Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani wins 7/22/14 Super Tuesday; Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche finishes fourth

It was another big turnout this week for the Super Tuesday, the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament at PokerStars, and the tournament this time featured a final table full of recognizable names a few of whom were involved in the tourney-culminating five-handed chop. Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche, Andras "probirs" Nemeth, and Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani were part of that final five, with Dattani ultimately going on to win the tournament to claim a total prize of $74,859.46.

There were 545 entrants all told this week, making for a $545,000 prize pool that again easily bested the event's $300K guarantee. The top 63 players made the money, and it would take more than six hours of poker for the money bubble to burst following a lengthy period of hand-for-hand play that ended with Kam1kazemaus being the unfortunate 64th-place finisher after falling in a hand against Reshafim87.

leoe29, Andras "probirs" Nemeth, and David Buetta led the way at that point. An hour after they had played down to just 18 players with all three of those players still in and tobi123456 then atop the counts.

It would take nearly an hour-and-a-half more for nine more to fall, with sjuelva (18th), cocojamb0 (17th), and Ansimans (16th) each cashing for $4,360; leoe29 (15th), buiu01 (14th), and David Bueta (13th) taking away $5,450 apiece; and JSlash (12th), slumdogjune (11th), and Joel "JMPRODIGY" Micka (10th) earning $6,540 for their finishes.

roo_400 was the new leader to start the final table, and as mentioned several familiar names were sitting around the table including that of Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche sitting in second position.


Seat 1: Zack "Zackattak13" Korik (Canada) -- 82,941
Seat 2: Str8$$$Homey (Canada) -- 328,091
Seat 3: bar-bar9999 (Israel) -- 293,055
Seat 4: Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani (Portugal) -- 193,694
Seat 5: Andras "probirs" Nemeth (Hungary) -- 355,147
Seat 6: K0VAK (Bulgaria) -- 258,380
Seat 7: roo_400 (Canada) -- 566,254
Seat 8: Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche (United Kingdom) -- 455,862
Seat 9: tobi123456 (Germany) -- 191,576

Fresh off winning his second and third World Series of Poker bracelets this summer, Nitsche was at work again trying to record another big score.

On the very first hand of the final table, the blinds were 3,200/6,400 when tobi123456 raised to 12,800 from late position, then bar-bar9999 reraised to 29,985 from the small blind. It folded back to tobi123456 who shoved all in for 190,776 total, and bar-bar9999 called.

Both players then turned over "big slick," with bar-bar9999 having A♦K♠ and tobi123456 A♥K♣. The board then ran out T♦3♦8♦7♠Q♦, those four diamonds giving bar-bar9999 a flush and knocking tobi123456 out in ninth.

A few double-ups of short stacks ensued during the next stretch, then with the blinds up to 3,600/7,200 it was Str8$$$Homey open-raising all in for 67,041 from the cutoff and getting one caller in Andras "probirs" Nemeth from the big blind.

Str8$$$Homey had J♦J♥ versus Nemeth's A♦8♦, then the flop came 8♥8♠T♦ to put the latter in front with trips. The turn was the K♦ and river the 3♥, and before long they'd reached the nine-hour break with just seven players left.

About 15 minutes later they'd moved up another level where the blinds were 4,000/8,000 with a 1,000 ante, then a hand arose that saw K0VAK limp in from the small blind, roo_400 make it 22,000 to go from the big blind, and K0VAK call. The flop came 3♦Q♦4♣, K0VAK checked, roo_400 bet 24,000, K0VAK raised to 57,840, roo_400 reraised to 108,000, K0VAK pushed all in for 232,269 total, and roo_400 called.

K0VAK had K♥Q♥ for top pair, but roo_400 had flopped two pair with Q♣3♥. The turn was the 9♣ and river the A♠, and K0VAK was done in seventh.

Next to go was Zack "Zackattak13" Korik in a hand that began with a min-raise to 18,000 from the button by roo_400. Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche called the raise from the small blind, then Korik shoved for 83,017 from the big blind, prompting a fold from roo_400 and a call from Nitsche.

