Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani captures 3/17/15 Super Tuesday, $104K

Another Tuesday. Another big field in the weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament known as the the Super Tuesday. And another tough final table with Paul "paulgees81" Volpe, Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi, and Mateus "pimenta7" Pimenta among those making it to this week's endgame. Ultimately, however, it was Argentina's Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani coming away with all of the chips and a big $104,120 first prize.


In all 548 took part in this week's tournament, building a prize pool of $548,000 that again easily bested the Super Tuesday's $400K guarantee. It took just over five-and-a-half hours for the bubble to burst, and with 63 left Anthony "wwwBTHEREcom" Gregg enjoyed a slight lead over 3P3NIPA at the top of the leaderboard.


Anthony "wwwBTHEREcom" Gregg

Over the next hour-and-a-half the field was carved down under 30, with Pedro "gusma" Madeira (59th, $2,411.20), Flavio "flavioreis88" Reis (55th, $2,411.20), Michael "Skämmes" Tureniec (53rd, $2,575.60), Stefan "I'am_Sound" Huber (50th, $2,575.60), Tom "tollgate" Grigg (49th, $2,575.60), Daniel "judgedredd13" Charlton (44th, $2,740), Jorge "jorginho88" Abreu (43rd, $2,740), Jonathan "Poker Own U" Bardier (39th, $2,740), Alex "MrKloutt" Casals (36th, $3,014), last week's Super Tuesday winner 89rhino89 (35th, $3,014), Jason "jdtjpoker" Wheeler (34th, $3,014), Armando "Zareta" Sbrissa (32nd, $3,014), and Nicolás "magocapria27″ Betbesé (30th, $3,014) among the eliminated.

After slipping in the counts, Anthony "wwwBTHEREcom" Gregg went out not long after in 27th, with Victor "vitinhorrn15" Santos (24th), Jonathan "OMGjonyctt" Concepción (21st), and Christopher "cswami" Swaminathan also among those next hitting the rail and earning $3,288. Soon just 18 remained, with Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani the new chip leader with nearly 450,000, well ahead of Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi in second position with just over 300,000.

salfshb (18th), GaborMarton (17th), and Theodoros "teo96" Aidonopoulos (16th) next went out, picking up $4,384 each. Diego "Mr. Bittar" Bittar (15th), bossamtisch (14th), and Kenny "LoneHixx" Hicks (13th) followed, earning $5,480 apiece for their finishes. Then BaNe.TrEnD (12th), Joker1002 (11th), and fish2013 (10th) were successively knocked out, each taking away $6,576 for not quite making the final table.

With Copani still the chip leader and a few other familiar usernames and avatars still in the hunt, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: 3P3NIPA (Czech Republic) -- 579,241
Seat 2: Sasuke234 (Sweden) -- 145,186
Seat 3: norfair18 (Costa Rica) -- 221,288
Seat 4: Mateus "pimenta7" Pimenta (Brazil) -- 134,379
Seat 5: djuuud (Canada) -- 67,530
Seat 6: Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani (Argentina) -- 828,320
Seat 7: Paul "paulgees81" Volpe (Canada) -- 252,629
Seat 8: PhilRoyal888 (United Kingdom) -- 298,857
Seat 9: Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi (Mexico) -- 212,570

Shortly into the final table, the short stack djuuud open-raised from under the gun for 63,029 (not quite nine big blinds) -- all but one last chip -- and after Sasuke234 reraised all in the others all folded and djuuud called. It was K♣Q♠ for djuuud and A♣T♠ for Sasuke234, and after the board came 6♣Q♥A♥T♦5♥ djuuud's one pair couldn't beat Sasuke234's two, and djuuud was out in ninth.

The remaining eight players made it past the tournament's nine-hour mark, then a hand arose that saw Mateus "pimenta7" Pimenta open-shove from late position for just over 96,000 and get one caller in leader Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani playing from the button. Pimenta was racing with T♥T♣ versus Copani's A♦K♥, but a king arrived on the board and Pimenta was done in eighth.


Mateus "pimenta7" Pimenta

Less than an orbit later Sasuke234 raised all in from the button for about 123,000 (just over 15 BBs), and norfair18 reraised from the small blind to isolate, showing A♥7♠ to Sasuke234's 2♣2♠. The board came 8♦4♥6♥5♣3♥ to give both straights but norfair18 the better one, and Sasuke234 was eliminated in seventh.

