Lots of dollars for PureCash25, 1/21/14 Super Tuesday champ

The third Super Tuesday of 2014 was the first one to attract more than 600 players, a feat that was accomplished 11 times last year. There were 602 runners tonight, making a $602,000 prize pool that more than doubled the Super Tuesday's $300K guarantee. And after almost 11-and-a-half hours it was Canada's PureCash25 who outlasted that big field to earn a huge $113,778 score as no final table deal was made.

It would take almost five-and-a-half hours for the money bubble to burst, and with 72 players left Graftekkel and weekesy333 were neck-and-neck atop the counts with stacks right at around 150,000, with Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer among those on the front page with an above-average stack that had him just inside the top 20.

A little over two hours later they were down to 18 players, with Danzer having hit the rail in 28th for a $3,010 cash after being eliminated in a hand versus 68ioweyou1. Graftekkel was still in the top spot with just over 500,000, with PureCash25 the nearest challenger with a little under 350,000 and weekesy333 having earlier fell in 37th for $2,709.

It would take an hour more for nine more to be eliminated. BrazilianEye (18th), Peter "twirlpro" Turmezy (17th), and Arne "juarnes" Coulier (16th) each earned $4,816 for their finishes. DiegoSouz7 (15th), Ninemil (14th), and André "millionmaster" Moreira (13th) made $6,020 apiece. And Thomas "WushuTM" Muhlocker (12th), mariogd7 (11th), and AAcademiKK (10th) picked up $7,224 for not quite making the final table.

With Johan "busto_soon" Van Til having pushed out in front, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: Asj "AsjBaaaf" Taylor (New Zealand) -- 269,497
Seat 2: 68ioweyou1 (Canada) -- 465,709
Seat 3: Johan "busto_soon" Van Til (Netherlands) -- 769,035
Seat 4: Graftekkel (Netherlands) -- 302,169
Seat 5: vic_xcite (Sweden) -- 216,509
Seat 6: xSuPrA (Canada) -- 56,704
Seat 7: PureCash25 (Canada) -- 391,623
Seat 8: MORTIIIIIIII (Sweden) -- 404,734
Seat 9: 23noraB (Austria) -- 134,020

As the final table began, Graftekkel took to the chat box:

Graftekkel: hi five on back to back FT's MORTI!

Indeed, both players had made their second straight Super Tuesday final tables, with Gratekkel having finished third and MORTIIIIIIII fifth a week ago.

MORTIIIIIIII was soon busy trying to make a deeper run this week by raising 2x to 18,000 from middle position, then watching a short-stacked 23noraB push all in for 88,520 from a seat over. It folded back to MORTIIIIIIII who called, turning over A♣J♠ to 23noraB's T♦T♠. The flop hit MORTIIIIIIII, coming A♠K♣6♠, and after the K♦ turn and 5♠ river they were down to eight.

Soon the blinds were up to 5,000/10,000 when vic_xcite raised to 20,000 from early position, then Asj "AsjBaaaf" Taylor reraised all in for 220,847 from the button. The blinds folded and vic_xcite called. Taylor had A♦K♣ and needed to improve against vic_xcite's Q♠Q♥, but the board came nine-high -- 9♥2♠8♠8♦4♣ -- and AsjBaaaf was done in eighth.

Next it was Johan "busto_soon" Van Til raising to 20,000 from the hijack seat, then xSuPrA pushed for 166,033 from the small blind and Van Til called. xSuPrA had K♣Q♣ and busto_soon J♣J♦. The community cards came T♠A♠A♦A♥J♥, making a straight for xSuPrA but a full house for busto_soon, and xSuPrA was knocked out in seventh.

Then just before the tourney's 10-hour mark the blinds had hiked to 6,000/12,000 when PureCash25 raised the minimum to 24,000 from UTG, then Graftekkel reraised all in for 112,726 from the small blind. PureCash25 called with A♣T♣ while Graftekkel had 9♣9♥. The flop came A♥2♦6♦ to pair PureCash25's ace. The turn was the 6♦ and river the K♦, and Graftekkel had a sixth-place to go with that third-place Super Tuesday finish from a week ago.