Nitsche had J♣J♠ versus Korik's K♠J♦. The Q♥7♥5♠ flop and A♣ turn did give Korik a shot at filling a straight, but the river was the 3♠ and Zackattak13 was knocked out in sixth.

The remaining five continued a short while longer, then paused the tourney to discuss a possible deal. Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani led then with more than 801,000, Andras "probirs" Nemeth was next with about 566,000, Nitsche was third with just under 474,000, bar-bar9999 fourth with a little over 454,000, and roo_400 fifth with right at 429,000.

As they awaited figures to be presented, Nemeth typed congratulations to Nitsche on his recent success.

probirs: grats on ur summer
Bounatirou: thanks
Bounatirou: i run hot

Soon "ICM"-based figures were produced leaving $6,000 for which to play, and all five players swiftly agreed to the proposed terms.

Not too long after the deal was struck, Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche opened with a little more than 2x raise to 24,600 from under the gun, then bar-bar9999 pushed all in for 197,955 from a seat over, all folded, and Nitsche called. bar-bar9999 had 7♥7♦ and was hoping the pair would fold versus Nitsche's A♦Q♥, but the community cards came A♥T♥2♥J♦4♦ to give Nitsche the better pair and oust bar-bar9999 in fifth.

They continued on with the blinds moving up again to 8,000/16,000, then Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani was the one opening from UTG for 32,000. Andras "probirs" Nemeth called from a seat over, then Nitsche reraised all in for 410,673 from the big blind. Dattani responded with a reraise-shove over the top, and Nemeth folded, showing only the K♦ as he did.

Bounatirou: A♦T♣
FreeLancerZZ: A♥Q♥

Nitsche needed to improve to survive, but the K♥3♥6♣2♥Q♦ board didn't do it for him and he hit the rail in fourth.


Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche

Almost 15 minutes later the blinds were 9,000/18,000 when roo_400 limped in from the small blind, Dattani pushed all in from the big blind, and roo_400 called with the 353,420 behind. It was K♥J♥ for roo_400 and T♥9♥ for FreeLancerZZ, and after the 5♠2♦4♥ flop roo_400 was still ahead. But the 9♠ fell on fourth street to pair Dattani's hand, and after the 3♣ river roo_400 had been felted in third.

Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani had the chip lead to begin heads-up play with 1,535,573 to Andras "probirs" Nemeth's 1,189,427. The pair would battle through the 11-hour mark of the tournament, with Dattani increasing the advantage by building up over 2.25 million while Nemeth slipped below 475,000.

Then came a hand that saw Nemeth limp in from the button, Dattani respond with a 3x raise to 54,000, and Nemeth call. The flop came 6♦5♣8♣, Dattani bet 45,000, Nemeth raised to 99,999, FreeLancerZZ made it 360,000, probirs pushed all in for 417,552 total, and Dattani called.

Nemeth showed K♣8♥ for top pair of eights, but Dattani had that beat with 9♣9♥. The turn was the 2♣ and river the 3♥ and the pot and extra $6,000 following the five-way chop was pushed Dattani's way.

Congratulations to Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani for overcoming a big Super Tuesday field and tough final table to win the title and close to $75K, and kudos as well to the other four players involved in the five-handed deal, all of whom secured nice paydays as well.

7/22/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 545

Prize pool: $545,000.00 
Places paid: 63

1. Michel "FreeLancerZZ" Dattani (Portugal) $74,859.46*
2. Andras "probirs" Nemeth (Hungary) $61,704.54*
3. roo_400 (Canada) $56,189,39*
4. Dominik "Bounatirou" Nitsche (United Kingdom) $58,134.25*
5. bar-bar9999 (Israel) $57,309.86*
6. Zack "Zackattak13" Korik (Canada) $23,162.50
7. K0VAK (Bulgaria) $17,712.50
8. Str8$$$Homey (Canada) $12,262.50
9. tobi123456 (Germany) $9,047.00

*= reflects the results of a five-way deal that left $6,000 in play for the winner

With buy-ins a whole lot less than what it costs to play the Super Tuesday, the popular MicroMillions 8 series nonetheless features some big prizes. There's still nearly a week's worth of events left to go in the series. Check the MicroMillions 8 web page for detals regarding the remaining events.

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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