Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach surges to victory in 12/9/14 Super Tuesday

The U.K.'s Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach is no stranger to making deep runs in big events online on PokerStars, including having made it all the way to a heads-up deal with Toby "810ofclubs" Lewis in a WCOOP event in 2013 before falling in second. Tonight Reixach took things one step further to claim a Super Tuesday title, beating out another tough field and a final table including his fellow countryman Chris "Moorman1" Moorman and the Russian Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk to claim the $109,620 first prize.


There were 580 participating in this week's $1,050 no-limit hold'em tourney, thus building a $580,000 prize pool that easily bested the $400K guarantee. About five-and-a-half hours after the first hands were dealt, the money bubble burst and they were down to 72 players. Greek.leg3nd of Greece led all at that point, having built a stack of more than 150,000 to create some distance from the chase pack.

By the time the tournament had reached its eighth hour just 18 players remained with Greek.leg3nd among the recently knocked out in 24th ($3,480) and Team PokerStars Pro Online member Naoya "nkeyno" Kihara having been ousted before that in 44th ($2,610).

WellChief (18th), MagicMan254 (17th), and Gleb "psyhoagromor" Kovtunov (16th) next went out, each earning $4,650. Aist84 (15th), Elliott "elliottpet" Peterman (14th), and HYZENBURG (13th) took away $5,800 apiece. And Black88 (12th), Joel "Crackdel29" Visa (11th), and Benjamin "SPEKTAH" Leblond (10th) followed with each player earning $6,960 for not quite making the final nine.

With YRWTHMELTHR the new chip leader with nearly 640,000 and Reixach, Moorman, and Pateychuk among those still in contention, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: x_zola25 (Denmark) -- 275,794
Seat 2: Shippotamus (Netherlands) -- 171,232
Seat 3: Aaralynn (Mexico) -- 174,212
Seat 4: YRWTHMELTHR (Canada) -- 638,852
Seat 5: Chris "Moorman1" Moorman (United Kingdom) -- 475,901
Seat 6: Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk (Russia) -- 217,531
Seat 7: LaKabii (Uruguay) -- 206,273
Seat 8: WATnlos (Germany) -- 222,655
Seat 9: Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach (United Kingdom) -- 517,550

Soon after the final table started they crossed the tourney's nine-hour mark, then during the next hour two of the final nine would be sent railward.

First LaKabii took a stack of a little under 175,000 (about 16 big blinds) and K♥K♠ up against x_zola25's A♠K♣, and after an ace came among the community cards LaKabii was out in ninth.

Then within the same orbit EPT8 San Remo Main Event champion Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk open-shoved a little under 140,000 with A♠J♠, then watched WATnlos reshove over the top to isolate with T♠T♥. The board ran out ten-high, making a full house for WATnlos and ending Pateychuk's run in eighth.


Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk

Later they'd be approaching the tournament's 10-and-a-half-hour mark when Shippopotamus became super short and shoved with K♠3♦ and failed to improve against Aralynn's A♦J♠ to fall in seventh.

Then after a Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach open and call from YRWTHMELTHR, online king Chris "moorman1" Moorman pushed all in from the small blind for 106,820 (not quite six big blinds) and both Reixach and YRWTHMELTHR called. Those two checked down the 8♦J♣5♠2♥4♣ board, then Moorman showed A♦Q♥ (ace-high), Reixach 6♦5♦ (a pair of fives), and YRWTHMELTHR mucked as Moorman was out in sixth.


Chris "Moorman1" Moorman

x_zola25 was next out in fifth, losing a short stack with T♦8♥ versus YRWTHMELTHR's A♦J♣. Then a couple of quick orbits later YRWTHMELTHR was cut down in fourth with A♠Q♣ versus Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach's A♣9♦ after a nine flopped and YRWTHMELTHR couldn't improve.

The remaining players soon paused the tournament with Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach the big leader with more than 2.3 million, Aaralynn next with about 430,000, and WATnlos third with just over 150,000. They discussed a possible deal, looking at both "ICM"-based figures and "chip chop" numbers that would divide up the remaining prize money while leaving $8,000 aside, but an agreement couldn't be reached and play resumed.

The remaining trio would play another 15 minutes until a hand arose that saw WATnlos open with a 3x raise to 60,000 from the button leaving but a little over 11,000 behind and Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach shove all in over the top from the small blind to get a fold from Ararlynn. Reixach had A♥J♠ and WATnlos K♠3♠, and following the 4♦7♥T♣6♣A♠ runout WATnlos was out and they were down to two.

After one small hand they paused the tourney again, and with Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach sitting on 2,468,636, almost six times Aaralynn's 431,364, they talked about a deal once more. A deal was proposed that would give Reixach $98,453.19 and Aaralynn $83,496.81 (again leaving $8,000 for which to play), and while Aaralynn liked those terms Reixach responded by stating a desire for $100K.

But Aaralynn decided against the chop, typing "i would like to battle for the glory. no deal," and play continued. Aaralynn battled gamely for a couple dozen hands more, but couldn't sustain any forward momentum and in fact had slipped back under 225,000 when the final hand took place.

After an all-in opening raise from the button by Reixach, Aaralynn called all in to show A♠2♥ versus Reixach's T♦8♠. Both the 6♦2♣6♣ flop and J♣ turn were okay for Aaralynn, but the 8♣ fell on fifth street to pair Reixach's hand, and Aaralynn came one spot shy of the win. All 2,900,000 of the chips were sitting in srxakgirona's stack, and the player supporting the Michael Jordan avatar was the champion.


Congratulations to Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach for breaking through to win this week's Super Tuesday and a cool $109,620!

12/9/14 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 580
Prize pool: $580,000.00
Places paid: 72

1. Sergi "srxakgirona" Reixach (United Kingdom) -- $109,620.00
2. Aaralynn (Mexico) -- $80,330.00
3. WATnlos (Germany) -- $59,160.00
4. YRWTHMELTHR (Canada) -- $44,660.00
5. x_zola25 (Denmark) -- $31,320.00
6. Chris "Moorman1" Moorman (United Kingdom) -- $24,650.00
7. Shippotamus (Netherlands) -- $18,850.00
8. Andrey "ThePateychuk" Pateychuk (Russia) -- $13,050.00
9. LaKabii (Uruguay) -- $8,874.00

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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