A little later the blinds were 5,000/10,000 when Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani limped in from the small blind, Paul "paulgees81" Volpe raised to 27,000 from the big blind, and Copani called. The flop came 7♥J♣3♠, and Copani check-called a bet of 22,140 from Volpe. The turn brought the Q♦ and another check from Copani, and when Volpe bet 35,590, Copani called again.

The river was the 6♦. Copani checked a third time, Volpe bet 90,000, Copani put in a big check-raise, and Volpe called with the almost 107,000 he had left behind. Volpe had A♣Q♥ for queens, but Copani had Q♠J♦ for two pair to end Volpe's run in sixth.


Paul "paulgees81" Volpe

On the very next hand, 3P3NIPA min-raised to 24,000 from UTG, norfair18 three-bet to 63,335 from a seat over, then Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi pushed all in for 370,400 from the big blind. 3P3NIPA folded, but norfair18 called the shove, turning over A♠K♦ while Nardi tabled K♠K♥. The 8♦A♣8♠ flop immediately swung the edge norfair18's way, and with no help from the turn or river, Nardi was knocked out in fifth.


Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi

It was just past the tourney's 10-hour mark that 3P3NIPA min-raised to 24,000 from the cutoff and got two callers in norfair18 (button) and PhilRoyal888 (big blind). All three checked the J♣Q♦J♥ flop, then after the Q♣ turn it checked to norfair18 who bet 24,000 and only PhilRoyal888 called, leaving but a little over 45,000 behind.

The river then brought the 7♠, and after PhilRoyal888 checked, norfair18 made a big bet and PhilRoyal888 called all in. PhilRoyal888 showed J♠8♠ for jacks full of queens, but norfair18 had A♦Q♥ for queens full of jacks and PhilRoyal888 was sent railward in fourth.

Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani continued to hold the lead as three-handed play began with about 1.23 million, with norfair18 next with about 975,000 and 3P3NIPA third with just under 530,000. Those positions were the same a short while later when some brief discussion came up in the chatbox about possible deal discussion.

proggrezive: someone want to see numbers ?
3P3NIPA: we can
norfair18: im going to need a little more, so only clicking if u guys are fine with that
norfair18: otherwisse play
3P3NIPA: lol obv play
proggrezive: lets play then
norfair18: PLAY
proggrezive: just icm

From there 3P3NIPA won a couple of big hands to move from third to first, then norfair18 spent some time in front, then Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani chipped back up again to create what was nearly a virtual three-way tie for the lead with all hovering around 900,000.

Then with the blinds at 10,000/20,000, Copani opened for 45,000 from the button, 3P3NIPA reraised to 115,400 from the small blind, then norfair18 four-bet to 244,444 from the big blind. Copani responded with an all-in shove, and only 3P3NIPA called with the almost 775,000 left behind.

Copani had K♥Q♥ and two overcards versus 3P3NIPA's J♣J♦. The 9♠2♣2♥ flop was okay for 3P3NIPA, but the Q♦ fell on the turn to give Copani a leading pair. The river was the 4♦, and they were down to two.

Not only did Copani knock out 3P3NIPA, but he gained some chips from norfair18 as well on that hand and so had a big lead to start heads-up play with more than 2.05 million to norfair18's stack of around 680,000. Copani won still more the first hand between them, and a hand after that had over 2.5 million to norfair18's just over 210,000 when the final hand took place.

It began with an all-in button push of that stack of just over 10 BBs by norfair18, called by Copani. proggrezive showed A♥7♦ and norfair18 2♦2♣, then the 3♣T♠7♣ flop put Copani in front. The turn was the J♠ and river the 9♠ and it was over -- Copani had won.

Congratulations to Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani for outlasting another tough Super Tuesday field and a competitive final table to win this week's tournament and a $104K-plus first prize.

3/17/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 548
Prize pool: $548,000.00
Places paid: 63

1. Juan Manuel "proggrezive" Copani (Argentina) -- $104,120.00
2. norfair18 (Costa Rica) -- $76,720.00
3. 3P3NIPA (Czech Republic) -- $56,170.00
4. PhilRoyal888 (United Kingdom) -- $42,744.00
5. Anthony "D1rtyR1v3r" Nardi (Mexico) -- $30,140.00
6. Paul "paulgees81" Volpe (Canada) -- $23,290.00
7. Sasuke234 (Sweden) -- $17,810.00
8. Mateus "pimenta7" Pimenta (Brazil) -- $12,330.00
9. djuuud (Canada) -- $9,096.80

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

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