ljzaaa dazzles, wins 6/3/14 Super Tuesday for nearly $100K

This week's Super Tuesday saw 523 players turn out to build a $523,000 prize pool -- again, as just about always with the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament, exceeding the $300K guarantee -- and after just over 11-and-a-half hours it was ljzaaa of China walking away with the title and first-place prize money of $99,370.

It took just under six hours for the field to be carved down to 63 players and the money bubble to burst, at which point ShaiStar, Deputado1414, and Magardan sat in the top three positions in the counts.

Just a little over an hour after that they were already down to 18, with Magardan out in 28th ($2,876.50), ShaiStar and Deputado1414 still with above average stacks, and madeira300 the new chip leader with almost 500,000.

It took almost an hour-and-a-half more for the next nine eliminations to come. Jamie "B_Davis5" McCarrel (18th), Charles "JIZOINT" Combes (17th), Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis (16th) each earned $4,184. pendalf.taz (15th), 2013 WCOOP $215 NLHE Heads-Up winner NikolasDLP (14th), and GaborMarton (13th) took away $5,230 apiece. And madeira300 (12th), Russell "rdcrsn" Carson (11th), and sslazio904 (10th) each cashed for $6,276.

With eventual winner ljzaaa having become the new leader, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: yong09 (Norway) -- 447,843
Seat 2: Tyren0 (Netherlands) -- 284,777
Seat 3: ShaiStar (Israel) -- 261,940
Seat 4: AB_Poker_12 (Canada) -- 124,929
Seat 5: Aleeert (Czech Republic) -- 123,404
Seat 6: kjunia (Japan) -- 397,561
Seat 7: Deputado1414 (Brazil) -- 178,212
Seat 8: SnowyWastes (Norway) -- 89,475
Seat 9: ljzaaa (China) -- 706,859

On the very first hand of the final table, the blinds were 2,800/5,600 when kjunia opened with a raise to 12,320 from under the gun. It folded around to Aleeert in the big blind who reraised all in for 122,704 total, and kjunia called.

Aleeert showed A♦K♣ while kjunia had J♥J♠. The flop came 3♠Q♥J♣, giving kjunia a set of jacks and leaving Aleeert hoping to see a ten to fill a gutshot to Broadway. The turn brought the A♠, not enough for Aleeert, and after the 2♥ river, Aleeert was out in ninth.

A while later the blinds were up to 3,600/7,200 when it folded around to SnowyWastes in the small blind who raised to 14,400 and ljzaaa called from the big blind. The flop came K♦T♦4♠, and when SnowyWastes shoved all in for 154,550, ljzaaa called.

SnowyWastes had J♥T♣ for middle pair, but was behind the K♠5♦ of ljzaaa. The turn was the A♦ and river the 4♣, and SnowyWastes was eliminated in eighth.

They were in the same level and crossing the tourney's nine-hour mark when Deputado1414 raised to 14,400 from middle position and got two callers in yong09 (button) and ShaiStar (big blind). The flop came K♠7♠3♥ and all checked. The turn then brought the 3♣ and it checked to yong09 who bet 28,800. ShaiStar folded, then Deputado1414 shoved for 123,312 and yong09 called.

yong09 had 4♣4♥ for fours and treys while Deputado1414 had but A♥6♥. The river was the 8♣, and they were down to six.

A half-hour later ljzaaa had extended the lead and was nearing the 1 million-chip mark as the blinds increased to 4,500/9,000. Then a hand arose that saw ljzaaa raise to 18,000 from UTG and yong09 call from one seat over. Tyren0 then pushed for 152,731 from the cutoff seat and everyone folded back to yong09 who called.

yong09: A♠J♠
Tyren0: J♦J♣

The flop fell A♦8♣9♦, pairing yong09's ace. The turn was the 3♣ and river the 6♦, and Tyren0's Super Tuesday run was over in sixth.

Just two hands later they'd moved to the next level where the blinds were 5,000/10,000 with a 1,250 ante. AB_Poker_12 limped in from the cutoff, then kjunia raised to 22,000 from the button. The blinds folded and AB_Poker_12 called, and the flop came 5♠6♠K♥. AB_Poker_12 checked, kjunia bet 35,000, AB_Poker_12 check-raised all in for 155,910, and kjunia called.

AB_Poker_12 had T♠9♠ for a spade flush draw while kjunia had K♦9♦ for top pair of kings. The turn was the 8♦ and river the T♣, giving AB_Poker_12 a not-good-enough lesser pair, and AB_Poker_12 was done in fifth.

They marched on into the next level with ljzaaa still leading, then came a hand that saw ShaiStar open-shove from the small blind and kjunia call from the big blind for 223,250 (about 14 big blinds). kjunia had the advantage with A♣T♣ over ShaiStar's J♠9♠, but the community cards brought lots of spades, coming K♠5♠3♣T♠7♠, giving ShaiStar a flush and sending kjunia railward in fourth.

The final trio would play on past the 11-hour mark until yong09 min-raised to 50,000 from the button, ShaiStar pushed all in for 523,234 from the small blind, and yong09 called. yong09 needed to improve with K♦Q♥ versus ShaiStar's A♠T♦, but the board came nine-high -- 4♣7♦3♠4♠9♦ -- and they were down to two.

Heads-up play began with ljzaaa enjoying the lead with 1,674,311 to ShaiStar's 940,689. They'd end up batling for 20 minutes after which ljzaaa had chipped up further to nearly 2.2 million when the night's final hand took place.

With blinds up to 15,000/30,000, ljzaaa raised to 60,000 from the button, then ShaiStar shoved for 417,129 and ljzaaa called.

ljzaaa had Q♣T♠ and ShaiStar A♣2♦. The flop came 5♦T♣K♥, the ten giving ljzaaa a leading pair. The turn was the 6♦, then the T♦ on the river improved ljzaaa further to trips. The hand, all the chips, and the Super Tuesday title belonged to ljzaaa.

Congratulations to ljzaaa, winner of this week's Super Tuesday for just under $100K!

6/3/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 523

Prize pool: $523,000.00 
Places paid: 63

1. ljzaaa (China) $99,370.00
2. ShaiStar (israel) $73,220.00
3. yong09 (Norway $53,607.50
4. kjunia (Japan) $40,79400
5. AB_Poker_12 (Canada) $28,765.00
6. Tyren0 (Netherlands) $22,227.50
7. Deputado1414 (Brazil) $16,997.50
8. SnowyWastes (Norway) $11,767.50
9. Aleeert (Czech Republic) $8,681.80

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