IsildursHair perfectly in (first) place, wins 11/25/14 Super Tuesday

This week's Super Tuesday winner hailed from Sweden, having chosen a username inspired by another Swedish player whom we've all come to know well over the last several years, Viktor Blom. More specifically, a username inspired by Blom's trademark mop top:


In name, and in mane

Just as we've seen Blom mow down some tough final tables on PokerStars, so, too, did IsildursHair sweep over some tough competitors tonight, including tonight's runner-up Ben "F3nix35" Dobson who was fresh off chopping the Sunday Million just two days before where he finished fourth for a $103,638.84 score.

Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas, Martin "Skrigepas" Hansen, and Alexander "Schildy1984" Debus were also part of the Super Tuesday final nine this week, making IsildursHair's achievement all the more noteworthy and the $106,780 first prize the more impressive to have earned.

In all there were 562 lined up for this week's $1,050 no-limit hold'em event, with the resulting $562,000 prize pool well exceeding the $400K guarantee. It would take a little over five-and-a-half hours to get to 64 players and hand-for-hand play, then all of the way to the six-hour mark before Shyam "G's zee" Srinivasan lost the last of his stack in a hand versus king2173 to become the unfortunate 64th-place finisher and just miss the cash.

With 63 left it was Dusan "nasud 11" Valenta leading the counts with Ben "F3nix35" Dobson not too far behind in second position. A little over an hour after that just 27 were left, led by IsildursHair flapping out in front and Ben "F3nix35" Dobson still there with above average chips.

Dusan "nasud 11" Valenta would hang on a short while longer before being knocked out in 27th for a $3,372 cash. Not long after that Dan "djk123" Kelly (20th) and EzPaTuLa (19th) were eliminated to earn the same $3,372 prize, and they were down to two tables with Ben "F3nix35" Dobson the new chip leader.

Nine more would fall over the next 45 minutes. scout326 (18th), Miss Baxter (17th), and last week's Super Tuesday champion oldchilli (16th) were the next three out, each earning $4,496 for their finishes. Jose Angel "Cejakas14" Latorre (15th), Giuseppe "Ansgar2000" Pantaleo (14th), and FERRIS243 (13th) then followed, taking away $5,620 apiece. Then AB_Poker_12 (12th), NeoForastero (11th), and NotYetBust (10th) were successively eliminated, with all three finding $6,744 more in their accounts upon their busts.

About eight hours and 45 minutes into the tournament, they were down to nine. 68ioweyou1 had moved out in front to start the final table, and as noted there were a number of other familiar names sitting about the table as well including Dobson.


Seat 1: MaltLiquor40 (Canada) -- 332,236
Seat 2: 68ioweyou1 (Canada) -- 614,603
Seat 3: Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas (Lithuania) -- 463,531
Seat 4: IsildursHair (Sweden) -- 176,869
Seat 5: Martin "Skrigepas" Hansen (Canada) -- 291,926
Seat 6: el_klonkador (Sweden) -- 257,889
Seat 7: fever-meter (Canada) -- 187,754
Seat 8: Ben "F3nix35" Dobson (United Kingdom) -- 377,392
Seat 9: Alexander "Schildy1984" Debus (Austria) -- 107,800

About 20 minutes into the final table came its first knockout when fever-meter got all in for a little over 14 big blinds with A♣T♠ versus Martin "Skrigepas" Hansen's A♠J♥ and failing to improve hit the rail in ninth.

A short while after leader 68ioweyou1 would lose a chunk to Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas when the latter doubled through with A♣Q♦ to 68ioweyou1's A♥J♣, then 68ioweyou1 would lose the rest to Levinskas to fall in eighth. In the bustout hand, 68ioweyou1 reraise-shoved a stack of about 235,000 (about 26 big blinds) from the small blind with 2♦2♠, Levinskas pushed all in over the top to isolate with A♠Q♥, and when an ace dramatically fell on the river 68ioweyou1 was out.

el_klonkador would go out next in seventh after pushing with K♥J♥ and running into IsildursHair's A♠K♣, then IsildursHair would net the last of Alexander "Schildy1984" Debus's chips as well to knock him out in sixth, once more using A♠K♦ after flopping an ace versus Schildy1984's T♠T♦.


Alexander "Schildy1984" Debus

Before the tourney's 10th hour concluded, MaltLiquor40 would fall in fifth with A♦5♦ versus Ben "F3nix35" Dobson's A♠8♥, and the final four made it to the break with Dobson leading with nearly 850,000, Martin "Skrigepas" Hansen next with a little under 710,000, Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas third with 647,000 even, and IsildursHair fourth with about 603,000.

They'd play on nearly half an hour more, then came a hand that saw leader Dobson open-shove from the small blind with Q♣7♥ and Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas, down under 100,000, call from the big with A♠6♥. The 4♦T♥K♥ flop was okay for Levinskas, but the 7♦ on the turn paired Dobson's hand, and after the 4♠ river they were down to three.

Levinskas added yet another nice online finish to a long list of them. The Lithuanian also has cashes on the Latin American Poker Tour and the European Poker Tour, including winning a €2,150 turbo bounty side event at Prague a year ago -- where the tour is headed again in just a couple of weeks.


Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas

Just six hands after that Martin "Skrigepas" Hansen open-pushed for about 286,000 (not quite 18 big blinds) from the button and got one caller in Dobson from the small blind. It was Hansen's A♠6♥ versus Dobson's A♥J♠, and after the flop brought a jack the turn card left Hansen drawing dead, knocking him out in third.

The final pair squared off, and there was something familiar about it with Ben "F3nix35" Dobson having been nearly as deep in the Sunday Million just two nights before and the Swedish player IsildursHair making it hard not to think about Viktor Blom's locks, the reminder furthered by that avatar.

That IsildursHair expressed a lack of interest in deal-making was yet another reason to think of Blom as their duel got started, with IsildursHair starting heads-up with about 1.77 million to Dobson's almost 1.04 million.

Those stacks would remain roughly where they were over the next stretch, with Dobson adding a few before slipping back down under 1 million.


Ben "F3nix35" Dobson

Finally as the tourney neared the 11-hour mark, IsildursHair began chipping upward, moving up over 2.25 million to F3nix35's 555,000 when the final hand took place.

It began with a min-raise to 36,000 from the button by IsildursHair, called by Dobson. Both checked the 6♣9♥K♥ flop, then Dobson led for 45,000 after the 8♥ turn fell. IsildursHair responded with an all-in push, and Dobson called.

F3nix35: T♠7♦
IsildursHair: 5♥3♥

The turn had given Dobson a ten-high straight, but it also gave IsildursHair a flush, thereby making the 6♦ river no matter. IsildursHair had won, while Dobson added yet another remarkable finish during what has already been a great week for him before even getting too far into Wednesday.

Congratulations to IsildursHair for taking the top Super Tuesday prize this week of $106,780.

11/25/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 562
Prize pool: $562,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. IsildursHair (Sweden) -- $106,780.00
2. Ben "F3nix35" Dobson (United Kingdom) -- $78,680.00
3. Martin "Skrigepas" Hansen (Canada) -- $57,605.00
4. Laurynas "LaurisL91" Levinskas (Lithuania) -- $43,836.00
5. MaltLiquor40 (Canada) -- $30,910.00
6. Alexander "Schildy1984" Debus (Austria) -- $23,885.00
7. el_klonkador (Sweden) -- $18,265.00
8. 68ioweyou1 (Canada) -- $12,645.00
9. fever-meter (Canada) -- $9,329.20

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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