Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda tops 664 to win 4/14/15 Super Tuesday, $110K

Like a number of Brazilian players who have been making their mark in the poker world of late both in live and online tournaments, Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda had tasted tourney success before this week's Super Tuesday, having won a SCOOP event just under two years ago for a handsome $110,765.94 score following a final table deal. Tonight Hollanda almost exactly matched that payday with a victory in PokerStars' weekly $1,050 no-limit hold'em tournament, topping a field of 664 to claim a prize of $110,824.92 following a heads-up deal with Finland's salaliitto.


Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda

It took about five-and-a-half hours for that big field to be chopped down to 81 players and the money bubble to burst, at which point the $664,000 prize pool -- well over the $400K guarantee -- began to be divided. LuisFigo1014 was the leader then, having surged in front after building up close to 200,000 when no one else had 135,000.

A little under three hours after that they had played down to just 18, with LuisFigo1014 still there but short-stacked and Shipmopff the new chip leader with more than 520,000.

Oleg "Fukuruku" Vasilchenko (18th), LuisFigo1014 (17th), and McBluff17 (16th) went out soon thereafter, earning $4,980 apiece. Picasso 2 (15th), Shashank "felter1989" Jain (14th), and Georgios "ZISIMO7" Zisimopoulos (13th) followed, picking up $6,308 each.


Georgios "ZISIMO7" Zisimopoulos

Dara "SlowDoke" O'Kearney was the next to go in 12th.


Dara "SlowDoke" O'Kearney

Then Maria "Femmeonfelt" Ho went out in 11th.


Maria "Femmeonfelt" Ho

Not long after Justin "birddy420″ Ouimette hit the rail in 10th, and like O'Kearney and Ho earned $7,636 for the finish. With Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda the new chip leader approaching 900,000, the final table was underway.


Seat 1: baby_SAS15 (Australia) -- 412,053
Seat 2: salaliitto (Finland) -- 128,525
Seat 3: Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda (Brazil) -- 892,629
Seat 4: Diogo "phounderAA" Veiga (Portugal) -- 555,915
Seat 5: Shipmopff (Netherlands) -- 348,101
Seat 6: fusion2 (Canada) -- 140,133
Seat 7: harrrrmonica (Russia) -- 308,575
Seat 8: Aaron "Aguskb" Gustavson (Macao) -- 224,212
Seat 9: 23noraB (Austria) -- 309,857

Just over five minutes after the final table began, Diogo "phounderAA" Veiga open-raised from middle position to 18,500 (a little over 2x), fusion2 reraised all in for 113,133 from a couple of seats over, then Aaron "Aguskb" Gustavson reraised over the top from the button forcing the blinds and phounderAA to fold. fusion2 had a pair of tens but Gustavson held pocket aces, and with no help from the community cards fusion2 was out in ninth.

They were approaching the 10-hour mark when Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda opened from middle position, then harrrrmonica three-bet all in for almost 125,000 or a little over 10 big blinds. It folded back to Hollanda who called, turning over A♥T♦ while harrrrmonica showed 2♥2♦. The Q♥3♥A♦ flop hit Hollanda's hand, and when no deuce came harrrrmonica was done in eighth.

About 10 minutes later Aaron "Aguskb" Gustavson raised from early position then 23noraB shoved all in from a seat over for 81,512 (less than six BBs). It folded back to Gustavson who called right away, showing K♥K♦. 23noraB needed help with A♣J♠, but the board ran out 9♥T♣8♥8♦K♣ to give Gustavson a full house and end 23noraB's run in seventh.

The remaining six played onward for another 20 minutes, with Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda moving further in front by building a stack of more than 1.17 million. A hand arose that saw baby_SAS15 open-raising all in for just under 300,000 (about 18.5 BBs), then salaliitto reraise all in from the next seat and everyone else fold. salaliitto had K♠K♥ this time while baby_SAS15 held A♦T♦. No help came for the latter from the community cards, and baby_SAS15 was knocked out in sixth.

They moved past the 11-hour mark, just after which Aaron "Aguskb" Gustavson lost a big pot after running into Diogo "phounderAA" Veiga's pocket aces to become short-stacked. Not long after Gustavson was all in with J♥9♠ but had run into another big hand as salaliitto had K♥K♦, and five cards later they were down to four.


Aaron "Aguskb" Gustavson

About 40 minutes later Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda was still leading and made a min-raise to 70,000 from UTG. Shipmopff then pushed for just over 275,000 from the small blind and Hollanda called. Shipmopff had A♦T♠ but kicker problems versus Hollanda's A♣Q♦, and after the community cards came seven-high Shipmopff was sent off in fourth.

A little over a half-hour later they were in the tournament's 13th hour when Diogo "phounderAA" Veiga open-raised all in from the small blind for just over 667,000 (about 16.5 BBs) and was called by salaliitto. Veiga had T♥9♦ and salaliitto K♠T♠, and after a Q♦Q♣A♦8♣2♦ runout Veiga was out in third, having improved five spots on his eighth-place Super Tuesday finish just a week ago.


Diogo "phounderAA" Veiga

The final pair quickly paused the tournament to talk about a possible deal, at which point salaliitto was the new leader with just under 1.8 million while Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda was sitting with about 1.52 million. Figures were soon produced leaving $8,000 for which to play, and both players readily agreed to terms guaranteeing each six-figure paydays.

From there Hollanda swiftly retook the lead and began chipping upwards. They had just crossed the tournament's 12-and-a-half-hour mark when Hollanda had moved up close to 2.7 million to salaliitto's just over 630,000 when the final hand took place.

The hand saw salaliitto open-push from the button with J♠T♠ and Hollanda call right away with A♥T♣. The board came 9♠5♦2♦, then 7♦, then 6♣, hitting neither player's hand and giving Hollanda the pot and the title.

Congratulations to Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda for besting this week's big Super Tuesday field and yet another hard-fought final table to claim the victory and a better than $110K payday. Kudos as well to salaliitto who thanks to the heads-up deal also took away a handsome $104K-plus prize.

4/14/15 Super Tuesday ($1,050 No-Limit Hold'em) results
Entrants: 664
Prize pool: $664,000.00
Places paid: 81

1. Luciano "Luciano S.H" Hollanda (Brazil) -- $110,824.92*
2. salaliitto (Finland) -- $104,975.08*
3. Diogo "phounderAA" Veiga (Portugal) -- $67,064.00
4. Shipmopff (Netherlands) -- $50,464.00
5. Aaron "Aguskb" Gustavson (Macao) -- $35,457.60
6. baby_SAS15 (Australia) -- $28,220.00
7. 23noraB (Austria) -- $21,580.00
8. harrrrmonica (Russia) -- $14,940.00
9. fusion2 (Canada) -- $9,960.00

*= reflects the results of a two-way deal that left $8,000 in play for the winner

Martin Harris is Freelance Contributor to the PokerStars Blog.

Martin Harris
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