gigibaston grabs glory, six-figure score in 4/29/14 Super Tuesday

After dipping below the 600-player mark for a couple of weeks, the Super Tuesday again drew enough entries to build a total field of more than 600 and thus (again) more than double the $1,050 no-limit hold'em tourney's $300K guarantee. There were 604 entered this week to make a prize pool of $604,000, and after 11-and-a-half hours it was gigibaston of Romania topping a tough final table to finish first and win $101,386.42 following a heads-up chop with IfoolU of Sweden. The U.K.'s Chris "Moorman1" Moorman also added yet another big cash to his lengthy online résumé with a fifth-place finish, while the German Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer took third.

It took about five hours and 15 minutes for this week's Super Tuesday field to be carved to 72 players and the cash bubble to burst, at which point ninoley, iCeVeNoM, Anusik1979, and marioq2 leading the counts as the only players with more than 100,000 chips.

By the six-hour mark they were down to 40 players, with Thayer "THAY3R" Rasmussen (72nd, $1,993.20), Theodoros "teo96" Aidonopoulos (70th, $1,993.20), Mike "Sowerss" Sowers (68th, $1,993.20), Jeff "jeff710" Hakim (63rd, $2,114), David "Betudontbet" Emmons (62nd $2,114), Emil "Emilohlsson" Ohlsson (53rd, $2,416), Alexander "AlexKP" Petersen (50th, $2,416), Jeremy "EndlessJ" Menard (47th, $2,416), and Daniel "judgedredd13" Charlton (42nd, $2,718) among the eliminated. Charlton added the cash to his six-figure score Sunday night in Tournament Number 900 Million in which he made it to a three-handed chop to earn more than $153K.

It took another hour and 15 minutes for the field to be whittled to 18, with Ben "vindog03" Vinson (39th, $2,718), Giussepe "Ansgar2000" Pantaleo (33rd, $3,020), Victor "VibizSbrissa" Sbrissa (32nd, $3,020), Ankush "pistons87" Mandavia (29th, $3,020), Carlos "Carsandi" Sanchez (27th, $3,624), Tommie "Godfatti" Janssen (26th, $3,624), and Gustavo "PIUlimeira" Goto (20th, $3,624) among those knocked out.

By then Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer had claimed the top spot with more than 320,000, with Ashley "DYBYDX" Mason the next closest with about 250,000.

The next nine knockouts would take another hour-and-a-half longer. Kobasteris (18th), dager9 (17th), and teckidtq (16th) each cashed for $4,832. bar-bar9999 (15th), Ashley "DYBYDX" Mason (14th), and marioq2 (13th) would take away $6,040 apiece. And a.S.e High (12th), RcknTheSbrbs (11th), and ninoley (10th) each earned $7,248.

With gigabaston the new chip leader with more than 750,000 and a familiar name -- Chris "Moorman1" Moorman -- the nearest challenger with about 200,000 less, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer (Germany) -- 510,270
Seat 2: Chris "Moorman1" Moorman (United Kingdom) -- 555,515
Seat 3: gigibaston (Romania) -- 756,182
Seat 4: badbeatman06 (Mexico) -- 144,041
Seat 5: IfoolU (Sweden) -- 295,966
Seat 6: KatePkrPro (Canada) -- 240,210
Seat 7: StrungOut1 (Mexico) -- 213,319
Seat 8: J0hn Mcclean (Portugal) -- 193,585
Seat 9: Pauli elTopo (Germany) -- 110,912

On just the second hand of the final table, the blinds were 3,600/7,200 when Chris "Moorman1" Moorman opened for 14,759 from under the gun. It folded around to Pauli elTopo in the small blind who pushed all in for 101,912 total, then Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer called from a seat over in the big blind. Moorman folded, and the remaining pair tabled their hands.

Both had pocket pairs, but Höfer had the big edge with 9♠9♦ versus Pauli elTopo's 5♥5♠. The board came Q♥3♣7♦7♠T♥ and they were swiftly down to eight.

Some time later they had crossed the tourney's nine-hour mark when StrungOut1 opened with a min-raise to 16,000 from the hijack seat and got one caller in Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer on the button. The flop came 3♠4♥K♠. StrungOut1 led for 18,560, Höfer raised to 43,555, StrungOut1 reraised to 70,550, and Höfer called.

The turn then brought the 3♦ and a check from StrungOut1. At that _pauL€FauL_ shoved all in, and Strungout1 called with the 135,469 left.

Strungout1 had K♥9♠ for kings and treys, but Höfer had K♣J♥ for the same hand with a better kicker. The river was the 6♠, and Strungout1 was out in eighth.

