush-completing 3♥ on the river no matter as chipchucker5 had won the hand and the tournament.

Congratulations to chipchucker5 for overcoming another tough Super Tuesday field to win this week's tournament and claim over $86K for the win. And kudos as well to jvans who thanks to the two-way deal ensured a nice $70K-plus payday.

8/26/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 469

Prize pool: $469,000.00 
Places paid: 54

1. chipchucker5 (Mexico) $86,152.62*
2. jvans (Canada) $70,680.98*
3. Copiaad (Sweden) $49,245.00
4. prebz (Norway) $37,520.00
5. Bagelakis23 (Greece) $26,264.00
6. faithless (Costa Rica) $19,932.50
7. Max "$kill Game" Weinberg (Canada) $15,242.50
8. Ayaz "caicu" Manji (Portugal) $10,552.50
9. lehout (Netherlands) $7,785.40

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $8,000 in play for the winner

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Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
@hardboiledpoker in Super Tuesday