The 10-hour break came and went, then it was vic_xcite raising 2x to 24,000 from the cutoff seat. MORTIIIIIIII reraised to 55,999 from the small blind, and when the action got back vic_xcite pushed all in for 217,407 total and MORTIIIIIIII called.

MORTIIIIIIII had A♥T♥ and vic_xcite 8♦8♣, and the race was on. The 6♠4♦4♥ flop kept vic_xcite in front, but the A♦ fell on fourth street to give MORTIIIIIIII the lead. The river was the Q♣, and vic_xcite's Super Tuesday run was over in fifth place.

The final four battled for nearly a half-hour more, with PureCash25 moving way out in front with more than 2.1 million while the other three all hovered below 350,000. Then with the blinds at 8,000/16,000 it was 68ioweyou1 raising to 32,000 from the button, Johan "busto_soon" Van Til reraising all in for 228,386 from the small blind, and 68ioweyou1 calling.

Van Til had A♥K♥ and 68ioweyou1 8♥8♠. The 9♥9♣6♠ flop and 5♥ kept 68ioweyou1 in front but provided a flush draw to busto_soon. The river then brought the 7♦, knocking out Van Til in fourth.

They battled right up to the 11-hour break as the blinds rose again to 10,000/20,000. That's when MORTIIIIIIII opened for 45,678 from the small blind, 68ioweyou1 reraised to 108,400 from the big blind, MORTIIIIIIII pushed all in, and 68ioweyou1 called with the 415,813 behind.

MORTIIIIIIII had 5♦5♠ and 68ioweyou1 A♣9♥, then the 2♠5♥A♠ flop paired 68ioweyou1 but gave MORTIIIIIIII a set of fives and a big lead in the hand. The turn was the 3♠ which opened the door to a possible chop with a straight, but the river was the T♣ and 68ioweyou1 was out in third.

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That hand brought MORTIIIIIIII a bit closer to PureCash25 to start heads-up play, although the latter still maintained the chip lead with 1,736,250 to MORTIIIIIIII's 1,273,750. The 11-hour break having arrived, MORTIIIIIIII brought up the topic of a possible deal during the pause in play.

MORTIIIIIIII: Do you wanna look into numbers?
PureCash25: I'd rather play, so unless you're willing to give some.
MORTIIIIIIII: Can't deny that youve got the better of me. But i don't think that you have edge HU. I can give 1k up
PureCash25: I could use the practice man, let's just play. Gl.
MORTIIIIIIII: Hehe hear ya, wp!

When the break ended and play resumed, PureCash25 soon began to widen the gap and after 15 minutes was up over 2.5 million while MORTIIIIIIII had slipped below 500,000.

They played another 10 minutes more, then with the blinds at 12,500/25,000 PureCash25 raised to 50,000 from the button and MORTIIIIIIII pushed all in for 348,600 total. PureCash25 called right away, turning over A♦K♥ while MORTIIIIIIII had K♦2♦. The board ran out 8♣J♣4♥5♥9♠, and it was all over... PureCash25 had won!

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Congratulations to PureCash25 for topping the first 600-plus entrant Super Tuesday field of the year to earn a handsome $113K-plus payday! And kudos as well to MORTIIIIIIII for following up a fifth-place finish in the Super Tuesday a week ago with another deep run all of the way to second!

1/21/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results

Players: 602
Prize pool: $602,000.00
Places paid: 72

1. PureCash25 (Canada) -- $113,778.00
2. MORTIIIIIIII (Sweden) -- $83,377.00
3. 68ioweyou1 (Canada) -- $61,404.00
4. Johan "busto_soon" Van Til (Netherlands) -- $46,354.00
5. vic_xcite (Sweden) -- $32,508.00
6. Graftekkel (Netherlands) -- $25,585.00
7. xSuPrA (Canada) -- $19,565.00
8. AsjBaaaf (New Zealand) -- $13,545.00
9. 23noraB (Austria) -- $9,210.60

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