Another 20 minutes passed after which gigibaston and KatePkrPro held the leading positions in the counts. Then with the blinds up to 5,000/10,000, Chris "Moorman1" Moorman opened for 20,500 from the button, then badbeatman06 reraised all in for 155,775 from the big blind and Moorman called.

badbeatman06 had A♥3♣ and needed to improve versus Moorman1's A♠J♥. But the community cards came T♦9♥K♥8♣9♦ and badbeatman06 was eliminated in seventh.

They pushed on further as the blinds increased to 8,000/16,000, then a flurry occurred that saw half the remaining six hit the rail in the space of just a few minutes.

First it was J0hn Mcclean open-raising all in from the small blind for 170,870 with A♣8♦ and getting called by Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer who held 9♦9♠. The board came T♣5♠3♠6♣3♣, and J0hn Mcclean's run had ended in sixth.

A half-dozen hands later Chris "Moorman1" Moorman opened for 36,000 from the small blind, gigibaston pushed all in from the big blind, and Moorman called with the 239,105 he had left. Moorman showed A♠K♦, but gigibaston had woken up with A♥A♣, and five cards later -- 5♣2♦Q♦Q♥9♦ -- Moorman was out in fifth.


Chris "Moorman1" Moorman

Two hands after that IfoolU opened for 33,600 from the button, KatePkrPro reraised all in for 228,902 from the small blind, and IfoolU called. KatePkrPro had the preflop edge with A♠4♣ to IfoolU's K♠J♣, but the 3♣8♠6♠K♣8♦ board gave IfoolU kings and sent KatePkrPro railward in fourth.

Three-handed play began with IfoolU in front with about 1.16 million chips, gigibaston next with just over 1.07 million, and Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer third with not quite 785,000.

They battled through the 11-hour mark of the tournament with _pauL€FauL_'s stack getting shorter while IfoolU added chips to near the 2 million-mark. Then with the blinds at 12,500/25,000 a hand arose that saw IfoolU open for 52,500 from the button, then Höfer reraise all in for 237,171 from the small blind. gigibaston stepped aside, and IfoolU called.

_pauL€FauL_: A♥T♦
IfoolU: Q♦J♠

Höfer's preflop edge quickly evaporated after the flop came 8♥8♠Q♣ to give IfoolU two pair. The turn was the 6♥ and river the 8♣, and they were down to two.

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Heads-up began with IfoolU enjoying about a 3-to-1 chip lead over gigibaston with 2,251,959 to the latter's 768,041.

They'd play 15 hands, the most significant involving a double-up for gigibaston with A♦4♥ versus IfoolU's A♠7♦ after getting all in before the flop then watching the board bring a four to hit gigibaston's kicker.

Soon after that one they'd pause the tourney to talk about a chop with IfoolU only a small leader with about 1.57 million to gigibaston's 1.44 million. A deal based on "ICM" figures was proposed -- leaving $6,000 for which to play -- and after both readily agreed play soon resumed.

A few hands later gigibaston had chipped IfoolU down under 800,000, then with the blinds still 12,500/25,000 the final hand arrived.

IfoolU opened with a raise to 52,500 from the button, gigibaston made it 133,333 to go, IfoolU pushed all in for 791,510, and gigibaston called.

IfoolU had A♠6♥ and was hoping the hand would hold against gigibaston's Q♠T♠, and hold it did through the 5♣3♣2♣ flop and J♥ turn. But the T♦ fell on fifth street, pairing gigibaston's and sending another Super Tuesday into the books.

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Congratulations to gigibaston for winning this week's Super Tuesday to earn a six-figure score, and kudos as well to IfoolU for making it to the heads-up deal to ensure a nice $96K-plus cash as well.

4/29/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 604

Prize pool: $604,000.00 

Places paid: 72

1. gigibaston (Romania) $101,386.42*
2. IfoolU (Sweden) $96,423.58*
3. Paul "_pauL€FauL_" Höfer (Germany) $61,608.00
4. KatePkrPro (Canada) $46,508.00
5. Chris "Moorman1" Moorman (United Kingdom) $32,616.00
6. J0hn Mcclean (Portugal) $25,670.00
7. badbeatman06 (Mexico) $19,630.00
8. StrungOut1 (Mexico) $13,590.00
9. Pauli elTopo (Germany) $9,241.20

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $6,000 in play for the winner

The EPT Grand Final Main Event continues this week to cap off Season 10 of the European Poker Tour. See the updates at the PokerStars blog as the final EPT Main Event champion of the season is found and crowned.

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Martin Harris
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